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Pluggable UPS for added value

In the IT business, consultants and systems builders are very much aware that mains power poses huge problems for hardware, which is why they always ensure that UPS are on the essentials list. However, not every company operates a large web-based IT system and even those that do, often run small networks and standalone workstations for which power availability is equally as important. It is here that enterprising contractors and IT systems suppliers are starting to include a "pluggable" UPS as part of the package. Kerridge Computer Company is demonstrating how a company can add value to its product and service offering by including UPS from Chloride Power Protection as an integral part of its hardware. Primarily involved in the automotive trade, Kerridge Computer Company provides total dealer management systems on which a whole dealership business can be run. It is a highly specialist sector and the Company is both the UK market leader and one of the world's major players. "Our requirement from the UPS is to provide a suitable time interval for the operating system to shut down safely," says Neil Abraham, Product Support Manager, Kerridge Computer Company."Our software is configured so that if there is a mains failure, a five minute shutdown procedure is activated immediately." All major servers are supported by the PowerLan digital online, in a range from 3 kVA to 7kVA. In addition, for the smaller servers, the Cool Power line interactive is considered both by Kerridge Computer Company and the server manufacturers, as being the most appropriate technology.

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Kerridge Computer Company also has a flourishing market in supplying PCs for running associated applications.These too need back up and in the case of its K Print `electronics forms' package, the Company includes the Desk Power 500 UPS as standard. "K Print is a very cost conscious product, so the Desk Power is ideal as it does not increase the overall price by very much," continues Neil Abraham.

In addition to this, the Desk Power is now the recommended UPS option for every PC that the Company sells as a server.This is becoming a significant part of the Kerridge Computer Company's business and currently it is corporate policy to state that all PCs with a server application should be supported with a UPS. In the future, particularly with larger units, UPS will be part of the complete package.


Channel Tunnel gets the right signals

The contract to supply UPS systems for section 1 of the new rail system linking the UK end of the Channel Tunnel and South East London has been awarded to Chloride Power Protection.The contract, worth approximately £1.54 million, takes advantage of Chloride's innovative and unique traction UPS technology. The first stage of the rail link is due to open in October 2001 and runs from Folkestone to the Fawkham Junction on the southern outskirts of London. It is the largest rail infrastructure project to have been undertaken in the UK for over 100 years.The second section will take the rail link through Central London to St. Pancras Station Rail Terminal. The contract, which includes a twoyear maintenance and service contract utilising LIFE 2000, features the supply of 10 x 25KV dual rectifier UPS systems.These UPS draw single-phase power from the traction supply as well as 3-phase power from the REC supply.All the units will be used to support 8 signalling system rooms along the rail line and two route control centres. In addition, the scope of the contract includes the supply of 22 modular 48V DC telecom UPS systems to support the Control and Communications Systems at each of the 8 signalling rooms and at 14 control and communications rooms along the route.

ONEAC sales on the move

The Sales and Marketing Department of ONEAC Europe has been moved to Chloride Power Protection's World Headquarters in Southampton. The move to Southampton provides ONEAC with access to a wider range of sales support facilities, together with the opportunity to build further brand and product awareness throughout its marketing territories. Contact with Richard Kaiser and his sales team can still be made through the existing telephone and fax numbers, these being: +44 (0) 1235 534721 and +44 (0) 1235 534197, respectively. Manufacturing and product assembly in the UK remains at Blacklands Way, READER ENQUIRY NO: 11 Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

CROSS goes on the rack

CROSS, the highly acclaimed static switch unit is now available as a rack-mounted unit in 15A and 30A ratings in singlephase configuration. Designed for installation between a UPS and the load, static switches act as an additional level of power security. Should the power supply feeding the load start to go out of tolerance, the CROSS Rack switches the load to an alternative power supply, implementing automatic source switching to provide additional power protection downstream of a UPS. CROSS Rack includes two singlephase inputs and one output and utilises SCR to allow maximum reliability and minimum switching time. CMOS devices form the control circuit in order to provide high immunity.Voltage sensors are positioned at the two inputs and these


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check in real-time whether the voltages are within the acceptable tolerance range of +/-12% and also, if they are in phase.The output sensor will action a transfer from one source to another and block the static switch should the output voltage drop below 10%. Where both power sources are operating the control system, then CROSS Rack can specify the preferred source, this being set via the front control panel.Transfer time is under 6ms where both sources are within phase and under 10ms where they are out of phase. Most importantly, the transfer is "Break Before Make", so the switching only takes place after the fault in the live line has occurred.This ensures that the two power sources are never connected in parallel. CROSS Rack can be tailored to suit customers' exact requirements under all operating conditions and will enable users to locate this additional power protection unit even closer to the load.All power and control components are boardmounted, making for easy installation and removal for maintenance and repair.


