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City of Dayton, Ohio Lot Links Program

Parcel No: _____________________

Application for R.E.A.P Certification

Applicant Information:

Applicant's Full Name: ________________________________ Date: ______________ Address: ______________________________________________________________ City: _____________________________ State: ___________ Zip: ________________ Home Phone: ________________________ Work Phone: _______________________ E-Mail Address: _________________________________________________________

Property Information:

1. Address of the Property/Properties: ________________________________________ Type of Property: Vacant Lot ( ) Lot with Structure ( )

2. Reason for Acquiring Property: ( ) Yard Extension ( ) Parking ( ) Garage ( ) New Home Construction ( ) Commercial Construction ( ) Rehabilitation of existing structure ( ) Home Construction ( ) Other ___________ ________________


Vacant Lot: Structure on Lot $500.00 $500.00

Construction Project Information:

1. Does this project comply with current zoning? Yes _____ No_____ 2. Type of Ownership: Individual: ____ Corporation: ____ Nonprofit: ____ Other: ____ 3. Will you seek Tax Increment Financing or other public tax exemptions? Yes_____ No_____ 4. How do you intend to finance the construction of the improvements? ________________________________________________________________ 5. Are you working with any local non-profit neighborhood organization? Yes _____ No _____ 6. If yes, please identify: ________________________________________________________

Additional Comments & Term of Proposal: _________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________

Incomplete applications will not be considered and will be returned.

As the applicant I attest that the information in this proposal is accurate. I attest that my own property taxes are not in arrears. I attest that I have read the City of Dayton's Land Bank Policy and agree to the terms and conditions of it. I understand that the City of Dayton reserves the rights to reject any proposal without cause. I understand this process may take two or more years. I understand the $500 is a deposit only and the final cost for a lot may be $2,500 or more, which is not payable in installments. Applicant's Signature: ___________________________________________ Date: ____________

Print Your Name: _______________________________________________ Date: ____________

Make $500 Check or Money Order Payable to:

City of Dayton

& return to: City of Dayton Lot Links/REAP Program Department of Planning and Community Development 101 W. Third St. Dayton, OH. 45402 937-333-3775

Rev 8.15.11 PGP


City of Dayton, Ohio

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City of Dayton, Ohio