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Volume 3, Issue 2 Spring 2010

A newsletter of the students and studentfaculty collaborators in the Public Health and Health Studies PhD programs at Temple University.


Betz, R., Ranade, A., Samdani, A., Chafetz, R. & D'andrea, L. et al (2010). Vertebral body Stapling: A fusionless treatment op tion for the growing child with moderate idiopathic scoliosis. Spine, 35(2): 16976. Chafetz, R.S., Prak, S., & Mulcahey, M.J. (2009). Computerized Classification of Neu rological Injury based on the International Standards for classification of Spinal Cord Injury, J Spinal Cord Med, 32(10):5327. Clarke, S., Chafetz, R. & Kozin, S (2010). Ossification of the proximal humerus in children with residual bierth palsy: an MRI study. J Ped Orthop, 30(1):606. Dole, R., Chafetz, R. PedsRehab Notes: Evaluations and Intervention Pocket Guide. FA Davis, Philadelphia, 2010. Haley, S., Chafetz, R.S., Tian, R., Montpetit, K. & Watson, K. et al (2010). Validity and reliability of physical functioning computer adaptive tests for children with cerebral palsy. J Ped Orthop, 30(1):715. Kozin, S., Chafetz, R., Shaffer, A., Soldado. MRI and Clinical Findings Before and After Tendon Transfers about the Shoulder in Children with Residual Brachial Plexus Birth Palsy: A three Year FollowUp Study. J Ped Orth, 30(2): 15460. McCarthy, K., Chafetz, R., Mulcahey, M.J., Frisch, R. & D'Andrea, L. et al (2010). Clinical efficacy of the vertebral wedge osteotomy for the fusionless treatment of paralytic scoliosis, Spine, 35(4): 40310. Pollack, M.F., Purayidathil, F.W., Bolge, S.C. & Williams, S.A. (2010). Patientreported tol erability issues with oral antidiabetic agents: Associations with adherence; treatment sat isfaction and healthrelated quality of life. Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, 87 (2):204210. Schottler, J., Vogel, L., Chafetz, R. & Mulca hey, M.J. (2010). Patient and caregiver knowl edge of everity of injury among youth with s spinal cord injury. Spinal Cord, 48(1):348. Soltoff, C., Fleisher, L., Miller, S.M. Improv ing health literacy in medical decision making through the redesign of the informed consent process: A toolkit approach. Invited report for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2009. Wang C, Gallo RE, Fleisher L, Miller SM. Lit eracy Assessment of Family Health History Tools for Public Health Prevention. Public Health Genomics. 2010/01/22 ed.

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Davis, S.N., Diefenbach, M.A., Valdimarsdottir, H., Tianle, C., Hall, S.J, Thompson, H.S. (2010). Physician explanation of pros and cons of prostate cancer screening: Associations with prostate cancer screening knowledge and attitudes among urban African American men. Journal of the National Medical Association,102, 174182.

In Press

Abzug, J., Chafetz, R., Kozin, S. Results of global shoulder function after medial approach for derotational humeral osteotomies in brachial plexus birth palsy patients. JPO Kozin, S.H., D'Addesi, L., Chafetz, R.S., Ashworth, S. Bicepstotriceps Transfer for Elbow Extension in Persons with Tetraplegia. J Hand Surg. Mulcahey, M.J., Vogel, L.C., Betz, R.R., Samdani, A., Chafetz, R.S., Gaughan, J.P. Determining and Classifying the neurological Consequence of SCI in Children and Adolescents. Neurore habilitation Neurorepair. Wang, C., Gallo, R., Fleisher, L. & Miller, S. M. (in press). Accessibility of family health history tools for public health prevention: An evaluation of readability and document literacy. Can cer Causes & Control.

