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Citrus County Aviation Advisory Board April 11, 2013


Kennedy Smith, Chairman Terry Dransfield Luis Michaels Roland Smith


Quincy Wylupek, Engineering Project Manager Joe Hochadel, Geographic Resources & Community Planner Madelyn Robinson, Engineering Secretary Tom Davis, Crystal Aero Group, Inc.


Justin Edwards, Hoyle, Tanner & Associates, Inc.

Bud Shaffer Felicia Smith Mary Soderstrum, Avcon, Inc.


George McDonald

The Citrus County Aviation Advisory Board (AAB) met in regular session on Thursday, April 11, 2013, at 2:00 p.m. in Room 166 at the Lecanto Government Building. Chairman Kennedy Smith called the meeting to order and after determining that the AAB had a quorum, he asked everyone in attendance to please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Terry Dransfield noted that under the heading of Fuel Tanks at Inverness Airport, it stated that he had said the County should buy a fuel truck, which he had not. Luis Michaels made a motion to approve the minutes with this change; it was seconded by Terry Dransfield. The March 14, 2013 Minutes were approved unanimously. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC: The Need of Having Self-Sufficient Airports in Citrus County Tom Davis feels that the Airports need to be self-sufficient and for them to do that, the Crystal River Airport needs to have a 5,000 foot runway and the Inverness Airport needs to have a jet-A fuel truck. And because of this, neither airport could accommodate a large jet a few months back. Aviation Advisory Board in Need of Members Tom Davis is concerned that the Aviation Advisory Board has two vacant positions. In order for the AAB to meet, it needs four members to have a quorum. Sidewalk on Godfrey Lane/Lindbergh Drive-Terrace/Bicentennial Park Drive Regarding the runway extension, Tom Davis said that since it would potentially result in Golf Course Drive being connected to Bicentennial Park Drive, through Bicentennial Park, he feels that a sidewalk should be constructed along this potential road/connector. NEW BUSINESS:


OLD BUSINESS: Tree Clearing at Crystal River Airport ­ Quincy Wylupek Quincy Wylupek said staff was still evaluating the SWFWMD's requirements involving an Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) permit and the associated wetland mitigation costs. FAA Letter ­ 20:1 Airspace Penetrations at Crystal River Airport ­ Tom Davis Tom Davis explained that Crystal River Airport's runway 09/27 PAPIs were inspected and the angles were changed by a certified airfield lighting specialist. The PAPI angles were set to 3.5 degrees. Mr. Davis explained that he then flew the approaches and indicated that there were no longer any apparent penetrations into the airspace. Quincy Wylupek stated he can now submit the required information to the FAA for their evaluation. Tower Updates ­ Joe Hochadel Joe Hochadel, Geographic Resources & Community Planner, said there were still no tower updates. BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS ACTION UPDATES: Fixed Base Operator (FBO) Lease at Crystal River Airport ­ BOCC Approved 3/26/13 Announce Vacancy of District 5 Position on AAB ­ 4/23/13 BOCC Meeting

STAFF REPORTS: Project Updates ­ Quincy Wylupek

Environmental Assessment (EA) at Crystal River Airport ­ URS' Scope of Work is being modified to accommodate the FAA's request for additional work on the runway approaches which they would like incorporated into this project. An Independent Cost Estimate still needs to be done before the final application for funding can be submitted to the FAA. Eva Holden/Airport Road Connector (Watson Street Phase II) at Inverness Airport ­ Instead of doing appraisals to acquire the needed property from the City of Inverness, County staff has submitted a request to just obtain a permanent easement for the property. Master Plan for Inverness Airport ­ Staff has received the Scope of Services from Avcon, Inc. As required by the FAA, an Independent Cost Estimate needs to be done for the final grant application. T-Hangars at Inverness Airport ­ Received 50% design plans from URS the consultant. A pre-app meeting with the County's Building Division is scheduled for April 16th. Terminal/Maintenance Hangar at Inverness Airport ­ Contractor has started paving. Due to the problem with the main hangar door, the County is having a structural engineer review the structural plans and the actual erected structure. The project should be completed in May. Security Grants for Airports ­ The Inverness Airport security work has been started. Staff is still working on performance specs for the Crystal River Airport's security system.

PRESENTATIONS: None ITEMS DISCUSSED: Drone Testing in Hernando County Quincy Wylupek raised the issue of possible drone testing at the Hernando County Airport. Kennedy Smith said the handheld ones did not pose a problem, but if a drone could carry a missile, he would have concerns. Terry Dransfield was against using them and hoped that they would not be used to spy on people. Restrooms Needed at Inverness Airport Bud Shafer let it be known that once the Inverness Airport FBO building is closed for the day, there is no restroom at the Airport that can be used. Terry Dransfield said that on some airports, even if the FBO is closed, you can still use their restroom. Quincy Wylupek will look into this. BOARD COMMUNICATION: None Date of next Aviation Advisory Board Meeting The next AAB meeting will be on Thursday, May 9, 2013 at 2:00 p.m., at the Lecanto Government Building in Room 166. Adjourned at 2:20 p.m.: There being no further business to come before the Aviation Advisory Board, a motion to adjourn was made by Roland Smith and seconded by Terry Dransfield. The motion carried unanimously. Respectfully submitted,

Madelyn Robinson Aviation Advisory Board Recording Secretary



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