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____________________CITY OF BATAVIA

Municipal Electric Utility January 22, 2009 Eldon Frydendall, Chairman Public Utilities Committee Steve Lusted, Electric Operations Supervisor FROM: SUBJECT: RESOLUTION #09-16-R AUTHORIZATION TO PURCHASE 2008 INTERNATIONAL, MODEL 4300 ALTEC MODEL TA60 BUCKET TRUCK DATE: TO: Please present to the City Council Resolution #09-16-R, Authorizing the purchase of a 2008 International Model 4300, Altec Model TA60 Bucket Truck for $167,500.00. The justification and agreement are included as EXHIBITS A&B as part of the resolution. Recommended Committee Action: 1. Motion to City Council to waive formal bidding and purchase a 2008 International Model 4300, Altec Model TA60 Bucket Truck. 2. Motion to approve Resolution #09-6-R, authorizing the purchase of the vehicle for a total amount of $167,500.00 from Sauber Manufacturing Inc. of Virgil, Illinois. Required Action by City Council: Waiving of formal bidding and approval of Resolution #09-16-R as described above.

c: Mayor Schielke City Council Bill McGrath Randy Recklaus John Noble M. Hannah Volk Gary Holm Peggy Colby Bob Rogde Public Utilities Folder-Jeanette Armbrust FILE/ MEMO_RES 09-16-R_AUTHORIZE PURCHASE VEHICLE 01/26/09 PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMITTEE 02/02/09 CITY COUNCIL


WHEREAS, the City of Batavia has determined that it has the need for a replacement bucket truck; and WHEREAS, it is in the best interests of the City of Batavia to purchase this truck from Sauber Manufacturing, Inc., Virgil, IL as described in EXHIBIT A; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Mayor and City Council of the City of Batavia, Kane and DuPage Counties, Illinois, as follows: SECTION 1: That the Mayor and City Clerk are authorized to purchase a 2008 International Model 4300, Altec Model TA60 Bucket Truck in an amount not to exceed $167,500.00. PRESENTED to the City Council of the City of Batavia, Illinois, on the 2nd day of February, 2009. PASSED by the City Council of the City of Batavia, Illinois, on the 2nd day of February, 2009 APPROVED by me as Mayor of said City of Batavia, Illinois, on the 2nd day of February, 2009 ______________________________ Jeffery D. Schielke, Mayor

Ward Aldermen Ayes Nays Absent 1 Wollnik 2 Dietz 3 Miller 4 Volk 5 Frydendall 6 Liva 7 Vance Mayor Schielke VOTE: Ayes 0 Nays Total holding office: Mayor and 14 aldermen Abstain Aldermen Sparks Wolff Barnard Schmitz Nelson Clark Brown Ayes Nays Absent Abstain


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Municipal Electric Utility DATE: MEMO TO: FROM: SUBJECT: January 22, 2009 Gary Holm, Director of Public Works Bob Rogde, Superintendent of Electric Steve Lusted, Electric Operations Supervisor Justification for Replacement of Truck #3-123

We are scheduled to replace Truck #3-123 in 2009, which is a 15-years old bucket truck. Here are the general specifications for that truck: Truck #3-123 Make/Model: VIN #: 1GDM7H1J7RJ505040 Year: 1994 1994 GMC / ALTEC AN755 55ft 2-man Single Bucket, Automatic transmission, material handling Date Delivered: 2/3/94 Purchase Cost: $89,584.00 Miles: +/- 29000 Hours: +/- 7200

We were fortunate to have the opportunity to use a demonstrator bucket truck, and it is almost identical to what we are looking for. We feel that a telescoping, articulating, material handling bucket truck would serve our line personnel well. This unit will allow us to work in tighter quarters such as alleys or narrower residential streets, as well as reach some of the transmission lines we maintain. The only drawback I have is the metal utility box instead of a preferred fiberglass utility box. However, Sauber Manufacturing has agreed to install extra rust prevention to the underside of the utility box. The unit that is available would be very similar to what we intended to specify and send out for bids. We are saving time and effort by staff to secure this bucket truck for our purchase.

Memo- Justification for Replacement of Truck 3-123 Date: January 22, 2009 Here are the general specifications for the demonstrator unit:

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ALTEC Model TA60 Telescopic, articulating, material handling aerial device Ground to Bottom of Platform Height = 59.8 feet Working Height = 64.8 feet Side Reach To 40.1 feet Platform Capacity To 600 lb In All Positions Material Handling Capacity To 1,000 lb 180 Platform Rotation Optional Altec ARM Jib With Capacity to 1,000 lb - Either Side of Boom Altec ISO-Grip Control System Chassis 2008 International 4300 SBA 4x2 (preferred by Public Works mechanic) Diesel engine, International MaxxForce DT Conventional Cab This is the largest (tallest) boom they make in a telescoping, articulating, material handling series (Altec).

