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June 2003 Sally N. Vaughn, Professor Department of History University of Houston Houston TX 77204-3003 (713) 743-3122 603 Colquitt Houston, TX 77006 (713) 807-7745 Email [email protected]

EDUCATION Ph. D. June, l978; University of California, Santa Barbara. B. A. June, l972; California State University, Fullerton. 1977-78, Classes, University of London, with R. Allen Brown, Janet Nelson and John Gillingham. FIELDS: Medieval History; Roman History; Normandy, England, and Ecclesiastical History ; Medieval Art. DISSERTATION TOPIC: Regnum and Sacerdotium: The Development of the art of politics in the Anglo-Norman State as reflected in the careers of St. Anselm and Robert of Meulan. ADVISOR: Professor C. Warren Hollister. COMPREHENSIVE EXAMINATIONS: Pass with Distinction AWARDS 1973-1976 1976-1977 1977-1978 1977-1978 1972-1973 1983 1984 1985 1988 1988 1989 1991 2002 2003 Teaching assistant, 3 years (competitive) Research assistant, 1 year (competitive) Regent's Fellowship, University of California, $3000. Travel Grant for Study Abroad, University of California, Santa Barbara, $700 Ellison Prize, Best Graduate Paper, History Department, University of California, Santa Barbara, l972-3 Provost's Grant for Educational Enhancement: $1000, slide-making equipment for History Dept, University of Houston Bethell Prize, Best Conference paper, The Haskins Society, 1984. Research Enabling Grant, University of Houston $2000 Limited Grant in Aid, University of Houston $800 John Ben Snow Prize, North American Conference on British Studies, best book on British history or social sciences published in North America in 1987 $700. Research Excellence Award, Associate Professor, University of Houston, (only one prize awarded annually on each level) $2,500 Faculty Development Leave for the Spring Semester, 1992 Curriculum Development Allocation for Videotaping History 4332 The Crusades, $2,621 Matched by History Department Curriculum Development Allocation for Videotaping History 4395 The Vikings $3000 Matched by History Department


_PUBLICATIONS BOOKS: The Abbey of Bec and the Anglo-Norman State, 1034-1136, The Boydell Press, Bury-St.-Edmunds, 1981; 168 pp. Anselm of Bec and Robert of Meulan: The Innocence of the Dove and the Wisdom of the Serpent, University of California Press, Berkeley, 1987; 392 pp. St. Anselm and the Handmaidens of God: a Study of Anselm's Correspondence with Women, Brepols , Turnhout, 2002; 335 pp. Teaching and Learning in Northern France, c. 1000-1200, a collection of articles on education before the rise of universities, and specifically the personalities of teachers and students, based on the 2001 Medieval Congress at Kalamazoo session I organized. Coedited with Jay Rubenstein, University of New Mexico (Berkley Ph. D.) We have some 12 potential articles submitted for the book, which is under contract to Brepols Press. Completed ms. Due to Brepols August, 2003. IN PREPARATION: 1. Prudent pilots and Spiritual Charioteers: The Students of Bec. Now in the form of some ten articles, most unpublished but presented at conferences. In the process of revision as chapters of this book. .ARTICLES: "St. Anselm, Reluctant Archbishop?" Albion 6(l974), 240-250. "St. Anselm of Canterbury: The Philosopher-Saint as Politician," Journal of Medieval History 1(l974) 279-305. "Robert of Meulan and Raison d'etat in the Anglo-Norman State," Albion, 10(l979),352-73. "St. Anselm and the English Investiture Controversy Reconsidered,"Journal of Medieval History 6(1980) 61-86. "Anselm in Exile: the effect upon Canterbury and England," Annali Canossani, (1981), Regio Emilia, Italy, pp. "Lanfranc at Bec: A Reinterpretation" Albion 17(1985)135-48. "Charles Homer Haskins," commissioned master essay for The Dictionary of Literary Biography, Vol. 47: American Historians, 1866-1912, ed. Clyde N. Wilson (Detroit, 1986), 122-145. "Eadmer's Historia Novorum: A Reinterpretation," Anglo-Norman Studies 10 (1988), the proceedings of the 1987 Battle Conference, Caen , Normandy; ed. R. Allen Brown, Bury-St.-Edmunds, 1988, pp. 269-289. "Anselm: Saint and Statesman," a reply to a review article of Anselm of Bec and Robert of Meulan, by Sir Richard Southern; both in Albion 20(1988) 181-204 and 205-220. "The Monastic Sources of St. Anselm's Political Beliefs: St. Augustine, St. Benedict, and St. Gregory the Great." Anselm Studies II: Episcopi ad Saecula: St. Anselm and St. Augustine, Proceedings of the Vth International St. Anselm Congress (Sept. l985,Villanova University). "Charles Homer Haskins", "Henry of Huntingdon", commissioned articles for The Dictionary of Historians, eds. John Cannon, R. H. C. Davis, William Doyle, and Jack P. Greene (Basil Blackwell,Oxford), "St. Anselm and Women," The Haskins Society Journal 2(1990) The Hambledon Press, pp. 83-93 "Anselm, Lanfranc, and the School of Bec: Searching for the Students of Bec", The Culture of Christendom, a Festschift for Denis Bethell, ed. Marc A. Meyer, Hambledon Press, London, 1993. "Lanfranc", "Anselm", "Investiture Controversy (in England)", "Thomas Becket", commissioned articles for Medieval England: An Encyclopedia, ed. Joel Rosenthal, Garland Press. "Anselm in Italy", Anglo-Norman Studies 16 (1994), proceedings of the Battle Conference, 1993, in Palermo, Sicily; ed. Marjorie Chibnall; Bury-St.