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Month(s) to be completed: Any

Duration: 45 Minutes

Christina School District Elementary Guidance Best Practices Programs and Activities

Title of Activity: Peer Pressure: Hana's Year Grade Level(s): K-4

Standard Competency Addressed (list all by Standard/Competency #):

A:A1.4-5; A:A2.3; A:B1.2; PS:A:1.1-2; PS:A1.4-11; PS:A2.1-8; PS:A1.2-5; PS:B1.7-8; PS:B1.10-11; PS:C1.5; PS:C1.7; PS:C1.9-11;

Superintendent's Performance Target Addressed: Safe and Orderly Environment Resources/Materials Needed: Book: Hana's Year by Carol Talley Procedures/Lesson Plans (See Back of Form) Benchmark/Goal of Activity:

Students will understand the importance of using their own good judgment and behaving "honorably", identify peer pressure resistance skills, and differentiate between positive and negative leaders.

Evaluation (means of determining if benchmark/goal has been met or is in progress):

Activity sheet demonstrating student understanding of concepts learned

Comments: E-mail Student Services for a copy of the activity sheet or instructions. Submitted by: Name: ASCA Website Resource Page School: N/A


Best Practices-Peer Pressure Lesson

Procedures/Lesson Plans

Please provide a brief description of how this program/activity works and of any essential factors to its success:


Best Practices-Peer Pressure Lesson


Microsoft Word - 11FB5B20.doc

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Microsoft Word - 11FB5B20.doc