Read Blank Starter Pedigree, Portrait, 4 Gens, 8.5 X 11 text version

Pedigree For Circle M Kool Like Barrett

Black C/W ASDM-OK-0900132 Scattercreek Dillon Driscolls Too Blue Woodcocks Frankie Boy Blue Merle C/W Keels Classic Cayenne Scattercreek Blue Bell BS Rusty Gold Classie Slippers of Rocking Horse Driscolls Little Boy Blue TAS023-07150 Rimfire Lukey Penny Rimfires Little Buddy Driscolls Barn Amber Tag Driscolls Too Blue Rimfire Fancy

Waggin Tail Tiny Blue Jerry

Pruitts Tye Baby

Blue Merle C/W MA2007500384 Pruitts Minnie Me Rimfire Fancy

Keels Classic Cayenne Driscolls Too Blue Keels Classic Cayenne Percivals Blue Cody

Pruitts Tiny Black Ruby

Black C/W MA404801312 Pruitts Rusty Red

Pruitts Red Michael Percivals Delila Ch Patchworks Bluegrass Percivals Jamboree Ch Taycins Dulcimer Bluegrass Jimmy Percivals Copper Kinnausie Jessie Ch Patchworks Bluegrass Bluegrass Jimmy Petersons Hopper Red C/W Kinnausie Jessie Ch Taycins Dulcimer Ch Destinys Sidekick In Black Bonza! Silver Fawn Sixty Two Bar Super Looper Sixty Two Bar Little Red Petersons Charity Blue Merle C/W Sixty Two Bar Jil Sixty Two Bar Katie Elder Sixty Two Bar Super Looper Sixty Two Bar Katie Elder Willis Quartercirclebar Simba Percivals Blue Cody Geis Little Girls Cisco Thompsons Blue Skye Hightowers Copper

ASDR Ch1 Mayes Buddy Boy

Red C/W MA5560-01303

Circle M Rowlee Cowgirl

Red C/W ASDT-OK-0700117

Mayes (Keenes) Miss Molly

Blue Merle C/W MA208,909-02157

Geis Little Girl Sally Poco Amigo Simba Cragers Guns A Blazen

Laneacres Takta Country Mayes Foxy Walkin Wild Thing

Laneacres Shayna CC Ryder

Red Merle C/W I certify that this pedigree is, to the best of my knowledge, correct in all aspects. X_________________________________ Date: _______________

Lane Acres Show em Miss Mandie Jacksons Midget


Blank Starter Pedigree, Portrait, 4 Gens, 8.5 X 11

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