Material Handling

2-Man Rotating Bucket

Telescoping Boom

Articulating Boom

Unit has been in demo fleet since 05/13/08. Unit has about 15,700 miles on it presently Unit has approximately 580 hours, with many less hours on the PTO (boom). Unit has been to 23 different customers

Memo- Justification for Replacement of Truck 3-123 Date: January 22, 2009

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Unit has had two oil changes on the chassis and one PM on the aerial lift. It did have one service call for a problem with the outrigger interlock right out of the gate but has not had any other issues. Altec warranty will begin the day it is put into service at our location. Warranty is 90-days on site, and 1-year parts and labor. Chassis has a 3-year 36,000-mile warranty w/ 100,000-mile warranty on transmission from Allison. The chassis warranty started on 5/13/08. DEMO UNIT PRICE COMPARISON The price of this unit the day it was built was $180,854.00 The demo price is $169,906.00 ­ Negotiated to $167,500 The price of a new unit being purchased today w/ a 200-250 day lead time would be $189,947.00 Would need about 30-60 days to write specifications for new bucket truck "Note: Demo unit is available on a first come basis." Cost savings for demo unit vs. new is over $20,000.00 We would like to add some options to the demo unit, such as: Aluminum ladder rack installed is $687.00 Has (2) strobe lights -- to add (4) LED lights (front & rear bumper flashers) is $692.00 Rust proofing on the metal compartments, especially lower portions. Cost for this is approximately $910.00 We would require engine/chassis maintenance and a PM on the aerial lift, prior to ownership. This will be done at no cost. Total options = $2,289.00 I also think that it is very important to have a contrasting reflective stripe along the vehicle. We have this scenario on Truck #3-120 and it stands out day/night or unfavorable weather conditions. Unfortunately, I do not have a cost estimate for this and we would have this done by another party.. I have negotiated the cost of these options to be included in the purchase cost of the truck. OTHER AVAILABLE BUCKET TRUCKS I researched other available bucket trucks too. I found a TEREX 60' 2007 International Chassis with a 2008 material handling boom. This truck is very similar to our existing bucket ­ but has fewer features than the ALTEC demo. Cost for the TEREX unit is $169,900.

Memo- Justification for Replacement of Truck 3-123 Date: January 22, 2009 The City Administration asked us several questions about this replacement vehicle.

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Q: Do we need a new one? A.: #3-123 is 15 years old and has been showing its age for some time (repairs). We were on an original schedule to replace our bucket trucks on a 10-year to 15-year rotation. The replacement of this bucket has been put off several times. Q: What type of money would be required (if it can be estimated) to bring the existing one up to standards, so we could feel safe in it and get a few more years? A.: We could re-hose hydraulic lines, re-build hydraulic cylinders, replace bushings, replace pins, boom repairs, refinishing boom, and repaint truck as needed with an estimated cost of $40-45,000. We would still have a 15-year-old truck/boom working on high voltage power lines. Q: Are there bucket trucks, either this type or traditional types on the state bid list? A.: No, at least not this type. There are many different truck chassis available through the state bid list. Q: Is this type more expensive than traditional types? A.: There is no 'traditional types' anymore. The bucket truck manufactures offer several different types of aerial lifts: articulating non-over center, articulating over center, telescoping, articulating/telescoping, and then each one of those has options on bucket configurations along with material handling capabilities If we bought a new truck exactly like what we currently have - it would be about $2,000 cheaper than the cost of a NEW articulating/telescoping unit. Not $2,000 cheaper than the demo unit. We presently have a 55-foot working height articulating non-over center, material handling unit now. Q: Can we show justification if it's more expensive so that it's more than a preference? A.: This demo unit is about 10-feet higher than what we have. We will be able to reach some (12kV & 34kV) of the lines on the towers, but not all (138kV). This unit, even though higher, can also work for us in the City, or our normal work. A taller model, such as the type we have (non-telescoping) may prohibit some of the work we could perform in the City (tight quarters). Q: Are there jobs that we had to put off or do damage to residents property, or do it in a manner that was dangerous because we don't have this type? A.: Not that I can think of. The reliability of #3-123 is starting to be a concern of mine. We have had our two big buckets - #3-123 & #3-124 break down several times. It's not likely we can go to Avis and rent a bucket. I tried renting one before and it's about 3-5 days before we would see a delivery of a rental truck. One of the buckets broke down during a storm in 2008 and we were fortunate to borrow one from another municipal electric utility to get by. As bucket trucks get older, we increase the likelihood of mechanical breakdowns, which could happen when we need them most. In order to be fiscally responsible we should only replace a couple of vehicles per year. We put off replacing several vehicles a number of years in a row, which over time compounds the problems of

Memo- Justification for Replacement of Truck 3-123 Date: January 22, 2009

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replacement. The most cost effective way to operate is to replace the vehicles on a schedule and not let them bunch up. Postponing the replacement a number of times in the past has cost us some flexibility. We have a plan to get back on track over the next several years, but that is about all we can responsibly do. Staff Recommendation: Waive formal bidding process for the purchase of an ALTEC Model TA60 Bucket Truck to replace Truck #3-123 (1994 GMC 55-foot bucket truck). Staff Recommendation: Purchase ALTEC Model TA60 Bucket Truck Serial #3HTMMAAN18N647034 in the amount of $167,500.00 from Sauber Manufacturing, Inc. Virgil, IL. Included at no extra charge will be: installation of ladder rack, installation of additional warning lights, additional rust-proofing for metal utility box, complete preventive maintenance of chassis, complete preventive maintenance of boom/bucket, dielectric testing of boom/bucket and delivery to City of Batavia Public Works Facility.

C: Mayor Schielke Bill McGrath Randy Recklaus John Noble M. Hannah Volk Peggy Colby Public Utilities Folder-Jeanette Armbrust FILE:/MEMO_RES09-16-R_JUSTIFICATION.DOC



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