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The First Day at ART

February 05, 2008

Department of Anesthesia & Perioperative Medicine

The First Day at ART

First Surgical Cases at Ashley River Tower

Today marked the beginning of cases at Ashley River Tower. The morning started with Grand Rounds by Dr. Arthur Schwartz from Mount Sinai discussing "Cerebral Hypothermia Past, Present and Future." Following the conclusion of the lecture, the ART team traveled to ART by the university bus system.

Dr. Peter Goodnight leaving the bus at Ashley River Tower.

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The operating room nurses express their feelings on the door of OR #1.

The First Day at ART

The holding area was initially slow. Dr. Rodriguez- Diaz awaiting his first patient.

The ART operating rooms are now open!

Dr. Jaime Torres with Dr. Eric Pourmand and Regan Weston, CRNA demonstrating the new TEE capabilities at ART. Note the TEE image broadcast to the surgical team. Along with Dr. John Kratz, the team completed the first coronary artery bypass at ART.

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The First Day at ART

Dr. Katy Morgan was the first women surgeon to operate at the new hospital. Most importantly, she was the first surgeon to finish a case!

Surgeries are progressing as planned.

Drs. Fred Crawford, Jake Abernathy, Hardy Gordon and Maryanne Fiutem, CRNA doing the first valve replacement surgery at Ashley River Tower.

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The First Day at ART

Dr. Steve Dierdorf and Jennifer Caldwell, CRNA working together at ART.

The operating rooms have the latest in technology and equipment.

Dr. Bruce Elliott performed the first carotid endarterectomy at Ashley River Tower.

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Department of Anesthesia & Perioperative Medicine

Medical University of South Carolina 167 Ashley Avenue MSC 912 Charleston, SC 29425-9120 Phone: 843-792-9369 Fax: 843-792-9314 E-mail: [email protected]




Dr. Buddy Inabinet and his team ready to see the first Pre Operative Clinic patient.

Ashley River Tower

A Day to Remember

This will be a day long remembered by the department. I want to especially thank Fred Guidry, Jake Abernathy, Jodi Weber, Paul Dancy, the ART CRNAs and residents for getting the operating rooms ready for our first day.



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