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EVERLASTING VALUE AND PERMANENT ACTUALITY OF THE EDICT OF MILAN On the way to the great jubilee in 2013 Nish, Serbia February 24. - 26. 2011. LIST OF PARTICIPANTS

Participants 1. His Grace Bishop of Bachka, Mr. Irinej, Serbian Orthodox Church

2. Mr. Milos Simonovi, Msc. Mayor, City of Nis 3. Archpriest Vitalij Tarasjev, Superintendent of the Metochion of the Moscow Patriarchy in Belgrade 4. H.E. Orlando Antonini, Apostolic Nuncio of the Holy See in Serbia 5. Dr. Johan Marte, President of the PRO ORIENTE Foundation 6. Mr. Boris Vukobrat, President of the Peace and Crises Management Foundation 7. Ms. Mirjana Prljevi, International Secretary General of the Association CIVIS 8. Mr. Bozidar Djelic, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia 9. Mr. Henri Bone, President of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Belgrade Representative Office 10. Dr. Sebastiano Panteghini, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Byzantine Studies 11. Mag. Erika Juhász, Péter Pázmány University, Piliscsaba, Hungary 12. Dr. Christian Gastgeber, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Byzantine Studies 13. Prof. Milutin Timotijevic, Rector Orthodox Theology School Saint Kirilo and Metodijefrom Prizren, temporarily displaced in Nish 14. Prof. Dr Darko Tanaskovic, Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade

15. Prof. Dr Radivoj Radic, Visantologist, Institute for Byzantine Studies, Belgrade 16. Mr. Milutin Lilic, Author of the -DIALOG MULTILINGUA Project

17. H.E. Mons. Ladislav Nemet, Bishop of Zrenjanin, Roman Catholic Church 18. H.E. Msgr. Stanislav Hocevar, Archbishop of Belgrade and Metropolitan, RCC 19. H. E. Mr. Istvan Cete-Semesi, Bishop of Reformative Christian Church in Serbia 20. Mr. Muhamed Jusufspahic, Mufti of Belgrade, Islamic Community of Serbia 21. Prof. Dr Radovan Bigovic, Director of Christian Cultural Center and Professor at the Faculty of Theology, University of Belgrade, Serbia 22. ag. Elizabeta Kitanovic, Secretary Executive for Human Rights and Communication at Commission for Church and Society, Conference of European Churches - 23. Mr. Aleksandar Neak, President of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Serbia

24. Mons. Andrija Kopilovic, PhD, Vice-Rector of the Theological-Catechetical Institute


25. H.E. Mr. Clemens Koja, Ambassador of Austria in Serbia 26. H.E. Mr. Ljubisa Georgievski, Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia

27. Dr. Peter Piffl-Percevic, President of the Foundation PRO ORIENTE Section in Graz 28. Dr. Ivan Redi, PRO ORIENTE Section Graz

29. Priest Nikola Crnokrak, Rector of the Institute Saint-Serge, Paris, France 30. Ms. Jelena Jablanov-Maksimovic, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Belgrade Representative Office 31. Mr. Milan Sitarski, Belgrade Open School 32. Mr. Nebojsa Ozimic, Historian at the National Museum in Nish 33. Mr. Milan Predan, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Slovenia 34. Rev. Mons. Jose Leite Nogueira, Apostolic Nunciature of the Holy See in Serbia 35. Mr. Istvan Mesaros, Apostolic Nunciature of the Holy See in Serbia 36. Mr. Aleksandar Simi, Composer

37. Mr. Aleksandar Sedmak, Head of Innovation Center, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of

Belgrade 38. Mr. Petar V. Frolov, Counsellor, Head of Political Section, Embassy of the Russian Federation 39. Mr. Mario-Stipe Zadro, First Secretary, Embassy of Croatia

40. Ms. Ana Misi,Mayor's Office, International Cooperation Affairs, Nish 41. Mr. Nikolay Youroukov, Consul, General Consulate of Bugaria in Nish 42. Dr. Aleksandar Cvetkovic, Prefect of the Nish County

43. Mr. Miloje Brankovic, Honorary Consul of Hungry 44. Prof. Dr. Petar Bosnjakovic, Honorary Consul of Great Britain 45. Mr. Sasa Miljkovic, Honorary Consul of France 46. Ms. Stela Jovanovic, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Slovakia 47. Prof. Dr. Miroljub Grozdanovic, Rector of the University of Nish

48. Prof. Dr. Predrag Cvetkovic, Vice-dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Nish 49. Mr. Mile Veljkovic, Head of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments and Cultural Heritage

Preservation Nis 50. Dr. Misha Rakocija, Historian of Art, Editor in Chief of the Scientific Journal Nish and Byzantium 51. Mr. Dragan Miloshevic, President of the Initial Committee for the Construction of the Complex Constantine the Great 52. Mr. Vladimir Jovanovic, Head of the Tourist Organisation of Nish 53. Prof. Dr. Goran Maksimovic, Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Nish 54. Ms. Vesna Crnoglavac, Archeologist at the National Museum in Nish 55. Mr. Srdjan Savic, Director of the Nsih Cultural Centre

56. Ms. Ivanka stancevski, Head of the Historical Archive 57. Mr. Miomir Radovanovic, Head of the Office for International Cooperation in the Field of Science, Education, and Culture of the City of Nish 58. Prof. Slavica Miti ­ Paolillo, President of Dante Aligieri Society, Nish 59. Radivoj Koci, Assistant to Mayor in the fields of international cooperation and projects for health system, Nish 60. Priest Branko, Diocese of Nish, Serbian Orthodox Church 61. Priest Ivan, Diocese of Nish, Serbian Orthodox Church


62. Ms. Bojana Popovic, Secretary General of the Association CIVIS 63. Mag. Theol. Florian Truder, Secretary General of the PRO ORIENTE


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