-Edmunds, pp. 245-270. "Charles Homer Haskins", commissioned article for Medieval Scholarship, vol.1., Historians, ed.Helen Damico, Garland Press, ` 1995; 25 pages. " `Among These Authors are the Men of Bec': Historical Writing Among the Monks of Bec", Essays in Medieval Studies 17: The Uses of History, Proceedings of the Illinois Medieval Association, 17th Annual Meeting, Chicago, February 18-19, 2000. ed. Allen J. Frantzen, Chicago, 2001, pp. 1-18. "Normandy", "The Normans", "The Northmen", "The Vikings, " King Henry I", "King William Rufus", new edition of New Catholic Encyclopedia IN PREPARATION FOR PUBLICATION: " 'A Pattern for Those Who Will Come After Us': The Establishment of the 'Customs' of Bec". "The Genesis of Historical Writing in 11th Century England," "The Students of Bec", requested by Medieval Prosopography--in preparation

3 INVITED PAPERS AND PRESENTATIONS "St. Anselm and Robert of Meulan," University of London, Birkbeck College, November, l977. "Anselm of Aosta, Bec, and Canterbury." Instituto Superiore di Studi Matildi, Reggio Emilio, Italy, January l981. "The Monastic Sources of St. Anselm's Political Beliefs: St. Augustine, St. Benedict, and St. Gregory the Great," Keynote address, Vth International Anselm Conference, ST. ANSELM AND ST. AUGUSTINE, Villanova University, September, l985. "Eadmer's HISTORIA NOVORUM: A Reinterpretation. The 10th Battle Conference, September, 1987, Caen, France. "Women in Anselm's World," University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia; October, l987 "The Norman Influence on the English Church," University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia, October l987. "Women in Anselm's World, Spiritual Daughters, Aristo-cratic allies, and Handmaidens of God," Perth Medieval Society, University of Western Australia, Perth, October l987. (Also met with Medievalists for informal discussions at University of Auckland (New Zealand); University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia; Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. "Eadmer's HISTORIA NOVORUM: A Reinterpretation." University of California, Santa Barbara; November, l987. "Anselm in Italy," 14th Battle Conference, Palermo, Sicily, spring 1992, commemorating the Norman conquest of Sicily c. 1091. published in Anglo-Norman Studies, 1994. Commentator,"Royal Power and the Conquest Aristocracy in England," American Historical Association, New York, Dec., l979. Commentator "Monks, Knights, and Courtiers" North American Conference on British Studies, New Orleans 1990 Chairman, "Aristocracies in Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman England, 16th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, Michigan, May, l981 Chairman, "Charles Homer Haskins," Centennial Session of the American Historical Association, jointly sponsored by the AHA and the Medieval Academy of America, and featuring a keynote address by Joseph Strayer,Professor Emeritus, Princeton University, and presentations by a panel of distinguished scholars: Marcia Colish, Oberlin; Edward Grant, Indiana University; and David Bates, University College, Wales, United Kingdom. Chicago, Dec.,l984. Chairman, "Families in Norman England," 20th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI, May l985. Commentator, Medieval Session, Western Conference on British Studies, Houston, November 1996 "Celebrating the First Millennium", First Annual Lehr Lecture, Lehr Library, San Jacinto Community College, October 1999 Bethel Prize Judge: Presentation, 18th International Haskins Conference, Cornell University, November 1999 Chair, "Female Origins and the Making of Dynasties" Revising Genealogies Conference, Notre Dame U., Sept 9-11, 1999 Chair and Organizer, "Abbeys, Townspeaple and the Urban Environment," 35th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI, May, 2000 Chair, "The Experience of Reform", 19th International Haskins Conference, Cornell University, November 2000 "The Scandinavians and the Continent" Aalborg University, Denmark, 20 March, 2001 "The Scandinavians and the Continent" The South Danish University in Odense, Denmark 21 March, 2001 "The Scandinavians and the Continent" University of Copenhagen, Denmark 22 March, 2001 "Prudent Pilots and Charioteers: The Students of Bec" University of Copenhagen, Denmark 23 March, 2001 Chair & organizer, "Medieval Tools & Building Enterprises"38th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI, 2003 Organizer, "St. Anselm and the First Crusade," 38th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI, 2003 Participant in Round Table Discussion, "Henry I of England", 38th International Congress, Kalamazoo, MI, 2003 Organizer, "Power, Justice and Mercy in Late Medieval England;" "Magic and Ritual in Early Medieval Europe;" "Politics, Marriage and Power in Northern France, 1000-1100", 39th International Congress, Kalamazoo, MI, 2004

