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Elevation Drawings

Your proposed project must have a reviewable Elevation Drawings. Refer to the attached sample drawing for an acceptable format. This plan must contain the following information checked below to be considered reviewable by the Building Department. For additional information, refer to the Residential Plan Review Reference Sheet.

Plan must be legible, fully dimensioned or to scale. On additions or alterations, all new work must be clearly designated. Show existing areas adjacent to new work. Show all sides of structure (north, south, east, west). Show final grade, including slope around the building. Show all eves and roof overhangs. Indicate roof pitch, show attic vents. Show chimneys and termination above roof. Show siding type. Show all windows and doors. Show all exterior decks and landings, including distance above grade. Show all exterior stairs.

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Views drawn to scale 1/4" = 1" or 1/8" = 1". Indicate exterior finishes: Roofing, siding, trims, and masonry. Indicate roof pitch. Show any roof pitch. Show any roof venting. Show windows in their proper scale and location. Show and dimension overhange.

Callouts shown are only examples of how information can be provided and should not be considered complete.


Microsoft Word - Elevation Drawings.doc

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