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welcome to wagamama

a new-style noodle bar, modelled on the ramen shops that have been popular in japan for over two hundred years ramen are chinese-style thread noodles, served in soups with various toppings, or teppan-fried. we also specialise in udon (fat white noodles) and rice dishes

where to start

the menu below consists of main courses and side dishes; there are no starters or desserts. for most appetites, one noodle or rice dish is sufficient, accompanied by a side order

5 indicates dishes suitable for vegetarians available fried on request

how your order is taken

waiting staff take your order with a hand-held, electronic keypad, which is sent via radio signal to the appropriate station in the kitchen or bar. when each dish is cooked, it is served straight away; this means that individual meals can be delivered at different times to a group of diners

wagamama is a no-smoking restaurant

raw vision

to cleanse + nurture: the excellent natural synergy of nutrients in raw foods, especially foods with a high water-content like fruit and vegetables, helps to cleanse the body of toxins and provides optimal energy and nourishment for healthier living. juiced to order


side dishes



five grilled chicken dumplings filled with cabbage, chinese leaf, chinese chives and water chestnut. served with a chilli, garlic and soy sauce


negima yakitori

three skewers of chargrilled chicken and spring onion coated in yakitori sauce




yasai yakitori 5

three skewers of chargrilled seasonal vegetables coated in yakitori sauce

raw juice 5

a mixture of carrot, cucumber, tomato, orange and apple. an all-round high-nutrient and high energy drink


yasai gyoza 5

five grilled vegetable dumplings filled with cabbage, carrot, water chestnut, onion, celery and chinese leaf. served with a chilli, garlic and soy sauce





tori kara age

deep-fried chicken pieces prepared with soy sauce, sake, mirin, dried oregano and fresh ginger marinade. best eaten with soy sauce and seven spice pepper


fruit juice 5

a mixture of apple, orange and passion fruit. good for general cleansing and digestion


ebi gyoza

five deep-fried dumplings filled with finely chopped king prawns, water chestnut and spinach. served with a chilli, garlic and soy sauce


£2.55 £2.55



orange juice 5

freshly squeezed


raw salad 5

a combination of mixed leaves, red pepper, tomato and cucumber served with a spicy wagamama house dressing



ebi katsu

five deep-fried king prawns in crispy breadcrumbs. served with lime and a spicy red chilli and garlic sauce



carrot juice 5

carrot with a dash of fresh ginger root. a very good source of pro vitamin a

miso soup and pickles 5

a light dashi soup flavoured with white miso paste, wakame and spring onion. served with traditional pickles £1.25




edamame 5

freshly steamed green soya beans - lightly salted. the perfect complement to drinks. hold up to your mouth and squeeze succulent beans from the pod


apple and orange juice 5

a simple combination of freshly squeezed apple and orange. high in vitamin c



side dishes are not starters. when each dish is cooked it is served straight away. this means that individual selections are delivered at different times


the way of the noodle is to make slurping noises whilst eating - the extra oxygen adds to the taste. all the ramen, excluding no 27, are served with a seasoned chicken and pork stock. they may be served with a vegetarian stock as an option. please ask your server




teppan-fried noodles


zasai gohan

stir-fried chicken, shiitake mushrooms, preserved and pickled vegetables in an oyster and garlic sauce, garnished with a dried shrimp, ginger and red chilli paste £6.50 served with japanese-style rice

yaki soba

teppan-fried ramen noodles with egg, chicken, shrimps, onions, green and red peppers, beansprouts and spring onions. garnished with sesame seeds, fried shallots and red ginger


chicken ramen

soup and noodles topped with slices of grilled chicken breast, seasonal greens, menma and spring onions


chicken tama rice

sliced grilled chicken with stir-fried courgette and shiitake mushrooms in a wine, ginger and egg sauce. served with japanese-style rice