4 PAPERS PRESENTED "St. Anselm of Canterbury: the Philosopher-Saint as Politician," Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies, March, l974, San Luis Obispo, Calif. "St. Anselm, Robert of Meulan, and the Brionne-Bec Controversy of l087-l091: A Microcosm of the Investiture Controversy in England," Medieval Association of the Pacific, Seattle, Washington, March l975. "St. Anselm and the English Investiture Controversy: A Reappraisal." 11th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, Michigan, May, 1976. "Robert of Meulan and Raison d'etat in the Anglo-Norman State," 12th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, Michigan, May, l977. "Robert of Meulan and the Earldom of Leicester," Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies, Claremont, Calif, Apr. l979 "The Campaign for Normandy, ll05-6: Politics, Propaganda, and the Public Image," Co-authored by C. Warren Hollister, 14th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, Michigan, May, l979. "Anselm in Exile, ll03-7: The effect upon Canterbury and England," Third International Congress on St. Anselm, ANSELM AT CANTURBURY, Canterbury, England, July 2-6, l979 "The Abbey of Bec and the Anglo-Norman State," 15th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo,MI, May, l980. "The Reform Movement at Bec: Its Impact on Medieval Europe,"American Catholic Historical Association, joint session with the American Historical Association, Los Angeles, December, l981 "An Alternate View of Archbishop Lanfranc," 17th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, Mich., May l982 "The Liberties of Bec, fountainhead of a distinctive Norman Reform Movement later applied to the English Church," Colloque International Etudes Anselmienne, Abbey of Bec, Normandy,France, July 11-16, l982. "Prudent Pilots and Spiritual Charioteers: the Students of Bec," 18th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, Michigan, May, l983. "The Models for St. Anselm's Political Behavior," North American Conference on British Studies, Washington DC, October, l983. "Sources for St. Anselm's Political Theories," 19th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, Michigan, May, l984. "Lanfranc at Bec: a Reinterpretation," 3rd Annual Conference of the Haskins Society, Houston, Texas, November l984. "Patristic Sources of Anselm's Politics," 21st International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI, May, l986. "Women in Anselm's World: Spiritual Daughters, Aristocratic Allies, and Handmaidens of God," Pacific Coast AHA, Honolulu, Hawaii, August, l986. "St. Anselm and Queen Edith Matilda", Haskins Conference, November, 1987, Houston, Texas. "The Sacred and the Profane in the Curriculum of Bec," Medieval Academy, Apr. 13-15, 1989, U. of Wisconsin, Madison "The Collection of the Library of Bec," the Centenary Conference of St. Anselm's College, April 8-12, 1989. "St. Anselm and Women," The American Historical Association, San Francisco, December 1989. "Historical Writing at Bec and Canterbury," 25th International Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo, Michigan, May 1990 "The Strange Reign of William Rufus," Twenty Sixth International Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo, Michigan, May, 1991 "Bonus Pater, Felicis Juvenis Amicus: Anselm's Views of Children," Midwest Conference on British Studies, November, 1993, Kent State University. "From Bonneville to Bec: Significant Shifts at the Abbey of Bec, 1034-1037", 29th International Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo, Michigan, May, 1994. " `A Pattern for Those Who Will Come After Us': The Establishment of the `Customs' of Bec," Thirteenth International Haskins Conference, Houston, TX, November, 1994. "Bec and St. Evroul: Norman Secular and Monastic Lordship", Fifteenth International Haskins Conference, Houston, 1996 " `Among These Authors are the Men of Bec': Historical Writing Among the Students of Bec," Crafting History for the Present: Uses of the Past in the Middle Ages, Illinois Medieval Assoc. 17th Annual Meeting, February 18-19, 2000 Commentator and Organizer, Abbeys, Townspeople, and the Urban Environment, 35th International Congress on Medieval Studies, 4-7 May, 2000 "Anselm of Bec: The Pattern of His Teaching", in Teaching and Learning in Northern France, (Session Organizer) 35th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI, May, 2001 "Henry I and Administrative Kingship", in Commemorative Session for C. Warren Hollister, Twentieth International Haskins Conference, Cornell University, Ithaca NY, October 2001., BY INVITATION "St. Anselm and the Handmaidens of God: Further thoughts on Anselm's Correspondence with Women", The Second Saint Anselm Conference, April 12-13, 2002, Saint Anselm's College, Manchester NH. "St. Anselm and the First Crusade," International Congress on Medieval studies, Kalamazoo MI, May 2003

