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To: Deborah D. Girard, Management, Budget and Accounting Director Kevin J. Edmonds, General Administration Department Director

David L. Metzker, Public Works Director

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Beryl H. Davis, CPA, CGFM, Audit and Evaluation Director Follow-Up Review of Inventory Observation ­ FY 2003 (Report No. 04-27) May 27, 2004

Attached is a summary of the status of recommendations as determined from our follow-up review of Inventory Observation ­ FY 2003 (Report No. 04-05, issued November 4, 2003). Our review procedures consisted of staff inquiries and a brief review of written responses. Our follow-up was made in accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards. Of the 5 recommendations we made in the report, 4 have been fully implemented and 1 is planned for implementation. The recommendation that is planned for implementation involves accurately pricing the Sign Shop inventory. The Transportation Engineering Division Manager has been researching various inventory systems, and has requested the Assistant Purchasing Director to review Sign Shop operations and recommend an appropriate system to be installed prior to the FY 2004 inventory. This follow-up review was performed by Andrea J. Wilson, Senior Auditor, under the supervision of Mona S. Mellon, Audit Program Manager. We wish to thank the officials of the Purchasing and Materials Management and the Transportation Engineering Divisions for their courtesy and cooperation during this review. BHD/ajw Attachment c: Honorable Buddy Dyer, Mayor Jose I. Fernandez, Jr., Chief of Staff Joseph Robinson, Deputy Chief of Staff Conrad Cross, Chief Information Officer Jon Mead, Purchasing and Materials Management Director Vernon Whitehurst, Fleet Division Manager Charles Ramdatt, Transportation Engineering Division Manager KPMG, LLP


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