yasai yaki soba 5

teppan-fried wholemeal noodles with egg, onions, garlic, mushrooms, green and red peppers, beansprouts and spring onion. garnished with sesame seeds, fried shallots, red ginger and a green and red pepper, coriander and vinegar sauce



wagamama ramen

soup and noodles with half a boiled egg surrounded by seasonal greens, narutó, wakame, prawn, crabstick, chicken slices, fried tofu, menma and spring onions



cha han

fried rice with egg, chicken, prawns, snow peas, sweet corn, mushroom and spring onion. accompanied by a bowl of vegetable based miso soup and pickles




yaki udon

teppan-fried udon noodles with shiitake mushrooms, eggs, leeks, prawns, chicken, red pepper, beansprouts and japanese fishcake in curry oil. garnished with spicy ground fish powder, fried shallots and red ginger



seafood ramen

soup and noodles topped with fresh seafood including prawns, crabstick and squid, garnished with wakame, narutó, menma, seasonal greens and spring onions


yasai cha han 5

fried rice with egg, snow peas, mushrooms, sweet corn, fried tofu and spring onion. accompanied by a bowl of vegetable based miso soup and pickles





amai udon

the flavour of this dish is both sweet and sour. udon noodles teppan-fried with egg, fried tofu, prawns, leeks and bean-sprouts. served with crushed peanuts and lime. squeeze the lime juice onto the noodles for extra flavour


salmon ramen

spiced miso soup and noodles topped with a chargrilled fillet of salmon in teriyaki-style sauce, seasonal greens, menma and spring onions this dish may contain some small bones




chicken katsu curry

chicken fillet deep-fried in crispy breadcrumbs, served with a light curry sauce and japanese-style rice. garnished with a combination of mixed leaves and red pickles £6.50


positive eating

positive meal suggestions for positive value. unfortunately these items cannot be altered. if you have a better suggestion please let us know through our suggestion form. the gyoza will be served grilled unless requested fried


chilli beef ramen

spicy soup and noodles with sliced, chargrilled sirloin steak, fresh chillies, red onion slices, beansprouts, coriander, spring onions and a wedge of lime. the soup base includes vinegar and chilli sauce


yasai katsu curry 5

slices of sweet potato, aubergine and pumpkin deep-fried in crispy breadcrumbs. served with a light curry sauce and japanese-style rice. garnished with a combination of mixed leaves and red pickles





absolute wagamama

chicken ramen, three gyoza and 330ml asahi beer or a choice of juice


chilli chicken ramen

same as chilli beef ramen served with grilled chicken instead of sirloin steak

salmon korroke

three salmon and potato cakes in a sweet tamarind sauce served with mixed leaves. garnished with seaweed and shredded crabstick


£9.95 £9.50 £10.95


pure wagamama 5

moyashi soba, three yasai gyoza and a choice of juice


miso ramen

spiced miso soup with noodles and stir-fried chicken, carrots, leeks, garlic and beansprouts. garnished with wakame, menma and sesame seeds




yasai korroke 5

three potato, green pea, carrot, shiitake mushroom, onion and sweetcorn cakes in a sweet tamarind sauce served with mixed leaves. garnished with seaweed and red pepper £6.50

complete wagamama

seafood ramen, three gyoza and a choice of juice



300 301 302 303


moyashi soba 5

vegetable soup and noodles with courgettes, snow peas, mushrooms, bean-sprouts, garlic, leeks and tofu, all quickly stir-fried and seasoned before placing on top of wholemeal ramen. garnished with spring onions. historically this ramen dish was mistakenly named soba



japanese-style rice plain noodles steamed white rice chillies pickles

£1.80 £1.40 £1.40 .55 .55

ebi chilli men

stir-fried prawns, green pepper and carrot with a chilli sauce made from fresh chillies, ginger, garlic, onion, lemon grass and red pepper. served with ramen noodles





kare noodle


yasai chilli men 5

a vegetarian version with stir-fried courgette, ginger, mushroom, carrot, snow peas, tomato and tofu in a chilli sauce. served with wholemeal noodles