Under review

Hutchinson, D., Watson, K., Chafetz, R.S., Gorton, D.R., Haley, S.M. et al. Relationship of Scores from Parentreported computer adaptive testing to gait variables in children with Cerebral Palsy, Submitted to Gait and Posture. Samdani, A., Chafetz, R., Vogel, L., Gaughan, J., Betz, R., & Mulcahey, M.J. Correlation of S45 dermatome and anal sensation in the internal standards for neurological classification of spi nal cord injury. Submitted to Spinal Cord. Fleisher L, Kandadai V, Keenan, E, Miller SM, Devarajan K, Rodoletz M, Bieber E, Weinberg D.S., Limited Use of a WebBased Intervention to Improve Colorectal Cancer Screen ing. Journal of Health Communication. Kaynak, O., Lepore, S., and Kliewer, W. Social moderation of the relation between commu nity violence exposure and depressive symptoms in an urban adolescent sample. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology

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Davis, S., Kaynak, O., Lepore, S. (April 2010) Intentions and actions of prostate cancer screen ing in immigrant black men. Annual Meeting of the Society of Behavioral Medicine, Seattle, Washington. Kaynak, O., Lepore, S., Kliewer, W. (to be presented June 2010) Emotional intelligence as a moderator to the relation between community violence exposure and alcohol and other drug use in an urban adolescent sample. Society for Prevention Research Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado. Purayidathil, F.W., Ibrahim, J.K. (June 2010). Preliminary Analysis of Foodborne Outbreaks in the United States, 1998 ­ 2007: How Does the Pattern of the Outbreak Affect Health Outcomes? National Environmental Health Association's 74th Annual Education Conference and Exhibi tion. Albuquerque, New Mexico. Fleisher L, Kandadai V. Patient Perceptions of Decision Making and a Webbased Decision Making Aid for Early Stage Prostate Cancer. Presented at the Society of Behavioral Medicine 31st Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA, April 710, 2010. Kluhsman, B, Lengerich, E, Fleisher, L, Lyle, J, Paskett, E, Miller, SM, Dignan, M. Telephone Barriers Counseling for Colorectal Cancer Screening in Primary Care: A Feasibility Study for Rural Appalachia. Presented at the 31st Annual Meeting of the Society of Behavioral Medicine, April 710, 2010, Seattle, WA. Fleisher L, Kandadai V. Preliminary usage patterns of a webbased decisionsupport aid in volving early stage prostate cancer patients. Presented at the 34th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Preventive Oncology, March 2123, 2010, Bethesda, MD.

Awards, grants, fellowships and beyond

Stacy Davis, Övgü Kaynak, Emily Messina, Fanta Waterman Purayidathil, and Clare Lenhart were the recipients of the Sandy Schinfeld Memorial Award. Övgü Kaynak received the Society for Prevention Research Travel Scholarship in order to at tend the Society of Prevention Research Annual Meeting in June 2010. Linda Fleisher is the CoPrincipal Investigator on a program aimed to screen high risk men for prostate cancer in the community setting, funded by the Philadelphia Foundation.


