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Minutes for School Site Council

Date: June 3, 2009 Time: 3:15 ­ 5:00 Location: 330 Main Building Meeting Facilitator: Donna Montague SSC Secretary: Mitch Sanford

Attendees: Roberta Bonsall, Mary Lynn Harp, Karen Kawaguchi, Cindy Smith, Katie Kim, Mitch Sanford, Nitin Yenigalla, Irene Brewster, Jean Dillman, Lucia Gilbertson, Michelle Mascote, Katie Richards, Ann Weidinger, Mark Corti, Donna Montague, Kelly Meszzio 1. The meeting was called to order at 3:19 P.M. 2. The School Site Council meeting minutes of May 13, 2009 were approved as submitted. (Corti/Smith 11/0/1) 3. Kelly Mezzio shared data demonstrating CAHSEE results for students enrolled in the math lab. She spoke of the need for a support teacher in the class, given the individualized instruction and the high percentage of students with Special Needs in the program. We discussed funding for Intervention and CAHSEE programs and how to best support students. 4. We reviewed results and notes from a student survey on Tutorial. 5. School Site Council provide input on updating the WASC Action Plan with information about what we have done this year and by raising ideas for follow-up. 6. Thank you to members of SSC whose terms are ending and to our seniors who are heading off to college next fall. New student representatives Lianne Haller, Sophie Cheng, Ramsey Delano and Lucas Ho will be joining Sana Sareshwala and Nitin Yenigalla next fall, as Mitch Sanford and Katie Kim head off to their respective colleges. Ted Levey, Barbara Farmer, Jean Dillman and Shannon Paladini have been elected to fill our staff vacancies, as Lucia Gilbertson, Irene Brewster, and Patty O'Malley finish their terms. Thank you to all the representatives for their valuable time and input. 7. Ann Weidinger shared information on the current budget. We will have a budget of $87, 938 for 2009-2010, a cut of 25%. We do not currently have funding set aside for staff development. We reviewed what staff development we have funded for this year, San Ramon Valley Unified School District

which reached a total of $5, 829. The SIP budget items that we have committed to are as follows: Budget $87, 938 Intervention $10,000 Computer Lab Aide $49, 336 Curriculum Leaders $25,386 Total Remaining $84,722 $ 3,216

8. Mr. Corti provided the Principal's Report: · Bailey Meyers has been recognized with a national award for her editorial cartoon from The Californian. · Senior trip to Disneyland was successful. · Mr. Corti shared the Distinguished School Award plaque and flag which he received at the awards ceremony in Anaheim on May 29. · Counselors are getting the Master Schedule into place and will be giving teachers their tentative teaching schedules this week. · Textbooks are in the process of being barcoded for next year. Collection and distribution of textbooks will change as a result. · Senior Baccalaureate will be Sunday, June 7. Graduation is Friday, June 12. · 9. We adjourned at 5:15 (Dillman/Richards13/0/0) Minutes submitted by Mitch Sanford, School Site Council Secretary.

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SSC Minutes June 3, 2009

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