5 TEACHING EXPERIENCE 1974-6 University of California, Santa Barbara. Teaching assistant, Early Middle Ages, High Middle Ages, Western Civilization,(3 consecutive quarters), full responsibility for undergraduate seminar in Medieval History 1978-9 Rider College, Lawrenceville, N.J., Lecturer The Rise of Christian Europe (survey), Medieval & Renaissance France (50 BC--1715 AD); World History 1979-81 St. Lawrence University, Canton N. Y. Asst. Prof. The High Middle Ages; The Normans and their World (senior seminar); The Roman World (survey); The Roman Republic; The Roman Empire; Lives of the Caesars (January Inter-term Seminar); Renaissance and Reformation (survey); History of Italy (Roman, Medieval, Renaissance: January Interterm taught in Italy); Historiography 1981-6 UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON: ASSISTANT PROFESSOR COURSES DEVELOPED: 1301: Western Civilization to 1500. 3333: Barbarians and the Birth of Europe (survey, 500-1050) 3336: Europe in the Age of Chivalry (survey, 1050-1350). 4329: The Viking and Norman Worlds. 3395: The Twelfth Century Renaissance 6335: Research in Medieval History (Graduate Seminar) 6395: Readings in Medieval History (Graduate Seminar) 6395: The Medieval Church (Graduate Seminar) 6395: Medieval Feudalism (Graduate Seminar) 1987 Institut Teknologi Mara, Texas International Educational Consortium, Malaysia Program; Shah Alam, Malaysia. Western Civilization, U. S. History survey 1988-90 UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON, ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR 1301 Western Civilization, Stone Age to 1500 (mass class 300-600 students); Began overseeing from 1 to 6 Tas for this class, included discussion sections 1302: Western Civilization, 1500 to present; 3335: The Crusades; 6340: Beginning Research in Medieval History (Graduate Seminar) 6395: Readings in Viking and Norman History (Graduate Seminar) 1990- UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON, PROFESSOR OF HISTORY 4330: The Flowering of the Middle Ages, conceived, directed and coordinated a team-taught course presented on Interactive TV simultaneously on campus and to 3 off-campus sites: 16 different lecturers from various disciplines in Medieval Studies, now approved to fulfill the University of Houston's Knowledge Integration requirement for graduation. One of the first courses to be videotaped and broadcast on KUHT as a publicly televised, credit course, Spring, 1995; taught each fall thereafter 4395: Medieval Renaissances 4395: The Crusades (Rewritten and Restructured) 6321: Historiography: Prehistory to 1600 (Graduate Seminar) 6395: Readings in Early Medieval History (Graduate Seminar) 6395: The Medieval Church (Restructured Graduate Seminar) 6395: The Twelfth Century Renaissance (Graduate Seminar) 3379 World Civilizations to 1500 (Developed as ITV class Spring 2001) 6395: World History to 1500 (Graduate Seminar) 4395: The Vikings (Restructured from former "Viking and Norman Worlds") 4395: The Normans (Restructured from former "Viking and Norman Worlds") Also taught at University of Houston, one time only: The Roman Republic, The Roman Empire, Love in the Middle Ages, Women in Early Europe (team-taught with Frank Holt). 4332: The Crusades (Developed as ITV class summer 2002) 4395: The Vikings (Developed as ITV class spring 2003)


INTERACTIVE TV COURSES: Almost from its beginning, I have been active in our ITV network of courses. I have taught the Upper Division Medieval courses regularly in this program, and am now coordinating "Flowering of the MIddle Ages" on ITV each Fall semester. I have attended each of the University of Houston-sponsored workshops on ITV teaching, and have written synopses of them to distribute to all the lecturers in "Flowering of the Middle Ages" and its related course "Flowering of the Renaissance" (now titled "The English Renaissance"). With John McNamara, English, I have team-taught a workshop on teaching on ITV for these lecturers. A new feature to this class and World Civilizations to 1500 is the WebCT site associated with each class. After taking training courses in WebCT operation, I have developed extensive websites for each of these courses containing class notes, additional reading materials, readings, maps and Web links. I have also trained my TAs in the writing of and operation of these sites. "World Civilizations to 1500", "The Crusades", "The Vikings" also videotaped and routinely offered as ITV courses. l981-2002 UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON: SENIOR HONORS AND GRADUATE STUDENTS SENIOR HONORS THESES DIRECTED: 1. Reed Wightman, completed Spring l982: "Two Byzantine Emperors: Leo III and Constantine VI" 2. Henry Greek, completed Spring 1987 "Virgilian influence in Geoffrey of Monmouth's History of the Kings of Britain" 3. Victoria Short, "William Rufus and his bishops", in progress (uncompleted) MASTERS DEGREES AND THESES DIRECTED (AS CHAIR OF COMMITTEE): 1. Rene Harris, completed (Distinction) Fall, l985.