QA Photos Ltd courtesy of Rail Link Engineering Securing this major contract involved a combined approach using the resources of both Chloride Industrial Systems and Chloride Telecom Systems, supported by the standard products team.


Canar y Wharf win Excor & Excel challenge

The further development of prestige office complexes at Canary Wharf, London is providing a rich seam of opportunities for Chloride Power Protection.The latest development project to near completion, a thirty-storey stainless steel and glass tower part let to Clifford Chance, has been fitted out with 4 x EDP90 5000s in N+1 configuration. When completed, the tower currently referred to as HQ5 will provide 1 million sq.ft of space.The UPS installation has been designed and built specifically to Clifford Chance's unique business requirements.The customer is relocating approximately 2,500 employees from premises in Aldergate Street, in the City of London. In addition to the contract at HQ5, Canary Wharf Group PLC is also developing a thirty-two-storey building, HQ3 that will offer 600,000 sq.ft of offices. Canary Wharf Contractors Project HQ3 has already confirmed its plans for power protection and has placed Chloride Industrial Systems UPS have been specified by the Amec Magnox Alliance for the Magnox Refurbishment Project currently in progress at BNFL Sellafield Seascale. The £300,000 contract involves the supply of 17 x Excor Supra AC UPS, Excel Supra DC systems and Sigma AC UPS, all of which will enter service this winter as part of a project that entails replacing obsolete and worn out equipment for the Fuel Handling Plant and adjacent buildings.All the UPS supplied have been sized to accommodate current and anticipated future needs and comply with relevant BNFL Design Codes/Standards and to the 16th Edition of IEE Regulations. As these UPS systems are replacing units already in service, the pressure has been to minimise downtime during the changeover. This has been achieved by incorporating an additional wraparound bypass circuit on the AC systems, that is located in a free standing cubicle and which has the effect of reducing significantly the outage time. It also means that subsequent UPS changes will not involve any interruption in the supply to the load. According to the Amec Magnox Alliance, the new UPS and batteries will provide continued operations, avoidance of unscheduled shutdowns and a reduction in maintenance requirements.The consequences of not carrying out the project would result in the cessation of Spent Fuel Reprocessing and the possible loss of monitoring and information systems.


Abi Linnartz, Chloride Power Protection, George Curl Way, Southampton SO18 2RY.

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Moves and Promotions Tom Allen to Technical Support Manager; Mike Le Peuple has become Service (Equipment) Sales Manager with responsibility for UPS & Battery Sales; Colin Barnett to Replacement UPS & Battery Sales Engineer; Graham Marshall has joined the senior management team as Business Manager, Industrial Systems.

Movers & Shakers

Welcome to Rob Cash and David Griffith as Area Sales Managers in UK Sales; Helen Whale and Tony Nortney to Service Sales; and Clive Scrivens who has joined us as Customer Support Engineer. We should also like to extend a warm welcome to Chris Hickey, who has joined ONEAC as Customer Support Engineer.

orders for a similar EDP90 installation. Both properties at Canary Wharf South are adjacent to the Jubilee Line station and will be linked underground to a retail complex. Canary Wharf, in particular Canada Square, Cabot Square and Westferry Circus, is the location of many of Chloride's major financial customers.


Written and produced by Clarendon PR Leamington Spa.



Chloride EDP90s are the chosen power protection solution for the London Underground Project "Connect", currently being installed throughout the entire underground network. This integrated radio and transmission system is due for completion by 2004, with the build programme for the new transmission network coming on line in 2002/2003. The integrated radio system being built will link every station, train, depot and control centre, bringing improvements in train service performance.This new transmission system will increase the levels of information that reach staff, external users such as emergency services and customers, as well as supporting future IT applications. The choice of Chloride's EDP70 and EDP90 UPS ranging between 50 and 100kVA for the communications centres throughout the entire network was made by Fluor Limited, one of the members of the CityLink consortium responsible for building and running London Underground's transmission and radio needs over the next 20 years. Because some of the UPS will be located underground, special design and build requirements had to be addressed. This meant that the UPS systems for this project had to be specially designed and built to meet the very specific requirements of London Underground. Some of the steps taken to comply with underground practices included minimal use of plastic, low smoke cables and special paint for all metal cubicle surfaces. In addition, precautions have to be taken to make certain that hydrogen given off by the batteries does not build up to dangerous levels. The difficult conditions imposed on the design of the UPS systems has provided Chloride with another opportunity to demonstrate its capabilities in delivering technologies to satisfy the most demanding specifications.