Alumni Publications and Presentations

Publications Isselmann DiSantis, K., Collins, B.N. & McCoy, A. C. S. (2010). Associations among breastfeeding, smoking relapse, and prenatal factors in a brief postpartum smoking intervention. Acta Obstetri cia et Gynecologica Scandinavica, 89 (4) 582586. Klaiman, T. & Ibrahim, J. (2010). "State Health Department Structure and Pandemic Planning." Journal of Public Health Management and Practice. 16(2): e1e7 Klaiman, T., Ibrahim, J. & Hausman, A. (2009). Do State Written Pandemic Plans Include Fed eral Recommendations? A National Study. Journal of Emergency Management and Homeland Security. 6(1). Available at Simbiri, K.O.A, Murakami, M., Feldman, M., Steenhoff, A & Nkomazana, O. et al (2010). Multi ple oncogenic viruses identified in ocular surface squamous neoplasia in HIV1 patients. Infec tious Agents and Cancer 2010, 5 (6) 26. Simbiri, K. O. A., Hausman, A., Wadenya, R. O. & Lidicker, J (2009). Access Impediments to Health Care and Social Services Between Anglophone and Francophone African Immigrants Living in Philadelphia with Respect to HIV/AIDS. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health. Schnoll, R.A., Patterson, F., Wileyto, E.P., Heitjan, D.F. et al. (2010). Effectiveness of extended duration transdermal nicotine therapy: a randomized trial. Annals of Internal Medicine, 152(3), 144151. In Press Finkelstein, S., Prakash, S, Nigmatulina, K., Klaiman, T. & Larson, R. "Pandemic influenza: Non pharmaceutical interventions and behavioral changes that may save lives." International Journal of Health Management and Information. Patterson, F., Wileyto, E.P., Segal, J., Kurz, J., Glanz, K., Hanlon, A. Intention to Quit Smoking: Role of Personal and Family Member Cancer Diagnosis. Health Education Research. Under review Higdon, M.A.; Shin, P.; Klaiman, T. & Stoto, M.A. "Evaluation of the DC Emergency Healthcare Coalition." Submitted to Prehospital and Disaster Medicine. Klaiman, T. & Ibrahim, J. "Testing Theoretical Models to Explain State Pandemic Flu Plans." Submitted to Journal of Health Politics, Policy, and Law. Klaiman, T., Kraemer, J. & Stoto, M. "School Closures in Response to A/H1N1: Issues for Deci sionMakers." Submitted to Public Health Reports.

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Klaiman, T., Hausman, A., Knorr, D., Fitzgerald, S., Demarra, P, & Heake, G. "Locating a n d communicating with atrisk populations about emergency preparedness: The vulnerable populations outreach model." Submitted to Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness. Presentations Higdon, M.A., Klaiman, T., Shin, P., Stoto, M.A. ( July 2009) "Evaluation of the DC Emergency Healthcare Coalition (DCEHC)." Presented at National Healthcare Preparedness, Evaluation, and Improvement Conference, Crystal City, VA. Klaiman, T. & Ibrahim, J. (June 2009). "Health Department Structure's Association with State Pandemic Planning." Poster presentation at 2009 Academy Health Annual Research Meeting. Chicago, IL. Klaiman, T.; Kraemer, J. & Stoto, M. (March 2010) "School Closures in Response to A/H1N1: Is sues for DecisionMakers." Oral Presentation 2010 National Emergency Management Summit. Washington, DC. Klaiman, T.; Kraemer, J. & Stoto, M. (February 2010). "School Closures in Response to A/H1N1: Issues for DecisionMakers." Oral Presentation 2010 National Association of City and County Health Officials Public Health Preparedness Summit. Atlanta, GA. Klaiman, T.; Higdon, M.; DeAtley, C.; Stoto, M. (January 2010). "Evaluation of the Washing ton, DC Emergency Healthcare Coalition." Oral Presentation at the 2009 International Prepar edness & Response to Emergencies & Disasters Conference. Tel Aviv, Israel. Klaiman, T.; Kraemer, J. & Stoto, M. (November 2009). "School Closures in Response to A/ H1N1: Issues for DecisionMakers." Oral Presentation 2009 American Public Health Association Annual Meeting. Philadelphia, PA. November 2009. Klaiman, T. & Ibrahim, J. (November 2009). "Political Factors that Influence State Pandemic Flu Plan Comprehensiveness." Poster Presentation at 2009 American Public Health Association Annual Meeting. Philadelphia, PA. Klaiman, T. (October 2009) "2009 A/H1N1: What Happened in the Spring, What Might Happen in the Fall, What Can We Learn from It?" Guest lecture, Introduction to Epidemiology. George town University, Washington, DC. Klaiman, T. (September 2009) "2009 A/H1N1: What Happened in the Spring, What Might Hap pen in the Fall, What Can We Learn from It?" Guest lecture, Global Infectious Disease Graduate Program Interdisciplinary Seminar. Georgetown University, Washington, DC. McIntosh, M. A. E. (October 2009). Infection Prevention: Proper Hygiene to Prevent the Spread of the Seasonal Flu and H1N1. Presented to the congregation at Tioga United Methodist Church, Philadelphia, PA.