--is now a Museum Curator in Texas "Hugh of Avranches, Earl of Chester" 2. Ed Pfenninger, completed Spring, l986. "The Trial of John Hus" 3. Jean Truax, completed (Distinction) Spring l988--went on to complete Ph. D, University of Houston "Monastic attitudes toward women, 350-750" Conference papers and Publications: see Ph. D students 4. Kathleen Gilton, completed Spring 1988--went on to teach High School in Texas Medieval History (no thesis) 5. Julie Yetkow, (uncompleted) Gundulf bishop of Rochester 6. Henry Greek, completed May 1991 "Geoffrey of Monmouth and his world: The Historia Regum Britannie and the traditions of Norman propaganda " Conference Papers: (See under Ph. D. Students) 7. Christopher Whitaker, (completed December, 1992) European History (no thesis) 8. Robin Coyle Floyd, (completed May 1993)--went on to Law School in Houston, is now a practicing lawyer "Henry bishop of Winchester" Conference Papers: The Winchester Patronage of the Abbey of Cluny, 1130-1171 Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo, May, 1991 Henry of Winchester and Becket The Haskins Conference, November, 1992 9. Patricia Torpis, completed November, 1993--went on to complete a Ph. D, University of Houston The court of Edward the Confessor Conference Papers: (See under Ph. D. students) 10. Sherry Terry, completed Fall 1996 "Gilbert of Limerick and the Reform of the Irish Church" Conference Papers: Will the Real Gilbert Please Stand Up? Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo, May, 1992 11. Daniel Wells, in progress, advanced; to be completed Spring 2000 Medieval Lithuania and the Mongol Invasions Conference Papers: Thugs, Violence and Promiscuous sex: Leadership and Institutions in Medieval Lithuania, 1180-1341

7 Texas Medieval Association, Denton, TX, February, 1992 Lithuania and the Golden Horde, 1240-1380 Texas Medieval Association, SMU, Dallas, Sept. 1992 Lithuanian Nobility in the 13th Century Texas Medieval Association, September, 1999 12. Michael Ebbert, completed Spring 1996 "Ethnic identities in the early medieval Germanic kingdoms: The Visigoths and the Lombards" 13. Scott Holden, (uncompleted) "The court of William the Conqueror" 14. Pam Berry, (uncompleted) Stephen Langton, Archbishop of Canterbury 15. Louis Alexander, completed Fall 1997--now teaching Computer Programming in Houston "Anglo-Saxon Law Codes" Conference Papers: Ine's Code and the Anglo-Saxon Settlement of Britain 13th International Haskins Conference, November 1994 Forthcoming, in The Haskins Society Journal, 1996 Law and Order on the Early Anglo-Saxon Frontier 15th International Haskins Conference, November 1996 Publications: "The Legal Status of the Native Britons in Late Seventh-Century Wessex as Reflected by the Law Code of Ine" The Haskins Society Journal, 7(1997), 31-38 16. Carl Baechle, completed Fall 1996--now a Ph. D. student at Fordham University "Pope Gregory the Great's Theory of Kingship" 17. David Deming, completed Spring 2000 "The Outbreak of Heresy in Twelfth Century Western Europe: A Case Study--Henry of Le Mans" 18. Linda Quintanilla (no thesis); awarded Spring, 1994--now a Ph. D. student in UH College of Education 19. Eleanor Cannon, completed Spring 2000 "Strangers in Normandy--concepts and realities, 10th -12th centuries" 20. Holly Daigrepont, (uncompleted) The Cult of the Virgin 21. Joanie Shelley, completed Summer 2001--now a Ph. D. student, University of Houston "The d'Aubigny's: The Rise of an Anglo-Norman Family" Conference Papers: See under Ph. D students 22. Aylwin Bailey, in progress, to be completed Summer 2003 "Norman families before the Conquest and their affiliations" Conference Papers: Networks of Norman Power Revising Genealogies: An Interdisciplinary Conference in Medieval Studies University of Notre Dame, September 9-11, 1999 23. Amy O'Neal, Completed Spring 2000--now a Ph. D. student, University of Houston " Matilda of Boulogne: The Makings of the Queen" Conference Papers: See under Ph. D. 24. Leslie Kauffman, completed Spring 2001--now a Ph. D. student, University of HOuston "The Earls of Chester" 25. Natalie Herzog, in progress, beginning The Bishops of Amiens in the 12th century 26. Kevin Stone, completed Spring 2003 "The Technology of Weaponry among the Normans" Conference Papers: "The Mosaics of Monreale: Evidence of the Norman Mindset regariding the use of human and technological resources" Texas Medieval Association, Houston, October 2001 "The Normans and Their Technology: a synthesis of Roman and Scandinavian Tools and Skills." 38th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo MI , May 2003

8 27. Dolly Wilson, in progress, advanced "Ecology and Aristocratic Attention to the Environment in the Anglo-Norman State, 911-1154" Conference Papers: "Foresters, Hunters and Hawkers: Agents of Anglo-Norman Resource Management" Texas Medieval Association, Houston, October 2002 "Hide and Seek: Finding Medieval Environmental History in Hidden Places," The National council on Public History, Houston, April, 2003 "Implications of Feeding Pigs in the Medieval Anglo-Norman Forest," The European Society of Environmental History Conference, Charles Univ., Prague, Czeck Republic, September 3-6, 2003 28. Libby Walen, beginning "Magic and Ritual among the Vikings" 29. Sarah Pruett, beginning, "Matilda of Tuscany " 30. Holle Canetella, beginning, "Christina of Markyate" 31. Abigail Bailey, beginning, non-thesis option 32. Jonathan Chance, beginning 33. Courtney DeMayo, beginning 