how to pay


please pay your server. wagamama accepts cash, cheques backed by a valid guarantee card plus SWITCH, DELTA and SOLO debit cards; VISA, ACCESS/MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS CLUB and JCB credit cards

service not included ­ all prices include vat at 17.5%

kare lomen

a spicy sauce based dish made from lemon grass, coconut milk, shrimp paste, fresh ginger and galangal, served with ramen noodles. garnished with chargrilled king prawns, beansprouts, cucumber and fresh coriander


kai sen udon

fresh squid, prawns, scallops, red pepper, seasonal greens and garlic in a ginger and wine sauce. served with udon noodles and garnished with shredded crabstick and cracked pepper £7.95

opening hours

monday to saturday 12noon to 11pm · sunday 12.30pm to 10pm *wagamama soho now open until midnight on friday and saturday*


wagamama noodle bars


bloomsbury, soho, wigmore st, camden, kensington, knightsbridge, covent garden, leicester square (opening sept 2001) and piccadilly (opening oct 2001) manchester, kingston-upon-thames, nottingham dublin amsterdam

take-away service available

wagamama bloomsbury camden knightsbridge covent garden nottingham

ask your server for a copy of the eat-out menu

for maps and full location details of all wagamama noodle bars

we are always receptive to suggestions and comments. either tell the manager or fill out an opinion form. you can also write to us at wagamama limited, 23-25 eastcastle street, london W1w 8DF (t) 020 7631 3140 or email using the comments form on the website


manchester kingston-upon-thames dublin amsterdam

uk ireland holland

wagamama t-shirts wagamama `way of the noodle' recipe book wagamama poster


£15 all available £10 from your server £7.50 or the on-line shop

© wagamama ltd 2001

wagamama and positive eating + positive living are registered trademarks of wagamama ltd

soft drinks

701 702 703 704 705 706 707

ashe park still mineral water 330ml bottle ashe park lightly sparkling mineral water 330ml bottle ashe park still mineral water 750ml bottle ashe park lightly sparkling mineral water 750ml bottle pepsi cola diet pepsi

300ml 300ml

ame white 330ml bottle. a lightly sparkling drink

containing a unique and revitalising blend of eastern herbs, vitamins and fruit juice


gusto 250ml can. refreshingly light and zesty, made with

real crushed lemons, sparkling apple juice and guarana



flowers picked from especially cultivated hedges. delightfully fragrant


peach iced tea - glass green tea free of charge with meals on request


601 602

asahi super dry

imported premium beer, refreshing with subtle satin smoothness. japanese and proud of it

603 604

kirin beer

the mature mellow flavour of this beer arises from the traditional japanese recipe of blending rice with the finest malted barley and hops


kirin ichiban

premium beer. the fine aroma of hops and japonica rice provides kirin ichiban with its lighter body and delicate aftertaste



brewed since 1876 sapporo is a smooth premium lager. rich and clear with plenty of flavour

wagamama statement · genetically modified organisms

we have worked with our food suppliers to ensure that genetically modified foodstuffs are not used in our restaurants. all food served in wagamama noodle bars is GMO free. we would be happy to outline our due diligence process if you need further assurance



white wine

£1.50 £1.50 £3.10 £3.10 £1.80 £1.80

410 404/5/6 401/2/3


WAGAMAMA willfulness or selfishness: selfishness in terms of looking after oneself, looking after oneself in terms of positive eating & positive living POSITIVE EATING is consciously feeding the body the nourishment it needs to build and maintain a peak physiological state, selecting foods that cleanse and nurture; controlled, balanced consumption KAIZEN gradual, ongoing and simple improvements

bottle 75cl

small glass regular glass 175ml 250ml

cave de massé blanc sec france

our house white - crisp and dry (abv 11%)

£10.35 £2.95

£3.95 £4.40 £4.75 -

chasan-sauvignon réserve france £12.25 £3.10

ripe and easy to drink (abv 12%)


parsons brook blend z australia

medium with a delicate flavour (abv 12%)