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McIntosh, M. A. E. (November 2009). The changing role of the nurse globally. Lecture pre sented at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, St. Michael, Barbados, West Indies. McIntosh, M. A. E. (December 2009). Presentation on Infection Prevention: Proper Hygiene to Prevent the Spread of the Seasonal Flu and H1N1. Presented to the congregation at Zion Baptist Church, Philadelphia, PA. Powell, S.; Klaiman, T.; Abedin, Z.; Hughes, C,; Hausman, A. & Hobbs, A. (November 2009). "Culturally Competent Emergency Planning and the Utilization of Cultural Brokers: Enhanc ing the Resilience of Diverse Populations." Poster Presentation at 2009 American Public Health Association Annual Meeting. Philadelphia, PA. November 2009. Simbiri, K.O., Murakami, M., Feldman, M., Steenhoff, A. & Nkomazana et al (April 2010). Multiple oncogenic viruses identified in ocular surface squamous neoplasia in HIV1 patients. Presented at 12th International Conference on Malignancies in AIDS and Other acquired Immunodeficiencies (ICMAI), Bethesda, Maryland. Simbiri, K.O., Murakami, M., Feldman, M., Steenhoff, A. & Nkomazana et al (December2009). Multiple oncogenic viruses identified in ocular surface squamous neopla sia in HIV1 patients. 1st Conference on update of HIV/AIDS in Africa, Accra, Ghana. Simbiri, K.O., Murakami, M., Feldman, M., Steenhoff, A. & Nkomazana et al (December 2009). Multiple oncogenic viruses identified in ocular surface squamous neoplasia in HIV1 patients. 9th Annual Research Retreat , Center for AIDS Research, University of Penn sylvania, Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania, and Wistar Institute. Simbiri, K.O. (December 2009). Infectious Diseases and Oncogenic Viruses in HIV1 infected Patients in Botswana. 1st Conference on update of HIV/AIDS in Africa, Accra, Ghana. Awards, Grants, Fellowships, and Beyond Tamar Klaiman received a Pfizer Public Health Fellowship award for a project titled, "Utilizing a Positive Deviance Framework for Understanding Best Practices in Local Health Department 2009 H1N1 Vaccination Campaigns" Laura Taylor is serving as the President of NJSOPHE from December 2009 December 2010. NJ's SOPHE chapter is the 2nd largest SOPHE chapter in the country. She is working to provide continuing education and networking opportunities while supporting advocacy for the health education profession.

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Appointments and Personal Updates

Tamar Klaiman gave birth to Abraham Marshall Plank on April 27, 2010 at 10:22 p.m. He was 6 lbs. 14 oz. and 19.5 inches long. Tamar Klaiman accepted an Assistant Professor of Health Policy position at Thomas Jefferson University's School of Population Health beginning Fall 2010. Heather Porter was appointed as Assistant Clinical Professor in Therapeutic Recreation at Tem ple University during the 20092010 school year. Fanta Purayidathil completed a 6month internship in Environmental Disease Protection Bu reau of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. She was assigned to data analysis for research study managed by the Lead Poisoning Prevention Program. Michelle Shwarz and Gregory Bornstein will be married in Philadelphia on July 17, 2010. Kenneth Simbiri is a monthly radio commentator on Radio "XALAAT" WURD, AM 900, a host radio show addressing public health issues in the African Community.


