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CB 6V1.3Ah

1. Applications: Telecom Electricity Automobiles & Ships UPS Emergency Power Medical Equipment Toys 2. Specifications: Normal Voltage Rated Capacity (20 hour rate) Length Dimensions Total Height Terminal Shape Discharge Temperature: Internal Resistance (Fully charged battery) Discharge Capacity: Time Rate in Hour 20 HR 10 HR 5 HR 1 HR Discharge Current 65 mA 120 mA 220 mA 780 mA Discharge End Voltage 10.5 V 10.5 V 10.5 V 9.6 V Discharge Capacity 1.3 AH 1.2 AH 1.1 AH 0.78 AH Width Height 6V 1.3AH 97 mm ± 1.5 mm 24 mm ± 1.5 mm 52 mm ± 1.5 mm 57mm ± 1.5 mm TTC22-1 (0.187) 20 to 25 Should be below 6 m

The battery capacity reached 75% or above of the capacity listed. Tests should be carried on the batteries in a week after ex-factory. After three cycle discharging, the battery capacity will reach 95% or above of the capacity listed. 95% or above of the capacity can also be reached after float-charging for 10 days.

Charging: Charging Type Voltage Time (Hour) Maximum Current Remarks If the battery is always used at 5 or below or 35 or above, voltage should be modified by -24mV/. (based on 20) If the battery is always used at 0 or below or 40 or above, voltage should be modified by -18mV/. (based on 20)


7.25V ­ 7.45V




6.8V ­ 6.9V



Service Temperature Range: Conditions Discharge Charge Stand-by Capacity affecting by Storage: Storage Period (after fully charged) 3 months 6 months 12 months Service Life: Cycle Use One cycle is obtained by charging at 7.35 V for 16 hours and then discharging for 2 hours at 0.325A. When 200 cycle is obtained, End voltage will be at 5.1V or above after discharging Battery capacity should be maintained at 50% or above of 5 HR capacity within one year when Charging continually at 6.9V and discharging at constant 0.22A to a discharge end voltage at 5.1V every 3 months. Capacity 90% or above 80% or above 60% or above 20 ± 2 Temperature Temperature -20 to 50 0 to 40 -20 to 40

Stand-by Use



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