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A Research Paper Rubric for Chelsea High School To be used in conjunction with the Writing Rubric

Name __________________________________________ Teacher ______________________________ Assignment ________________________ Date _________ 4-Advanced Question shows originality and promotes thoughtful and focused investigation of topic. Multiple reputable print and electronic (subscription and free) resources are used to provide balanced and in-depth information. Primary sources are used where appropriate. Discriminating selection of relevant information and presentation in student's own voice shows deep understanding of topic. Appropriate selection of quotations. All resources used are accurately cited in a consistent style within the text and in the Works Cited list. 3- Proficient Question promotes thoughtful research. 2- Needs Improvement Question calls for little research or it is either too broad or too narrow. Sources limited in number, variety and quality so topic inadequately addressed. 1- Failing Question too simplistic, readily answered. Information used very limited in quantity and quality. 0- No Score No thesis

Thesis/ Question

Information Sources

Relevant information gathered from multiple and varied reputable sources.

No effort to gather information.


Information has been digested and used to reach and support conclusions which are described in the student's own words.

Superficial analysis of information and little evidence of real understanding.

Regurgitation of information. Information copied directly from sources.

Work appears to have been plagiarized. No effort to understand the material.

A few errors in or missing citations.

Several errors in citations.

Citing Work

Little effort to accurately cite sources of information or ideas.

Clear plagiarism. No citations.


Microsoft Word - Research Rubri

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