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Students Introducing the Circle of Fifths® Explorer Software for finding all the Scales, Chords and Modes of music

The Circle of Fifths® Explorer is a software package which allows a User to find, visualize and play all the Scales and Chords of Music including all Seven Modes of music, Ionian, Dorian Phyrgian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aolean and Locrian. The display includes, Root, 1st and second Inversion of the Chord selected. The Circle of Fifths Explorer also includes the ability to visualize and play other scales of music, including Harmonic and Melodic minor scales, Pentatonic Major and minor scales, as well as Major and minor blues scales. The Transpose Arrow Icons allow a user to Transpose up or down a 1/2 tone or to change from Sharps to Flats.

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