34. Luke beginning MASTERS COMMITTEES (Reader): 1. Bill Burgess (The Punic Wars) History Dept. Distinction, l982 2. Cheryl Golden, (Hellenistic civic bonds) History Dept. Distinction, 1991 3. Ian Baker, (Tudor-Stuart England) History Dept. Distinction, 1991 4. Diana Martin, (The Statute of Premunire) History Dept. Distinction, 1992 5. Mendell Freeman, (The Late Medieval Papacy), History Dept. uncompleted 6. Ann Hinricks, (English Medieval Law, no thesis) History Dept. 1993 7. Lee Brice (Greek Coinage in Sicily) History Dept. Distinction, 1992 8. Kevin O'Neal, (The Statute of Laborers), History Dept. Distinction, 1995 9. Scott Jernigan, (16th Century English Law), History Dept. Distinction, 1996 10. Cynthia Green, (Saint Kentigern, Apostle to Strathclyde), English Dept. Fall, 1998 11. J. Mark Bertrand (Surprise and Recognition-- Short Stories) English Dept--Creative Writing, Spring 2000 12. Roberta Short (Touring with Marianna--a novel) Creative Writing, English Dept., Spring 2001 13. Brett Erickson (Joan of Arc and Marianna as French political symbols), History Dept, Spring, 2002 DOCTORAL STUDENTS AND DISSERTATIONS DIRECTED: 1. Jean Truax, Completed, Distinction, Fall 1995--now a retired Computer Analyst, working on a book on Norman Bishops "The Making of the King, 1135: Family, Gender, and Politics in the Anglo-Norman Succession Crisis " Conference papers: Women in the World of Pope Gregory the Great Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo, May l987 St. Aldhelm and Women, Haskins Conference, Nov., 1987; St. Augustine: Defender of Women's Rights? Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo, May, 1988. From Bede to Orderic Vitalis: Changing Views of Women in Medieval England, American Historical Association, December, 1990 Mommy Dearest: Adela of Blois and her Children Haskins Conference, November, 1991 Anglo-Norman Women at War: Valiant Soldiers, Prudent Strategists, or Charismatic Leaders? Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo, May, 1993 Of Bastards and Kings: Robert of Gloucester and Henry I Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo, May, 1994 Politics Makes Uneasy Bedfellows: Theobald of Blois and Henry I

9 Texas Medieval Association, Fall 1994 A Bad Ruler or a Female Ruler? The Empress Matilda and the Anglo-Norman Chroniclers The Haskins Conference, November 1996 A Man Can Serve Two Masters: The Bishopric of Durham during the Anarchy, 1135-41 Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo, May, 2000 A Churchman on the Edge: Bishop Bernard of St. David's and the Anglo-Norman Civil War, Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo, May, 2001 PUBLICATIONS: "St. Augustine of Hippo: Defender of Women's Equality?" Journal of Medieval History, 1990. "From Bede to Orderic Vitalis: Changing views of Women in Medieval England" Haskins Society Journal, 1991 "Mommy Dearest: Adela of Blois and her Children" Haskins Society Journal, 1993 "Anglo-Norman Women at War: Valiant Soldiers, Prudent Strategists, or Charismatic Leaders?" The Circle of War in the Middle Ages: Essays on Medieval Military and Naval History, ed. Donald J. Kagy and L. J. Andrew Villalon, Boydell and Brewer (Woodbridge, Suffolk), 1999, pp. 111-125 "Politics Makes Uneasy Bedfellows: Henry I of England and Theobald of Blois", in On the Social Origins of Medieval Institutions: Essays in Honor of Joseph F. O'Callaghan, ed. Donald J. Kagay and Theresa M. Vann (Brill: Leiden, Boston, Koln, 1998), 273-304. "Winning Over the Londoners: King Stephen, The Empress Matilda, and the Politics of Personality" The Haskins Society Journal, 8 (1999), 43-62. "The Empress Matilda", "King Stephen", articles in new revised edition of The New Catholic Encyclopedia BOOK REVIEWS: Valerie Flint, The Rise of Magic in the Middle Ages, Speculum, January 1991 John Blair, Landholding in Medieval Surry, Speculum, Fall 1992 Philip Lyndon Reynolds, The Christianization of Marriage in the Western Church; Speculum, January 1996 2. Priscilla Watkins, Distinction, Spring 2000--on the Job Market--finalist for a position in Georgia, spring 2003 " Caen and the Expansion of Ducal Power in the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries: The Formation of an Urban Community" Conference Papers: William the Conqueror's Twin Abbeys at Caen: Some Suggestions Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo, May 1989. The Earliest Norman Dukes Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo, May 1990 Laboratores supporting Oratores: The Example of Caen and the Twin Abbeys Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo, May 2000 The Origins and Growth of the City of Caen The Haskins Conference, Ithaca, NY, October, 2000 Lanfranc of Bec: The Abbot's Example Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo, May 2001 Publications: "King Phillip I of France," "King Louis IV of France", for new revised edition of The New Catholic Encyclopedia "Lanfranc of Bec: Teaching by Example", in Teaching and Learning in Northern France, c.1000-1200, editors Sally N. Vaughn and Jay Rubenstein, accepted for publication by Brepols Press. 3. Linda Quintanilla, uncompleted.--now a Ph. D. candidate in the University of Houston College of Education "The MozArabs of Toledo in the Arabic Documents: self-identity and assimilation" Conference Papers: "Roderick's Head, Solomon's Table and other Arabian Tales from Medieval Spain," Southwest Social Sciences Conference, Phi Alpha Theta Section, spring, 1992 4. Henry Greek, ABD (uncompleted) "Kings Malcolm and David of Scotland: The Political Biography of a Family" Conference Papers: Geoffrey of Monmouth and the Anglo-Norman Court. Haskins Conference, November 1989

