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0301.1.2 Recognize and avoid errors in Standard English usage (e.g., to/too/two, their/ there/ they're).


Complete each sentence with to,

too, or two.

1. My class will be going on a field trip___________. 2. My pencil is broken _________. 3. Would you like to come to the party _______? 4. I need to go ______ the bathroom. 5. Pete and Colin ate ______ much. 6. Homework should be given ______ your teacher. 7. The cake is ______ sweet. 8. For Christmas, I received _______ hundred dollars. 9. I took the package _____ the office. 10. Have you seen that movie_____? 11. My husband ordered a salad_____. 12. The sun is ______ bright. 13. The music is ______ loud. 14. My brother would like to go _____. Write sentences of your own using to,

too, and two.


Microsoft Word - Using to, too, and two..doc

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