Link Interchange comes back for more

Link Interchange, providers to all the banks and building societies in the UK of the network service that enables any bank card to be used in any ATM, has installed 3 x EDP90 800s in its new premises in Harrogate. The decision to specify Chloride Power Protection was based on the view that the Company was seen as the best for UPS, both in product and its ability to expand in line with Link Interchange's business growth. A second influencing factor, was the long relationship that the two companies enjoy, this going back more than three years to the time when Chloride supplied 2 x EDP90s for Link House, Harrogate. Link Interchange provides a 24 x 7, 365 real-time service to its customers by utilising a mainframe computer,WAN and LAN.The new EDP 90 units provide LINK with a fallback service that provides a constant, even power supply to the Data Centre.Were a power interruption or outage to affect the operations of the Data Centre, LINK would not be able to provide its service to its customers and ATMs around the country would cease to process cash withdrawals and enquiries. Priority is also being given to ensuring that this latest UPS system is in constant readiness and LINK has signed up for the LIFE 2000 Platinum Maintenance Programme. This service is the first choice for customers requiring constant remote monitoring management and control of the UPS installation, together with the availability of technical and engineering support on demand.The Platinum Maintenance Programme is finely tuned to the specific needs of the customer and represents the most comprehensive of the maintenance programmes provided by Chloride Power Protection. Most importantly, it gives the customer realtime information on the performance of the UPS installation and all the factors that can influence its performance.



Southampton International Airport has come a long way in recent years and is fast establishing a highly regarded reputation amongst the scheduled aviation industry and with private carriers. Currently handling around 850,000 passengers a year, but with a capacity of up to 2 million, the Airport is used by six scheduled airlines and many private companies.Whilst the majority of its 90 arrivals/departures a day are within the UK, its European destination business is steadily growing with flights to 22 destinations. With excellent road and rail links at the M27/M3 motorway junction and Southampton Parkway railway station a short walk from the main terminal, it has much to offer its customers. For employees at Chloride Power Protection, the regular take-offs and landings provide an interesting diversion, as the Company's world headquarters offer plane spotters a grandstand view. Even though a great deal smaller than other hub airports in the UK, maintaining essential services and critical systems is treated with the same degree of importance. Southampton International Airport operates three Chloride UPS, its association with the Company starting around seven years ago when the current complex was developed and an EDP70 15kVA was installed.This UPS unit plays a vital role in maintaining communications in air traffic control, which uses a voice switch for supporting all communications between the six air traffic control positions, the tower and radar, together with other essential systems including voice recorder and airfield remote monitoring. No less important is protection for other services around the airport. With the

BAA Picture Library of BAA plc growth in passengers and air traffic, BAA has expanded the IT infrastructure and security systems producing additional demand for power protection. More recently, two Synthesis Twin UPS have been installed in the main terminal.The first, an 8kVA system supports a range of servers in the IT department, whilst a 12kVA system supports a range of security systems throughout the airport complex. Although there are no immediate plans to further extend the Airport, the Synthesis Twins have sufficient capabilities to accommodate additional loads when required. The decision to use the Synthesis Twin range was based on its ability to offer an efficient and economic solution to the specific needs of the Airport. Power monitoring and management is given a high priority and to this end, all the Chloride UPS are linked to LIFE 2000, Chloride's unique two-way remote monitoring and diagnostic package. READER ENQUIRY NO: 07


