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2011 4-H Pullet Chain Contract

Contract and $60 deposit due by April 1, 2011

Name: __________________________________________________________________________ Physical Address (where birds will be located): _______________________________________ City: _____________________________________ State: ________ Zip:___________________ Email Address: __________________________________________________________________ Daytime Phone: __________________________ Evening Phone: _________________________ 1. 2. I _________________________________agree to raise twenty-five (25) pullets as part of the 4-H Pullet Chain. I will provide these chicks with feed, water and the proper living conditions as outlined by the County Extension Agent. This includes providing the chicks with proper rations (certified feed manufactured for poultry). A. Chicks must be provided with "chick starter" of at least 20 percent protein for the first 10 weeks. B. After reaching 10 weeks of age the chicks must be provided with an appropriate feed of at least 16 percent protein. C. Chicks must be provided with feed and clean, fresh water at all times. D. If, upon inspection (unscheduled or otherwise) the County Extension Agent determines the chicks are not being properly cared for, all privileges of the 4-H Pullet chain will be cancelled and the chicks removed. Cloverbuds, ages 5-8, will submit a Pullet Project Scrapbook, which will be due on October 21st. Standard 4-H'ers, ages 9-19, will submit a 4-H Record Book (including Pullet Data pages), which will be due on October 21st to the County 4-H Office. I hereby agree to meet the following requirements of the project: A. Return five (5) pullets for the auction, B. Show one (1) of the five at one Showmanship Show: York Livestock Show (2nd Weekend in Sept, Time and Day TBA); Union County Fair C. Submit Pullet Project Scrapbook or Record Book If any of the above requirements are not met, I will forfeit my $60 deposit. I completely understand and agree to abide by all of the conditions and terms stated above, and upon meeting all terms of this contract, the $60 deposit will be returned. Siblings are eligible to participate together within the same project. The base fee of $60 only covers one child, for each additional child there is a $5 fee. I would like to get 25: (please select only one breed) o Black Sex Links o Golden Comets o Buff Orpingtons ________________________________ 4-H'er Signature _________________________________ County Extension Agent ______________________________ Signature of Parent/Guardian ______________________________ Date



5. 6. 6.

*Completed Contract along with 4-H Member Enrollment form must be submitted by April 1, 2011.


Microsoft Word - 2011 Pullet Contract[1].doc

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Microsoft Word - 2011 Pullet Contract[1].doc