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Forde-Ferrier Vocabulary Word List for Grade 3-5

Life Science Organism Carbon dioxide Photosynthesis Producer Chlorophyll Stomata Adapt Reproduce Inherited traits Learned behaviors Offspring Perish Adaptation Traits Instinctive Biome Community Ecosystem Population Species Habitat Life cycle Pollution Thrive Carnivores Food web Food chain Prey Predators Decomposers Unique niche Omnivores Herbivores Consumers Earth Science

Landform Lava Volcano Earthquake Magma Weathering Fault Glacier Deposition Erosion Hydrosphere Tide Atmosphere Rotation Axis Orbit Lithosphere Solar energy Source Solar flare Sunspot Wind Corona Natural resources Inexhaustible Fuels Renewable Nonrenewable Evaporation Transpiration Water cycle Precipitation Condensation Soil Decomposers Nitrogen cycle Humus Loam Fossil Igneous rock Sedimentary rock Metamorphic rock Comet Meteor Asteroid Astronomer Galaxy Constellation Humidity Nimbus clouds Barometer Air pressure Air mass Front Climate

Physical Science Matter Density Weight Volume Mass State Liquid Physical change Solid Gas Property Odor Melting point Texture Conductor Boiling point Insulator Physical property Magnetic Mixture Solution Invisible Dissolve Force Friction Motion Inertia Gravity Light Convex lens Refraction Concave lens Reflection Sound Vibrate Energy Kinetic energy Solar energy Potential energy Electricity Current Source


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