Transferring passengers to and from their aircraft with minimum effort and in optimum comfort is a challenge that all international airports have to confront.At London Stansted Airport, moving some 13.5million passengers between the departures and arrivals satellites and their aircraft every year is by means of a pinch loop Transit Track System (TTS). Running along two 3.6km guide ways, nine trains operate for around 22 hours a day and call at 6 stations located on the airport complex. Efficiency is a top priority for the Airport and with the TTS boasting an availability rate of 99.8%, passengers can rely on getting to their destinations on time. Being unmanned, the trains are dependent on the constant availability of the computers that control all the functions of the TTS, together with the multiplexing and signalling equipment. Given the importance of these, Stansted Airport has taken the wise step of supporting the TTS with 3 x 10kVA Synthesis Twin UPS. The 3 Synthesis Twin units ensure that the critical systems that control the running of the trains are protected against power interruptions at all times. It is essential that in the event of a power interruption, the safety and comfort of passengers is not compromised. Giving 70 minutes back up, the UPS provide the authorities at Stansted Airport with the knowledge that they can rely on the functionality of vital management control systems at all times.


Providing continuity of service is paramount in the safety critical operating environment of the tube, and the Network Management Centre will be equipped with all the functions necessary for the management of the Connect systems and networks.The combination of the radio and transmission networks will allow intercommunication between virtually any locations on the Underground network. READER ENQUIRY NO: 04

New look Linear

Chloride Power Protection has extended its product offering in on-line double conversion UPS technology. Linear MkII is a new version of the Company's popular international UPS product and is available in power ratings from 6 - 20 kVA. Linear Mk II is being offered in single-phase or three-phase input or single-phase output configurations, thereby giving users the most reliable power supply at a minimum cost. Providing high quality AC power, the Linear MkII ensures almost total reduction of network disturbances, provides a protection barrier for the load and guarantees a clean power supply irrespective of whether loads are situated locally or distributed over a wide area. Offering a wide range of battery autonomy options that can ensure up to 65 minutes of autonomy, this new UPS only absorbs active power, thereby allowing considerable saving in energy costs to be made. Furthermore, it has a high immunity to electrical disturbance and due its very low level of harmonic emissions, it will not disturb other applications. Because Linear MkII has been designed to perform at its highest level at all times, it provides a high tolerance range for voltages and frequencies outside rated values. Wide fluctuations can be tolerated without having to use the batteries. Designed for easy use, the Linear MkII has been developed for the protection of data processing systems and industrial automation applications. Operation and control is provided through the use of microprocessor-controlled logic, with coloured LEDs on the front panel giving a simple and immediate indication of the unit's operational status. Linear MkII is supplied with an internal maintenance by-pass switch that allows a load transfer to the direct supply without interruption in power to the critical load. By-pass isolation is complete, allowing all serviceable components to be maintained in safety. Chloride Power Protection has ensured optimum flexibility of use through the provision of a wide range of options that allow the user

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Power conditioned UPS for clinical and medical diagnostic information systems

ONEAC, the Chloride Group plc company specialising in power and line conditioning, has extended its power conditioned UPS range with the development of the ON Series M unit for clinical and medical information systems in patient environments. Power failures and electrical transients can impair the operating availability of low power PC systems often used in medical environments. Supporting these with a power conditioned UPS ensures that they comply with the electrical regulations embodied in EN60601 and achieve medical safety standards for patient environments. Available with a 300VA rating, this new UPS is the first of its kind to conform to the global electricity standard for medical equipment IEC60601-1 and its European derivative EN60601.The ON Series M delivers high performance power conditioning that far surpasses the highest quality surge suppressors and filter systems.This is achieved by ONEAC's low-impedance online isolating transformer that confines earth-leakage current to the secondary winding. Containing advanced battery backup protection featuring a double capacity internal battery pack, the ON Series M can supply up to 15 minutes autonomy at full rated capacity.The unit's automatic selftest facility ensures battery and system readiness at all times, whilst hot-swap, user replaceable battery packs allow for rapid changeover without downtime and risk. ONEAC's unique ONBoost capability compensates for line sags and brown outs and helps to conserve battery capacity. The ON Series M is supplied with basic communications software that provides power fail and low battery signals for remote and unattended system shutdown, and will also

to customise the UPS. For instance, in order to accommodate applications in adverse environmental locations, Linear MkII can be supplied in a rugged metal casing. A range of management software programmes that are compatible with all communications standards is available. Hardware options include Multicom, which replicates the RS232 port and enables connection of up to three separate connectivity applications.


receive an inverter-off command to save remaining battery charge. Such is the confidence that ONEAC has in this product, it is backing it with a five-year warranty on all power and control systems and a two-year warranty on the battery sub-system.



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