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12 PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES MEMBER: American Historical Association North American Conference on British Studies The Haskins Society Medieval Academy of America CO-FOUNDER AND CONFERENCE DIRECTOR: 1982-1996 The Charles Homer Haskins Society for Viking, Anglo- Saxon, Anglo-Norman and Angevin History at the University of Houston, an international society for the study of these fields of Medieval History now with nearly two hundred members world wide. These scholars include nearly every person working in these fields of history from California to Hong Kong (by way of Europe, Israel, Japan and Australia). Through the Annual International Conferences (the Thirteenth is November l994), such eminent Medievalists as J. C. Holt, President of the Royal Historical Society in England; R. H. C. Davis, former editor of the prestigious journal History and R. Allen Brown, founder of the annual BATTLE CONFERENCE and editor of the series Anglo-Norman Studies, its Proceedings, have come to the University of Houston. In 1989, The Haskins Society began publishing its own Proceedings, The Haskins Society Journal. The conference was expanded from two days to three in 1988. CO-FOUNDER AND DIRECTOR: 1991THE INSTITUTE FOR MEDIEVAL AND RENAISSANCE STUDIES AT THE UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON, a coalition of all University of Houston faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, alumni, and friends working in or interested in Medieval and/or Renaissance studies. The Institute created two interdisciplinary courses, The Flowering of the Middle Ages and The Flowering of the Renaissance (Now renamed The English Renaissance), both now in the university undergraduate catalog and approved for Knowledge Integration Credit (required for graduation). Each cross-disciplinary course coordinates some 10-15 faculty lecturing on their Medieval or Renaissance specialty, aiming to give undergraduate students a holistic view from many perspectives of either the Middle Ages or the Renaissance. Faculty and graduate students presenting in the courses represent the disciplines of History, Literature, Music, Art, Technology, Architecture, Drama, Philosophy, Folklore, Women's Studies, among others. The Institute publishes a newsletter about bimonthly; regularly arranges and sponsors non-credit language classes for graduate students, including Greek, Latin, French and German; sponsors presentations on campus by graduate students, UH Faculty, and visiting faculty; and has just begun a cooperative program with the Houston Harpsichord Society to coordinate on-Campus workshops, lectures and presentations with the Early Music Concerts sponsored by the Houston Harpsichord Society, with the aim of placing the Early Music in a historical, literary, and cultural context both for the University community and the Houston community. In 1994, the Institute will begin to sponsor workshops at selected public schools in the Houston community. PROFESSIONAL OFFICES: Vice President, The Haskins Society, l98l-3 Conference Director, The Haskins Society, l981-1997 Judge, The Craddock Prize for the best paper in European History, Southwest Social Sciences Conference, l982-4 Program Committee, North American Conference on British Studies, 1988-1991 Board of Advisors, Journal of British Studies, 1990-1995 Director, MEDIEVAL AND RENAISSANCE INSTITUTE AT THE UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON, 1991Judge, The Bethell Prize, for the best paper presented at the Haskins Conference, Cornell U., Ithaca, 1999 President-Elect, for 2005,Texas Medieval Association Chairman, 2005 Texas Medieval Conference at the University of Houston

13 UNIVERSITY SERVICE UNIVERSITY LEVEL: Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects, l982-6 Committee for English Competency Tests, l982-3 Committee to evaluate the Dean of Social Sciences, 1990 Search Committee, Dean of Humanities, Fine Arts and Communications, 1992 Chair and Organizer, Committee to form an Institute for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Univ. of Houston, Co-Founder and First Director: Institute for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at the University of Houston (Current membership: about 300 University of Houston faculty, graduate and undergraduate students and friends. Creator and sponsor of the two Knowledge Integration classes "The Flowering of the Middle Ages" and "The Flowering of the Renaissance", and symposia with visiting lecturers