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December 2008 Volume 2, Issue 3

Hurricanes and Emergency Management

Two back-to-back mandatory evacuations and one very destructive hurricane is a lot for our little community and our region to have to deal with in a two-week period. Lessons learned after Hurricane Rita put City officials in a better position to serve and protect the community during this time. Although we operate under the umbrella of Jefferson County Emergency Management, we now have our own local emergency management plan and coordinator to supplement the County's plan and to assure that we have effective personnel on the ground in our City. The City saw the need to oversee contractors coming into the city in order to provide as much damage control as possible to residents and to City property. In addition, it provided the City with documentation that would help in locating a contractor who had caused problems for a citizen and left the area without resolving the issues. We were told after Rita that, in f uture di sas ter s/mand ato r y evacuations, supplies would not be made readily available to anyone other than first responders. This happened after Hurricane Ike. Emergency Management Coordinator, Don Smith, went to great lengths to obtain water, ice and MRE's for the community and to arrange for the services of the Salvation Army to provide hot meals to residents. It was necessary for him to use his personal vehicle and trailer, and that of volunteers, to make several trips to the distribution points to pick up supplies. He did a clearly outstanding job for our residents in coordinating volunteers for distribution of supplies and to assist individual citizens who had special needs. Your Mayor, Council and City staff focused on registering the influx of contractors that hit the City beginning on Monday after the storm hit on Saturday. They were required to provide proof of insurance, copy of driver's license a n d v e h i c l e r e gi s t r a t i o n / identification for all vehicles and drivers and were advised that personal property and/or city property destroyed in the clean-up process would be their responsibility to repair.

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City Council:

Mayor: Mayor Pro-Tem: Becky Ford 753-1263 Jimmie Grimes Community Dev. 753-3377

Council Sherry Adams Members: Buildings & Grounds 753-2474 Rusty Moseley Streets & Drainage 753-2075 Dave Tevis Street Signs & Lights 753-3216 Norman Lowrey Building Permits 753-2805 Michelle Nelson Communications 753-1219 City Clerk: Norma Lucus 753-1475 Marshal: Ray Crader 790-0248

Special points of interest:

· Hurricanes & Emergency Management · Flood Insurance · Council Actions · Clean-Up · Flags for Display

Hurricanes and Emergency Management (cont.)

An orange permit was issued to authorized contractors to help the Marshal identify anyone working without proper authorization. This was a tedious and time consuming job but a worthwhile effort. Thirty permits were issued and we had a minimum number of contractor complaints that were all addressed and resolved satisfactorily. Volunteers assisting include, but are not limited to, Mark Wallace (and his personal vehicle and trailer), Rick Squires , Jackie Larson, Charlotte Fruge, Marcelle Nelson, Laura & Aaron Adams, Jane Hebert, Colleen Grimes, Staci & Doug Smith, Charnelle Tevis, Jeri Kindon, Carla Moseley and, Ronnie Adams. In addition, the JCESD#1 crew of Chief Chris Gonzales, Dan Flowers, Corey Nelson, Glen "Bubba" Bailey, David Roach, Shelby Obrien, Lewis Leach, Paul Truax and Dale Darby were all on hand, as usual, to take care of fire and medical emergencies and to lend a helping hand to the other volunteers. We know that these are just a few of the volunteers that were busy in the City and, although we do not have all of their names, we are extremely grateful for their efforts. Once again, the citizens of Bevil Oaks stepped up and took care of each other in a time of need proving that we are not just "a community" we are "community".

Flood Insurance Reminder

Flood insurance is available to our citizens due to the City's participation in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Because of our participation, the cost to our citizens is minimal. Don't be without it. Call your agent today to be sure you are properly insured for all situations.

Council Actions

August 19, 2008 Regular Meeting-- Council approved an inter-local agreement with the Jefferson County Environmental Department to inspect and regulate food service businesses within the City of Bevil Oaks. Council also approved a job description for a Code Enforcement Officer position that may be considered in the upcoming year. September 16, 2008 Regular Meeting ­Council approved a 2008 Tax Rate of 0.219410 per $100 evaluation. This is a decrease from the previous year's rate of 0.230000 per $100 evaluation. Due to the evacuation, actual final budget numbers were not available from the accountant. Council approved a 2008/2009 Budget of approximately $277,000 based upon information available at that time. Council agreed to validate the actual final budget at the October meeting.

October 21, 2008 Regular Meeting ­ Accountant provided a revised 2008/2009 budget based upon income from the lower tax rate and Council approved a final draft of the 2008/09 budget that totaled $280,715.

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Clean-Up Issues

Clean-up efforts appeared to run smoother, faster and more efficiently after this storm. Having a local contractor that we could consult with for special issues was quite helpful in getting almost every property cleared of debris. We hope citizens will continue to help each other until all debris is removed but, if you know of situations that need special assistance, please call City Hall and advise us of the location and name of the property owner. We will try to find assistance for those unable to help themselves. Since the flood of 1994, City Officials have worked with DD6 and Precinct 1 to install large outfall ditches and to improve internal drainage in an effort to avoid another such disaster. Fortunately, while other areas are flooding, we have not. However, two major hurricanes have dumped countless trees into the bayou increasing the possibility of future flooding. Due to the extreme cost to clean the bayou and the environmental issues attached to such a project, funding will have to be obtained from Federal sources. The City has been in contact with federal, state and county officials to assure that they are aware of the threat this situation poses and of the concerns of citizens living in our city and neighboring communities. Although all current funding appears to be focused on getting people back into homes destroyed by Ike, it is important that this issue remain at the forefront. Your Mayor and Council will continue working on this matter with key officials and encourage citizens to express their concerns to governmental officials who are in the position to direct funding to such a project. Contact information for these officials can be picked up at City Hall.

Flu Shots

Thanks to the Jefferson County Health Department for bringing their flu-shot clinic to Bevil Oaks on October 29. Sixty-seven (67) residents took advantage of the opportunity to obtain a $10.00 injection and, at a convenient location.

Rabies Clinic

Thanks to Joan Howard and members of the Community Development Committee, we had another successful rabies clinic in Bevil Oaks on October 9. Approximately 100 pets were vaccinated which was a good number considering we were still in the aftermath of the storm.

Flags for Future Display

Once again, we had some gorgeous flags flying throughout our City to commemorate Veteran's Day. These flags were made possible by donations from a group of "patriotic citizens". Many of you have expressed an interest in expanding the flag display further down Sweetgum and to other streets in the City for future holidays. Entergy has given permission to install the flags on their poles and our volunteers will be happy to do so if addiVolume 2, Issue 3

tional funding is obtained to purchase the flags. The flags, including the bracket and screws for installation, cost $15.00 each. If you are interested in purchasing one or more flags, please contact Councilman Jimmie Grimes, Chairman of the Community Development Committee, at 409-7533377 or 409-880-5311.

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City of Bevil Oaks

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Calendar of Events

Tuesday, December 15th @ 7:00 p.m.--City Council Meeting Tuesday, January 20th @ 7:00 p.m.--City Council Meeting Tuesday, February 17th @ 7:00 p.m.--City Council Meeting

Civic Center Rental

The Civic Center has undergone extensive updating and is available to rent. Please contact Norma Lucas at (409) 753-1475 for availability!


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