Michael A. E. McIntosh planned and implemented a conference entitled "A Dialogue on the Seasonal Flu and H1N1" at the Temple University School of Pharmacy. The featured speakers were, Steve Alles, MD, MS, MFA, Program Manager, Emergency Preparedness Program, Divi sion of Disease Control Department of Public Health, City of Philadelphia and Chad Thomas, MPH, Public Health Communications Outreach Coordinator, Division of Disease Control, De partment of Public Health, City of Philadelphia. Michael A. E. McIntosh formulated the Ecumenical Health Initiative, an interfaith based or ganization in the City of Philadelphia working in collaboration with the Department of Nurs ing, Temple University, and the communityatlarge, which is committed towards reducing disparities in health in the underserved population in urban communities in the City of Phila delphia. The Ecumenical Health Initiative, in reducing health disparities, is providing health information and information towards access to health care at all levels (e.g., primary, secon dary, and tertiary levels of care) from a biopsychosocial approach, primarily through profes sionallysupported relationships with members of 11 church communities and with members in the urban communities in the City of Philadelphia. The members of the Ecumenical Health Initiative collaborates on planning and implementing health fairs, immunization programs, and disseminating health information towards increasing health awareness, health promotion, and disseminating health literature to members of the church communities and the communities atlarge in the City of Philadelphia. Kenneth Simbiri is serving on the Board of Directors of Calcutta House a nonprofit organiza tion providing highly supportive housing for homeless and indigent persons living with HIV/ AIDS in Philadelphia.


Spotlight on: Incoming Doctoral Students

Eun Jin Cho recently earned an MA in Developmental Psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University, and is originally from Seoul, Ko rea. Her area of interest include psychosocial health interventions for vulnerable populations, with a focus on expressive writing and social support mechanisms.

Rachel Gooze has a BA in psychology from Wesleyan University and completed her MPH at Temple in May 2009. Rachel is interested in working at the intersection of developmental psychology and public health by doing applied research in early childhood education settings.

Marek Sulzynski has a Master's degree in Public Administration from Rutgers and currently works for the Public Health Law Research pro gram at Temple. Marek's research interests are in the "upstream" factors that influence health at the neighborhood level and in connecting pub lic policies with health outcomes.

Sara Shuman completed her MPH at the University of Arizona in 2008, with a focus on the relationship between immigration and health. Sara's general area of interest is in international health, with a focus on vio lence against women and children in Latin America.


Spotlight on: Incoming Doctoral Students

Judith Greener has a Master's in Communications from the University of Pennsylvania, and has been working in healthcare market research for over 15 years. Judith's interest is in health communications, with a focus on understanding the effectiveness of various communications strategies on patients' healthrelated behaviors, and the influence of patientphysician communication on health outcomes.

Brandon Becker just graduated from the MPH program here at Temple in May 2010. Having finished the MPH coursework, Brandon is beginning to develop a research interest in the social determinants of health and may pur sue research initiatives in maternal and early childhood health.

Evan Anderson is an attorney and former fellow at the Center for Law and the Public's Health at Georgetown and Johns Hopkins Universi ties. Evan is currently a fellow at the National Program Office for Pub lic Health Law Research at the Temple University Beasley School of Law and his research interest is in the empirical measurement of the impact of law on population health.

Sean McCormick's scholarly interests tend to revolve around health psychology, clinical and community based research, and stress and coping. In addition to conducting asthma research Sean also works for Penn sylvania's Clean Air Council providing environmental and respiratory health education.



Kudos to the following students for surviving their first year: Clare Lenhart, Michelle Shwartz, Dominique Ruggieri, Tita Atte, and Fanta Waterman Purayidathil. Kudos to Bernadette Hohl for passing her paper requirement and advancing to the dissertation proposal stage. Kudos to Stacy Davis for passing the defense of her dissertation proposal: Moderators of pros tate cancer testing intention and testing behavior in black men Kudos to Sue KrugGourley for passing the defense of her dissertation proposal: Evaluation of the Relationship between Ambient Air Pollution and Hospitalization for Acute Exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease at Temple University Hospital Kudos to Emily Messina for passing the defense of her dissertation proposal: A retrospective analysis of resident records on the effects of structured programming in a forensic mental health treatment facility Kudos to Övgü Kaynak for passing the defense of her dissertation proposal: The moderating role of emotional intelligence in the relation between peer victimization and alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use Kudos to Evan Anderson on his recent marriage!


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Kudos is a newsletter of the students and studentfaculty collaborators in the Public Health and Health Studies PhD program at Temple University edited by current students. This edition of Ku dos was compiled and edited by Övgü Kaynak (PhDc) and Clare Lenhart (PhDc). A special thanks to Dr. Stephen Lepore for serving as faculty consultant.



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