£13.00 £3.35 £13.75 -


NOODLES in japan there are 4 main types of noodles: ramen (chinese style), soba (buckwheat), udon (thick white noodle) and somen (thin white noodle). noodles are the perfect fast food offering a nutritionally complete meal in a bowl. a properly composed noodle soup is the quintessence of freshness, natural purity and like pasta, is a good source of complex carbohydrates which the body can burn most easily to provide energy MENMA pickled bamboo shoots NARUTÓ japanese fish cakes, traditionally white with a pink spiral pattern


bianco alcamo italy

fragrant and full flavoured (abv 11.5%)

£2.25 £2.20

rose wine


bottle 75cl

small glass regular glass 175ml 250ml

WAKAME seaweed with long green fronds and a silky texture TOFU also known as bean curd. made from soaked, mashed and strained soya beans MISO a japanese paste made from fermented soya beans DASHI the basic stock for miso soup flavoured with kombu seaweed, cabbage and dried shitake mushrooms

santa amanda cabernet chile

dry with summer fruit flavours (abv 12.5%)

£13.75 £3.25 £4.75


bottle. a sparkling health drink made with

red wine

£1.80 £1.35

417/18/19 414/15/16

bottle 75cl

small glass regular glass 175ml 250ml

cave de massé rouge france

our house red - light, soft and fruity (abv 11%)

£10.35 £2.95


SHICHIMI seven-spice pepper. a grainy mixture of chilli pepper, black pepper, dried orange peel, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, slivers of nori seaweed and hemp seeds. this is a perfect seasoning for soba and udon TEPPAN griddle cooked

kleine zalze south africa

light, fruity beaujolais style (abv 11.5%)

£13.00 £3.35 £13.25 -

£4.75 £4.95

MIRIN sweetened sake used for cooking

noodle ingredients

RAMEN egg, wheat flour, potato starch, salt, kansui (potassium carbonate, sodium carbonate) and water WHOLEMEAL RAMEN wheat flour, wholemeal wheat flour, potato starch, egg, salt, kansui and water UDON wheat flour, salt and water


330ml 500ml

parsons brook blend x australia

medium with red berry flavours (abv 11.5%)

bottle (abv 5%) large bottle (abv 5%)

£2.70 £3.85


viña marcos, tempranillo spain

light and very fruity (abv 12.5%)

£14.35 £3.50

330ml 500ml

(abv 5%) large bottle (abv 5%)

£2.70 £3.85

sake and plum wine

501 502

kaizen culture

sho chiku bai

145ml small flask - for one person (abv 15%) 280ml large flask - for two to share medium sweet. with a smooth, balanced flavour. served hot

£2.65 £4.85 £3.50 £6.60

wagamama ethos

complementing our nutritional philosophy of positive eating for positive living. wagamama has adopted the japanese management system of kaizen, which means continuous improvement everyone concerned with wagamama is actively involved in suggesting and implementing small improvements to the operation our approach to kaizen extends to our customers, whose comments are encouraged and taken into consideration. completed opinionnaires should be posted in the suggestion box by the entrance quality is our first priority; fresh noodles and produce are delivered daily wagamama operates a strict non-smoking policy throughout the restaurant we use disposable chopsticks made from bamboo. since bamboo is a fast-growing, readily renewable resource, environmental damage is minimal wagamama was conceived as a non-destinational food station; consequently, bookings are not accepted we hope you will have a positive wagamama experience. we appreciate your co-operation and thank you for your continued support


large bottle (abv 5.5%)


503 504

ozeki karakuchi

small flask - for one person (abv 15.6%) 280ml large flask - for two to share premium sake. refreshing and smooth sake. served hot (abv 10%) a rich and aromatic plum wine with refreshing sweetness. served with sparkling water and ice



large can (abv 4.5%)



plum wine




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