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Riser Handling Tool

Claxton's multi-purpose hydraulically actuated running tool is the solution for handling Riser Joints.

The tool provides a means to fully support the Drilling Riser System during installation and recovery operations with the facility to circulate and fully pressure test the Drilling Riser System remotely. Riser handling tool features

· Able to perform a well-bore pressure test of · Able to handle a 20Te by 40ft (12.9m) Drill-

ing Riser Tension Joint (subject to client requirements)

· Visual indicator rods to show tool locked and

unlocked status

· Manual override feature to lock and unlock


7,000psi (482.6bar) while holding 308Te in tension

· Prior to BOP installation the handling tool can

act as a contingent method for applying 400Te of tension to the Drilling Riser System (with no internal bore pressure)

· Interfaces, by means of an adaptor to either a

Grayloc 192 or 196 gasket seal profiled 18-3/4"-15M NT-2 pin .

"The tool recently saved a client £1.8m on a Riser project - 4.5hrs every time it was run"

Riser Handling Tool

Tool specification Overall Length: Maximum OD: Internal Bore Size: Dry Weight: Hydraulic Control Fluid: Fluid Cleanliness: Lock/Unlock Fluid Volume: Locking Pressure: Material Coating: Fastener Material: Design Life: Temperature Rating: 138.39in (3,515mm) Ø45.75in (Ø1,162mm) Ø1.00in (Ø25.4mm) 11,277lb (5,115kg) Oceanic HW443 NAS 1638 Class 10 3 litres 1,000psi (68.9bar) NORSOK M501-1 & Xylan A4 Stainless 20 years -20°C to +40°C

Design verification DNV approved and verified in accordance with: DNV-OS-E101, API 16F, API 6A, API 8C, API 7G. Supplied with DNV 2.7-1 certified container for transportation and storage needs of the tool. Combined HPU & Umbilical reel (pictured) to power all tool functions.


Riser Handling Tool

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