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Effective immediately, the following paperwork must be presented to CHS INC; Myrtle Grove Terminal before Vessel will be considered for load schedule: Berth Application with Captain's and agent's signature & Vessel Seal stamped; Notice of Readiness, (signed and dated); NCB Pass; USDA Pass; International Tonnage Certificate; Ship Registry; Stowage Plan; Load Rotation (for multiple commodity vessel); A check for the estimated dockage deposit. Check must be for the full amount of estimate and in the possession of CHS INC prior to vessel berthing. Check must be delivered during normal business hours of Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. If wire transfers are used, they must be deposited and confirmed by CHS INC during normal business hours of Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., prior to vessel berthing. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS. 10. Cell phone to be left with Captain of Vessel and phone number put on Berth Application. 11. CHS's Vessel Interface and Security Agreement (VISA) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Agents desiring to leave paperwork or checks after business hours for consideration for filing the next legal filing day, per Tariff, will be accommodated, but only at the full risk and liability of the agent desiring such action. CHS INC, Myrtle Grove Terminal shall not be liable for any documentation or dockage checks delivered after hours or before tariff acceptance of vessel filing, regardless of who signed for the receipt of delivery. Attached is a copy of CHS Inc. Tariff No. 16, Effective October 1, 2009, together with the Berth Application form which will be used commencing October 1, 2009. The Berth Application and CHS Grain Tariff are also available on CHS' website at under Transportation/Rail, Barge & Vessel.

Steven R. Talbot Plant Manager CHS Inc. Myrtle Grove Terminal

434 East Ravenna Road, Belle Chasse, Louisiana 70037 Phone 504-656-2212 Fax 504-656-7394


Application is hereby made this _______ day of _____________________, 20___ for assignment and use of grain loading berth at CHS INC, Myrtle Grove Terminal Elevator for the M/V __________________________________ on or about _________________________, 20_______ for loading about _______________ tons of __________________________ (Commodity) in accordance with CHS, INC. Myrtle Grove Grain Tariff No. 16 available at CHS' Traffic Office or at CHS's website, (follow links to Transportation/Rail, Barge & Vessel) APPLICANTS STATE THAT THE VESSEL AT THE TIME OF COMMENCEMENT OF FILING: 1. Has been entered at the United States Custom House. 2. 3. Has been accepted by Charterer, or had permission from Charterer to commence loading prior to formal acceptance. Has a Certificate showing that its cargo handling gear, if any, meets the standards set forth in Title 29, C.F.R. § 1918.12 of the Department of Labor's Safety and Health Regulations for Longshoremen. Is of the ______________ type with gross tons of ___________, overall length of _______________ feet. Is located at _________________________________anchorage, and has vessel Cell Phone # __________________

4. 5.

APPLICANTS AGREE: 1. The Berth Application is hereby made on behalf of vessel, its agent(s), owner(s), operator(s) and or charterer(s), and the payment of applicable tariff charges for said vessel will be made to the Elevator as required in the Tariff. They have supplied Elevator or Operator one copy each of: United States Department of Agriculture STOWAGE EXAMINATION CERTIFICATE showing vessel is passed to load in all compartments intended to be used for grain cargoes; CERTIFICATE OF READINESS issued by the National Cargo Bureau; and, NOTICE OF READINESS signed by charterer or his agent. Elevator must be notified if trimming is required. The Applicants have also provided a written description of the vessel, a copy of the ship's register, and a proposed stowage plan, which includes grain __________ capacity. For vessels with a last cargo of petroleum product, Applicants will provide a GAS-FREE CERTIFICATE. 2. They have in their possession a current copy of CHS INC, Myrtle Grove Grain Tariff No. 16, effective October 1, 2009, provided by the undersigned agent to the undersigned Master, and stipulate that the vessel, its agent(s), owner(s), operator(s), and charterer(s) are bound by and agree to abide by all provisions of CHS INC, Grain Tariff No. 16. They have supplied the Deposit required under Item No. 47 of the CHS, INC Tariff. They have supplied the Visitor List required under Item No. 38 of the CHS, INC Tariff. They have arranged berthing tug(s), shifting tug(s) and disembarking tug(s), as well as linesmen. They warrant they have reviewed the Vessel Interface and Security Agreement (VISA). THEY WARRANT THAT THEY HAVE AUTHORITY TO EXECUTE THIS BERTH APPLICATION ON BEHALF OF THE VESSEL, ITS AGENT(S), OWNER(S), OPERATOR(S), AND CHARTERER(S); THAT APPLICANTS HAVE RECEIVED, READ AND UNDERSTAND THE PROVISIONS OF CHS INC, MYRTLE GROVE GRAIN TARIFF AND ARE EMPOWERED TO BIND THE VESSEL, ITS AGENT(S), OWNER(S), OPERATOR(S), AND CHARTERER(S) TO THE TERMS OF THE CHS INC, MYRTLE GROVE TERMINAL GRAIN TARIFF AND THE BERTH APPLICATION.

3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

We hereby acknowledge receipt of this application for berth: Authorized Applicants Signatures are as set forth below: __________________________________________ ________________________________ CHS INC, Myrtle Grove Terminal Authorized Agency / Signature of Agent ________________________________________ ________________________________ Time / Date Berth Application Filed Authorized Signature / Master & Vessel Seal Received only _____________________________ ________________________________ DATE/TIME RECEIVED BY Date FOR ELEVATOR USE ONLY Attached: 1. Federal Grain Inspection Service Certificate 6. Copy of Master's written authority for vessel's agent to sign bills of lading 2. National Cargo Bureau Certificate 3. Cell Phone on Vessel 4. Signed and dated acceptance by Charterer (NOR) 5. Copies of Vessels NCB Stability 7. Copy of Vessel's approved stowage plan and loading sequence 8. Check for estimated charges 9. Vessel Interface & Security Agreement

434 East Ravenna Road, Belle Chasse, Louisiana 70037 Phone 504-656-2212 Fax 504-656-7394



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