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Project Completion Sheet Signed by all Applicable City Staff. Site Address: Outside the House · · · · · · · · · · · Check curb, gutter and sidewalk. Permanent 4"-6" house numbers installed and visible from street. ____ Electrical panel labeled with proper grounding. ____ Sub-panel labeled. Driveway expansion joints top and bottom and at 30' intervals. Under floor and attic ventilation. Fireplace outside air intake, 6 sq. in. minimum. ____ Step on outside of glass door, ____ lights outside doors. Grade 10' away from house, 1% to street. ____ Final soils letter. Outside GFI and backflow protection on hose bib. ____ Main water shut off. ____ Pressure regulator if needed. Inside the House · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Smoke detector(s) installed correctly. Safety glass within 12" of door openings. Kitchen hood properly vented. Proper supply tubing for plumbing fixtures. (non-plastic) Dishwasher air gap installed. ____ Disposal/dishwasher disconnect labeled. ____ GFI within 6' of sink. ____ Fire caulking at gas log lighters. ____ Damper open permanently. ____ Gas line shut-off valve. ____ Shower head low-flow. ____ GFI in bathroom. ____ Plumbing fixtures caulked, ____ ventilation, ____ 1.6 gal. toilet. Under floor access 18" X 20" and insulated. Stairs, rise & run, handrails, headroom, guardrails per code. Attic access (not plywood) 22" X 30" and insulated. Tub & shower enclosures safety glass. Door from house to garage, solid-core 1-3/8" self-closing. Garage fully sheetrocked and taped. ____ GFI protection for elec. outlets.

Items to be Checked



Mechanical Equipment · · · · Water heater PTR valve terminated properly Water heater seismic bracing Water heater combustion air openings HVAC combustion air openings

Energy Requirements · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Kitchen and bathroom general lighting, 40 lumens/watt (min.) Heating equipment make and model number. Air conditioning make and model number. Setback thermostat (exception for wall furnaces). Backdraft dampers on exhaust fans. IID on gas heating equipment and gas cooking appliances. Water heater model number. Number of water heaters. Water heater tank insulation if required. Water heater mandatory pipe insulation. Water heater distribution system and/or other special features for water heating system. Certified plumbing fixtures. Slab floor coverings per plans. Special thermal mass installed per plans. Insulation Certificate posted. Installation Certificate posted (CF-6R). Fenestration U-values per plans or forms CF-1R/CF-6R Interior shading devices (such as mini blinds). Exterior shading devices (such as shade screens). Weatherstripping at doors and windows. Caulking on penetrations (such as hose bibs, dryer vents, and windows).


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