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Generator Interlock Kit

Square D announces four new Generator Interlock Kits. These kits are load center cover accessories available for both QO® and HOMELINE® load centers. The device will interlock the QOM2 main breaker* with a 2 pole breaker back fed from a generator** located in branch positions 2-4. There is a separate kit for both QO indoor and outdoor and HOMELINE indoor and outdoor load centers. The load centers that accommodate these new generator kits are: · Single Phase QO or HOMELINE, with · QOM2 main breaker, 150 Amp through 225 Amp. This kit will interlock a 2-pole, 15 Amp through 125 Amp branch breaker (back-fed from a generator) with the QOM2 main breaker. Generator Interlock Kit (above) These new generator kits allow the flexibility of selecting (and changing) which circuits are to be powered during an outage. The circuits to be powered from the generator can easily be changed by turning the appropriate branch breakers on or off.

NOTE: For optimum performance, the user must ensure that the total connected load does not exceed the power rating of the generator.

*Any QO or HOMELINE load center with a QOM2 main breaker is suitable for one of these kits. QOM2 main breakers are available from 100 through 225 amperes. ** Branch breakers suitable for back feeding generator power are available from 15 through 125 amperes.

Packaged in a hang tag poly bag.

Cutaway showing installed Generator Interlock Kit (above)

Catalog Number QOCGK2

Indoor/ Outdoor Indoor Indoor Outdoor Outdoor

Pack Dimensions 10" H x 6" W x 2" D 10" H x 6" W x 2" D 10" H x 6" W x 2" D 10" H x 6" W x 2" D

Pack Weight .5 lb .5 lb .5 lb .5 lb

Generator Interlock Kit Includes:

· Drilling template for mounting · Attaching hardware · Interlock retaining bracket to prevent removal of interlock without removing trim · Branch breaker retaining bracket · Installation instructions


For additional information, contact your local Square D sales representative, or call 1-888-SQUARED

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