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Spring 2010

The Gardens of The Magnificent Mile President's Award


he Greater North Michigan Avenue Association (GNMAA) honored Clarence Davids & Co. and our client, U.S. Equities with the top honor of the 2009 beautification competition! Each year GNMAA hosts The Beautification Awards Program for the landscape gardens in the parkways of The Magnificent Mile. "The President's Award" is the much coveted first prize award that the Michigan Avenue property association offers. The gardens of this prestigious property are in front of the Express store on Michigan Avenue and the entrance to The Omni Hotel on Huron Street. The theme this year for the parkway beds and stylish planters was "A Woodland Garden in the City." Plants like Ferns, Dragonwing Begonia, Tiger Eye Sumac and Hosta were intricately arranged to create the woodland feel. Other plants like Acorus `Ogon', a shade loving chartreuse grass, and Lysimachia `Goldilocks'(Creeping Jenny), a lime colored ground cover were used to trail over the rocks of the water feature creating a timeless, naturalistic appearance. "The appropriate plants nestled along the side of a babbling brook create a tranquil ambiance in contrast with the hectic avenue environment making this garden space especially attractive" stated Allie Corbett, the project's Landscape Architect of Clarence Davids & Company. Carrying the theme into numerous planters along the north side of the building, along an unusually windy street, was another site challenge. Plants, such as Nicotiana `Saratoga Rose' and Dichondra `Silver Falls', a long silver trailer, along with ferns, were successful in achieving the look desired. "U.S. Equities is a great client to work with as they gave us their expectations and then gave us the opportunity and creative freedom to make it work" said Kurt Pflederer, Clarence Davids & Company account representative. A partnership based on clear communication and expectation of the client combined with our staff's creative and horticultural abilities lead to magnificent results like these on the Magnificent Mile!

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larence Davids & Company was recently honored for being the only founding member company in the Illinois Landscape Contractor Association that remains a member to this day. The award was given at the ILCA 50th Anniversary party held on October 23, 2009 at the O'Hare Marriott. The late Clarence Davids Sr. served as president of the association from 1969-1970 and was one of the 6 founding companies that began the state association in 1959. Bill Davids, son of Clarence Davids, said "I am extremely proud of our company's heritage and our role in shaping what ILCA is today." Bill Davids is the president of Clarence Davids & Company and former president of the association in 1989. Clarence Davids & Company is a full service award winning landscape company serving since 1951 with offices in Matteson, Plainfield, and Lake Villa.


to Allie Corbett and Keith Nowakowski for completing the rigorous Landscape Architecture Registration Exam, a five part exam which covers site planning and grading, construction techniques and materials, as well as health and safety issues. The exam is the final hurdle needed to become a state licensed landscape architect.

Clarence Davids & Company President Bill Davids with the ILCA award.

2009 US Open

2009 brought a rainy, but once again a successful U.S. Open Championship. Clarence Davids & Company enjoyed working with the United States Golf Association on beautiful Long Island at the Bethpage Black Course in Farmingdale, New York.

President's Corner

Green Initiatives

Anniversaries A

35 Years 30 Years

s we begin this new decade, Clarence Davids & Company has recommitted to be more environmentally conscious and in return continues to lead our industry in green initiatives: · All office paper, cardboard, and plastic is recycled. The recycled paper is being brought to a local charity which will be paid for the paper. · We are working with one of our largest vendors, Midwest Groundcover, to recycle all plastic pots and containers. In conjunction, we're choosing plants that are grown in 100% recyclable cell packs. · All landscape debris is separated by hand because when soil, sod, and plants are recycled it becomes soil again. Likewise, branches and trees are run through a chipper and turned into mulch so we can use it in our holding yard. · Our mowers (ride-on, tractors, and walk-behinds) have mulching kits attached that recuts the grass and leaves until pulverized. It is then recycled back into the turf area and prevents grass and leaves being put into a landfill. · We have been using bio-diesel successfully for several years in our trucks and diesel tractors and therefore do not have any gas trucks. All our vehicles and a large majority of our tractors are diesel. · When there is an excess of leaves during the fall, those leaves are compiled and a local farmer shreds them and then spreads them over farmed acreage as a soil amendment prior to sowing his crop. · We have taken steps to become more paper-free in our offices by utilizing more technology and e-mailing proposals, designs, pictures. · Our design team is designing with more native plant material, lower water, and lower maintenance requirements with less potential for disease. · Our new fertilizer program is a blend of nutrients promoting sustained color, managed growth, and healthier turf. · All motor oil is recycled. · Local nurseries utilized to reduce transportation impact. Clarence Davids & Company is excited to share these new benefits with you, our clients, and hope that you are inspired to take some of your own green initiatives! Thank you for your faithfulness in utilizing Clarence Davids & Company's services, we are very grateful you have chosen us. It is our promise to provide you with cutting edge services in an honest and professional eco-green way. Our anniversaries this year show you the commitment our employees have made both to Clarence Davids & Company, our clients, and our industry. ­ Bill Davids President Bill Davids, President Gary Borgman, Vice President of Finance, Matteson Gonzalo Herrera, Sr., Maintenance Laborer, Matteson Rodolfo Grimaldo, Head Mechanic, Matteson

Humberto Zaragoza, Maintenance Laborer, Matteson Jamie Rojas, Maintenance Foreman, Lake Villa Salvador Alvarez, Project Manager, Lake Villa Ed Hoffman, Director of Production, Matteson Benito Gonzalez, Maintenance Foreman, Matteson Francisco Alaniz, Maintenance Laborer, Matteson Manuel Palato, Landscape Foreman, Matteson Sergio Alaniz, Maintenance Laborer, Plainfield

25 Years 20Years

Jim Dzak, Sr. Executive Account Representative, Plainfield





Wood Phlox

Phlox divaricata


pril showers bring Wood Phlox

flowers. Blooming in the month of May, these easy to grow plants bring much welcome color to the early spring garden. The lightly fragrant foot tall flower clusters of sky blue prove irresistible to many early pollinators, including Yellow Swallowtail Butterflies. The plants do best if mulched and grown in organically rich, well drained soil. Cut back spent blooms leaving the low evergreen plants to act as a groundcover for other shade tolerant and easy care perennials such as "Jolly Bee" Geranium, Jacob's Ladder, Columbine, and Christmas Fern for an extended season of interest.


Lake Villa

Lake Villa, IL (847) 356-7660

Plainfield, IL (815) 439-1177

Corporate Headquarters: 22901 S. Ridgeland Avenue Matteson, IL 60443 (708)-720-4100

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