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Plan, Do, Study, Act Form (Test of Change Form)


(Pick a small population to do your first test on)

Circle your population * Next 5 newly diagnosed patients Start Date:

* 1 physician End Date:



Circle the measures that your practice chose to focus on. · · · Do

(Be specific as possible. What do you plan on doing to make this change? In detail, break down who is going to do what.)

Write a few sentences describing who is doing what. (Example: Mike will call parents on Tuesday afternoons to ask about medication).


(At the end date of the test, look at your patients (or test population) and analyze how successful the test was.)

As you complete your test, keep track of your patients (or test population) here.

Act Circle your decision * Keep this change. It works! * Keep testing

* Adjust this change * Abort this change


Independent PDSA Template

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