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Mayor Scott Higgins presided.

Anderson, Chaney, Dietzman, Hazen, Smith, and Turk (arrived 4:31 p.m.). Hogan (arrived 5:20 p.m.).

Bourquin, Carothers, Copsey, Fox, Halverson, Lackey, Levison, and Swinhart.


PRESS: PUBLIC: There were no comments.

Heather Acheson, Camas-Washougal Post Record.

POLICE: Awards Presentation: Mitch Lackey, Police Chief, described a fatal accident that occurred July 18th on SR-14 and commended Camas firefighters Chris Richardson, Steve Pozsgai and Garry Alex for the assistance they gave to the police department related to another matter that arose at the same time. Lackey gave details about the incident and presented Richardson and Pozsgai (Alex was not present) with a certificate of recognition. Council thanked the firefighters for their valiant efforts. COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: Planning: Proposed Flex Code Discussion: Sarah Fox, Planner II, briefly gave Council background information regarding the proposed Flex Code and stated that the purpose for the discussion is to address questions that were raised during the July 18th Council Workshop. Fox distributed a handout containing the proposed Flex Code that was recommended by the Planning Commission. Fox stated that one of the questions was related to proposed draft Chapter 18.26.090 Development Bonuses. The question had to do with exempting applicants from Design Review. Fox commented that the intent is not to exempt the application from Design Review, only from the Design Review meetings. Fox gave further explanation about the 1

Design Review process and suggested striking the exemption part of the sentence. The proposed sentence would read as follows: Upon meeting the minimum standards of a flexible development the project may be reviewed administratively as a minor design review application, pursuant to Camas Municipal Code (CMC) Section 18.19.040(B)(1). Fox responded to questions from Council. Fox stated that another question was about development bonuses for "green roofs". She relayed to Council that their concern about ensuring that a "green roof" would actually be built falls under the proposed draft Chapter 18.26.100 - Development Assurances - and she explained why. Discussion followed regarding on-going maintenance of "green roofs". Smith commented about a house by Crown Park that has an overgrown front yard and inquired how the City controls this issue when the resident claims to be trying to be sustainable. Phil Bourquin, Community Development Director, responded that the City does not have specific landscaping provisions for single-family homes, but that there is a regulation in the CMC regarding overgrown weeds. Discussion ensued regarding Council's concern about including provisions in the CMC to ensure that "green roofs" are properly maintained in the future. Bourquin suggested modifying the proposed code by adding language to require that a covenant that runs with the land be recorded that specifies the maintenance requirements of "green roofs". Smith stated that she would like to discuss regulations for single-family dwellings in the future. Chaney stated that he would like information about how other jurisdictions are handling ongoing maintenance of "green roofs". After further discussion, it was decided that a public hearing would be scheduled on October 3, 2011, and that staff can bring this topic to a future workshop if staff believes more discussion is necessary prior to the hearing. Economic Development Incentives: Bourquin distributed a handout to Council detailing the background of the CamasWashougal Economic Development Association (CWEDA) proposal that was discussed during the July 18th Council Workshop. Bourquin summarized the proposed amendments to CMC Chapter 3.88 ­ Impact Fees on New Developments for Certain Public Facilities. Anderson asked and Bourquin responded that he believes the reference to credit or deferral of Impact Fees pertains to all eligible Impact Fees, but that he would get confirmation to be sure. Additional questions were asked and clarifications were made. Mayor asked and Bourquin confirmed that this matter will come back to Council for consideration in the form of a public hearing followed by an ordinance to adopt the changes. Bourquin added that he will be sure that Paul Dennis, Economic Development Director for 2