throughout the academic year. The Institute has arranged and sponsored some 6 non-credit language classes for Graduate Students in Latin, Greek, German and French, attended by students throughout the College to gain required reading knowledge. Studies Abroad Committee, 2002-2003 Chair, Study Abroad Committee, 2003COLLEGE LEVEL: Faculty Council, l982-5 Elections Committee, Budget Committee Committee for Medieval Symposium, THE MEDIEVAL COURT, University of Houston, spring l983 (Ed Haymes, Chair) Initiated an idea for a booklet to list all classes and activities in Medieval and Classical Studies, completed by the Classics Department Undergraduate Committee, College of Humanities and Fine Arts, 1988-1989 Faculty Council, 1990-1992 Elections Committee Personnel Committee, 1992-3 Master Teacher Award Committee, 2000-2003 Study Abroad Committee, 2002-2003 DEPARTMENT LEVEL: Representative to HFA Faculty Council, 1982-5, 1990-2 Undergraduate Coordinator, 1988-1989 Chair, Undergraduate Committee, 1988-1989, Undergraduate Committee, l981-6, 1993-4, 1999-2000 Graduate Committee, l981-2, l986-7, 1990-2, 2000-2001, 2001-2002, 2002-2003 Library Committee, l985-6, Chair 1998-1999 Executive Committee, l984-5, 1988-9, 1992-3, 1994-5 Merit Evaluation Committee, 1982-3, 1984-5 Search Committee for Ancient History, l982 Search Committee for Modern European History, l985-6 Search Committee for Middle Eastern History, 1989-90 Search Committee, Joint Honors-History appointment in modern European history, 1993-4 Reader, Martin Prize, Best Master's Thesis, 1984 Phi Alpha Theta presentations: THE VIKINGS, 1984; MEDIEVAL WOMEN, 1983; Author, first draft of a departmental grant proposal for an NEH educational enhancement grant (unsuccessful) Author, grant proposal for the Provost's teaching grant, successful, which obtained for the department a camera, copy stand, and film for the production of slides. History faculty seem to use it regularly, enhancing their classes with slides. I continue to help new faculty use it.

14 COMMUNITY SERVICE 1982: Author of a four part seminar for the Delphian Society, "Medieval Origins of the Modern World: Women, Politics, Technology" Lectures: "Love in the Middle Ages," Servetus Singles, First Unitarian Church of Houston; "Orthodoxy and Heresy in the Early Church," The Forum, First Unitarian Church of Houston. 1984: Slide Presentations, fall and spring semesters, Austin High School for the Teaching Professions: WOMEN IN ACADEMIA, TEACHING THE MIDDLE AGES. l985: Slide presentation to local public elementary school, 3rd and 4th grade gifted class, on Medieval Culture 1986: Slide presentation to local Baptist elementary school, (River Oaks) 5th and 6th grade classes (about 200 students) on Medieval scripts, scribes, and authors. 1990: Workshop in process of preparation to teach Ancient and Medieval history for secondary school teachers, 1 full day, UH Victoria, August, 1990. 1993-4: Organizer of UH workshop featuring THE VOICE OF THE TURTLE, A Boston early music group, to add enrichment and place in context for the attendees from both the University community and the Houston community their concert of Medieval Judeo-Spanish music at the Jewish Community Center, co-sponsored by the Houston Harpsichord Society. 1994-5: Organizer of UH workshop featuring THE BALTIMORE CONSORT, an early music group, for UH and the general public, in cooperation with the Houston Hapsichord Society and Jewish Community Center-sponsored public performance. 1993- 6: Board of Directors, Houston Harpsichord Society 1996: With Becky Lao of the Houston Harpsichord Society, co-sponsored, planned and arranged the November Houston premiere public concert by GOTHIC VOICES (Oxford University), performing several pieces from a 14th century Antiphonal in the M. D. Anderson Library, Special Collections, University of Houston; an exhibit of Medieval manuscripts in the University of Houston Special Collections, and a lecture on these manuscripts by Derek Baker, University of North Texas preceded the Concert; the Manuscript Exhibit included a formal Catalog compiled and written by Dr. Patricia Orr, University of Houston; GOTHIC VOICES also presented a session at the concurrent Haskins Conference 1999: "Celebrating the First Millennium": First annual Lehr Lecture, San Jacinto Community College, October, 1999 2001-- Board of Directors, Secretary, 2001; Vice President, Publications, 2002: Secretary, 2003 The Masquerade Theatre, a repertory musical theater dedicated to providing Houston's talented and well-trained (many UH Theatre graduates among them) actors and actresses, directors, set designers and musicians with a regular and dependable way to earn a living in their art in Houston. During my tenure, we have created paid positions for 6 actors and actresses, received many grants (about $40,000 so far), held our First Annual Fundraising Gala, instituted regular, professional publication of programs and brochures, increased our seating to 88 from 50, initiated a Building Fund, and attracted many strong supporters and patrons.



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