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Brown Pellets


ACTIZYME pellets are a safe, natural, biologically active product which accelerate the natural breakdown of organic waste.


Actizyme digests solids that clog a septic. Saves on pump out costs, provides more capacity so the septic works better ­ without odours and blockages.

Actizyme improves ground absorption, by breaking down fats, oils and proteins that build up in septic distribution systems.

Actizyme stops odours and blockages ­ prevents the build up of grease, fat, hair, soap etc, in pipes and drain lines. Also used in downpipes and outside drains.


? ? ? ? ? Safe to children, pets, plants and plumbing materials Stops odours Prevents blockages Cleans pipes Improves ground absorption


NZFSA Approved C64 (All animal product except Dairy)



Septic Systems ­ Ground Absorption: Add 450gm of Actizyme pellets to toilet bowl and flush. Thereafter dose weekly with 10 ­ 15gm. Septic Systems ­ Pump-out Type: Add 225gm of Actizyme to toilet and flush. Thereafter dose weekly or immediately after each pump out with 10 ­ 15gm. Ground Pit Toilets: Add 100 ­ 120gm of Actizyme to 2 litres of water. Leave for 30 minutes then stir and pour into pit. Repeat each month using 50 ­ 60gm in ½ litre of water. Pan and Holding Tank Toilets: Add 50 ­ 60gm of Actizyme to ½ litre of water. Stand for 30 minutes then stir and add to pan or tank (via toilet). Repeat after each pan or tank emptying. Toilets on Sewer: Add 10gm of Actizyme to each toilet bowl and flush. Repeat monthly. Greasetraps: Clean out greasetrap. Add 120gm of Actizyme to kitchen sink and flush with water for a few seconds. Dose weekly with 10 ­ 15gm. Drainlines: (From sinks, tubs, shower, bath, washing machine etc, sewer, septic, downpipes and outside drains) Add 1gm of Actizyme to each drain / waste outlet and flush with a little water. Repeat each month as preventative maintenance. Note: ? Where severe problems exist increase the frequency of treatment and / or increase dose to keep the system odour and blockage free. ? To increase the speed of action particularly when treating drainlines and greasetraps leading from sinks, tubs, shower etc, stand Actizyme in water for 20 ­ 30 minutes, stir, then dose. Actizyme does not dissolve but goes into suspension. ? Because Actizyme is a natural, biological product, results may not be seen for a few days. Actizyme works safely, gently, surely to overcome the problems. ? Do not use disinfectants, caustic or other chemicals with Actizyme. Their use stops vital biological activity. Consult your Ecolab Territory Manager for more specific use directions and recommended dispensing equipment.


Form: Odour: Solubility in water: Brown Pellet Bran Soluble


CONTAINS ENZYMES Harmful if swallowed. Do not mix with anything other than water. Wash affected areas with plenty of water, hold eyes open if necessary. Remove contaminated clothing and wash before re-use. If swallowed DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING, give water or milk to drink. SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY. For full safety information consult product MSDS.





27 / 06 / 2003



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