CWEDA, will be present at the public hearing. Council voiced no objections to the proposed path forward. Bourquin stated that he would like to cover his miscellaneous item at this time. Miscellaneous and Updates: Bourquin distributed the full written record of the Farrell House Unclassified Use Permit (File No. UUP11-01) to Council and stated that the scheduling of this matter is on the Consent Agenda for Council's consideration. Mayor explained the Quasi-Judicial process and noted that this matter will be coming before Council for consideration on September 19, 2011. Mayor added that questions can be referred to Bourquin or City Attorney Shawn MacPherson. Dietzman asked and Bourquin confirmed that the record is closed and that no further comments written or otherwise will be accepted. Questions were asked and clarifications were made. Discussion followed about what the process will be if Council is unable to make a final decision on September 19th. Smith asked if the meeting of September 19th should be held at the library due to the possibility of having a large crowd. After discussion, Mayor stated that Council will advise staff if they believe the meeting should be held at another location. Engineering: Draft Ordinance on E-Verify: James Carothers, Engineering Manager, referred to the draft ordinance that was previously distributed to Council and gave a brief description of E-Verify. He added that the basic purpose of the proposed ordinance is to require contractors for City construction projects to verify that any of the contractor's new hires will not be unauthorized aliens for the duration of the contract with the City. Carothers responded to questions from Council. Carothers stated that City Attorney Roger Knapp may make some technical corrections to the draft ordinance upon further review. Anderson suggested defining what "service provider" means. In conclusion, Mayor stated that the draft ordinance will come back to Council for consideration with the noted suggestion and any other changes that are deemed necessary by Knapp. Memorandum Item: A memorandum was previously distributed to Council regarding Community Development's Engineering Workshop item. The topic addressed in the memorandum is noted below and was not discussed at the meeting.


Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Agreement for Crown Park Neighborhood ADA Ramps: Clark County is preparing the grant agreement for the Crown Park Neighborhood ADA Ramp Project. The agreement will provide Camas with $298,000 in CDBG Grant Funds for the installation of at least 70 curb ramps. The project is currently under design by City staff with the intent of beginning construction later this fall. Staff will include the agreement as a consent item on the Council Agenda for the September 6th or September 19th meeting, contingent upon receipt of the final document from Clark County. There were no questions about the memorandum item. Miscellaneous and Updates: The miscellaneous item was discussed earlier in the meeting. PUBLIC WORKS: Memorandum Items: A memorandum was previously distributed to Council regarding the Public Works Workshop item, Vintage View Waterline Connection. The topic addressed in the memorandum is noted below and was not discussed at the meeting. Vintage View Waterline Connection: As a follow-up to a memorandum presented at the June 20, 2011, Council Workshop, staff has worked out a solution with the developer of Vintage View to provide a connection at NE 35th and Everett to the Lower Prune Hill Zone that will provide additional water pressure to the subdivision and remove connections from the Butler Zone per the Water Plan. The developer provided the material required for the connection and City forces will do the installation. There is no further action required. There were no questions about this memorandum item. A separate memorandum entitled Headworks Alternative Analysis Introduction dated August 15, 2011, was previously distributed to Council. Headworks Study Options ­ Draft Executive Summary and Staff Report: Eric Levison, Public Works Director, referred to the draft executive summary and staff report in the memorandum and stated that this information is being provided to give Council background and an introduction to the Headworks Study. He added that this matter will be placed on the September 6, 2011, Workshop Agenda for discussion and asked Council to refer any questions they may have to him after they review the material. There were no questions about this memorandum item. Miscellaneous and Updates: Levison stated that when the annexation for Lacamas Heights, which is the area around the new high school, occurred the County maintained and owned the storm ponds. Upon annexation, the City was to take over the storm ponds. He added that the City has been maintaining the storm ponds for over five years and that the County is just now sending the quick claim deeds to transfer the ownership of the storm ponds to Camas to finalize. 4

