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Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering

Sample Examination Questions


Food poisoning can cause serious illness. Which groups of people are particularly at risk? A B C D People who are elderly or middle-aged People who are very young or elderly People who are middle-aged or very young People who are on a diet or very young


Food premises must have adequate hand washing facilities. Which statement describes best practice? A B C D Separate sinks for washing hands and equipment Facilities for washing hands should only be in rest areas Bars of soap and clean roller towels must be available Water should be supplied at a maximum temperature of 8ºC


Food poisoning is most commonly caused by: A B C D bacteria metals


Why do you use disinfectants on food preparation surfaces? A B They remove food stains They remove dirt and grease They destroy all harmful bacteria They reduce bacteria to a safe level

chemicals C moulds D


In a deep freeze, most food poisoning bacteria: A B C D are destroyed become dormant are not affected multiply quickly


It is best to cover cuts, scratches or boils with: A B C D an absorbent dressing a waterproof dressing a clean bandage antiseptic ointment

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