Levison stated that this item will be placed on the September 6, 2011, Consent Agenda for Council's consideration. Chaney asked Levison for a status report about Bonneville Power Administration's (BPA) prior request to survey the area around the City's Headworks properties. Levison responded that Council deferred authorizing permission to enter the property until the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was available for review to determine if any of the properties would be affected by the preferred alternative. He added that the final draft has not been received, and if the properties are listed as preferred alternatives, this matter will come back to Council for consideration. ADMINISTRATION: Financial Policy Review ­ Follow-up from August 1, 2011: Lloyd Halverson, City Administrator, stated that Council had previously asked if there were any technical or staff suggested changes that should be made to the Financial Goals and Policies document and that he had only found one; the section about Real Estate Excise Tax (REET) should refer to the recently adopted legislation of HB1953. He added that Finance Director Joan Durgin may have some technical suggestions after she does a more extensive review of the document and that this matter will be discussed during the September 6, 2011, Council Workshop when Durgin is present. Miscellaneous and Scheduling: Halverson reminded Council about the dedication of the Fallen Leaf Lake Park that will begin at 3:30 on August 16th. Halverson reported that the Columbia River Economic Development Council (CREDC) will be giving a presentation about their new strategic plan during the September 6, 2011, Council Workshop. Halverson stated that a joint meeting with the Port of Camas-Washougal and Washougal City Council is tentatively scheduled for September 26, 2011, at the Camas Public Library. The meeting will begin at 4:30 p.m. and Paul Dennis will be present to give all three jurisdictions an update. Chaney asked Halverson when Council should give their suggestions to him for the City of Camas' Legislative Agenda. Halverson responded that this process typically begins mid to late winter, followed by Council's adoption in January. Halverson reported that he serves on the Association of Washington Cities (AWC) Legislative Committee and gave Council a brief update about the legislative activities. COUNCIL: Hogan stated that he was sad to hear that Hal Zimmerman had passed away. He added that a service will be held on the 26th and asked Council if they knew if Eunice Abrahamsen, Parks & Recreation Commission member, is coordinating a fundraiser. Dietzman responded that Abrahamsen is working on an idea.


Levison stated that he had spoken to Abrahamsen and gave Council a brief overview of the proposed plan. Turk apologized for being late to the meeting. Dietzman gave Council a brief report about the Library Board and C-TRAN Board meetings that she attended. She added that the specifics from the C-TRAN Board meeting could be obtained from C-TRAN's website. Anderson acknowledged the firefighter display at the Clark County Fair and stated that he was pleased that the Camas Fire Engine was there and impressed with the overall display. Chaney echoed Hogan's comments regarding Hal Zimmerman. Chaney stated that he is on Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency (CRESA) Board and reported that at the last meeting they directed staff to build the budget without increases to user costs. He added that an increase or decrease of fire and police personnel could drive the cost up or down. Hazen gave Council a brief report about the Shoreline Committee meetings that he has attended and commended Sarah Fox for her hard work on this committee. Mayor reported that he has been attending CREDC meetings and that he is making sure that Camas' interests are being considered. He added that he has also been attending the CWEDA meetings and gave Council a brief update. PUBLIC: Ken Hadley, 4011 "F" Circle, Washougal, WA: Hadley asked and Dietzman clarified a statement that she had made about how C-TRAN intends to use the funds they receive from the advertisements placed on the outside of the buses. Dietzman stated that she would need to find out exactly what portion of the funds can be used towards the time C-TRAN's staff spends on the Columbia River Crossing (CRC) Project. Margaret Tweet, 2715 NW 34th Circle, Camas, WA: Tweet stated that she is also interested in Dietzman's findings. Tweet commented that she found it surprising that concerns were not expressed about the EIS for the CRC Project given the amount of publicity and the many concerns that have been expressed publicly in both states. Tweet also voiced her concerns regarding C-TRAN's upcoming ballot measure and stated that she is disappointed in the lack of information that is being put forth to the voters. She added that it should be made clear to the voters that taxes are being raised, why, how much tax money is being received today, how much would be received with the proposed tax increase, what the funds have been used for in the past and what the intention is for the future use of these funds. 6

Dietzman stated that she found the information that Hadley had requested and read the findings from the policy statement. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 5:56 p.m.


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