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CURRICULUM VITAE Abid Irshad, M.D Assistant Professor of Radiology

Name: Abid Irshad, M.D. Office Address: MUSC Radiology, 169 Ashley Avenue

Phone: (843) 792-1957 Fax: (843) 792-9503

Citizenship and/or Visa Information: US citizen. Education Institution/Location Forman Christian College, Lahore, Pakistan Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore, Pakistan ECFMG certification American board of Radiology Certification Internship: Services Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan Residencies or Post Doctoral: Post Graduate Medical Institute, Lahore, College of Physicians & Surgeons, Lahore Fellowship in Mammography Specialty/Board Certification: Radiology---American Board of Radiology certification Radiology--College of physicians and surgeons, Pakistan Radiology ­ Punjab University, Pakistan Licensure: South Carolina 2004 1988 1991 Pakistan Pakistan MUSC 1986-1988 1988 1999-2000 1983-1985 General Surgery/Internal Medicine Years 1974-1976 1977-1983 1999 2004 Degree/Date Field of Study F.Sc. Physics/Chemistry/Biology MBBS/MD Medicine

Faculty Appointments Years 1999- 6/30/04 7/1/2004-current Rank Instructor Radiology Assistant Professor Institution MUSC MUSC Department Radiology Radiology

Administrative Appointments: Years Position Institution 2003-05 Medical Director Mammography MUSC 2003-05 MQSA leading physician for FDA MUSC 2006-Current Residents selection committee member

Department Mammography Mammography

Hospital Appointments/Privileges: Years 1999-Present 1999-Present 2000-2002 Active/Inactive Active Active Active Institution MUSC Charleston Memorial hospital Hampton regional medical center

Other Experience: Years Position ,Institution 1985-1986 1989-1999 1990-1999


Medical Officer, Rural Health Services, Pakistan Primary HealthCare Medicine Chief Radiologist, Shalamar Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan. Radiology Visiting consultant radiologist, Adil Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan. Radiology

Membership in professional/scientific societies (include offices held): American College of Radiology Radiological Society of North America Society of Breast Imaging College of Physicians & Surgeons, Pakistan South Carolina Medical Association Major Teaching Responsibilities (Current): Undergraduate Medical Education 1) Bi-weekly medical student lectures. 2) Small group medical student teaching is also done daily during the imaging readout sessions along with the fourth year medical students on radiology rotations. Graduate Medical Education 1) Regularly participate in the resident teaching through the resident noon radiology conferences which involves case presentations as well as didactic lectures. 2) Daily small group teaching to the residents through the image interpretation sessions. 3) Provide supervised hands on practice for residents during different image guided invasive procedures in the department. CME Conferences given CME Category 1 lecture given on September 24, 2003 at MUSC---"Genitourinary abnormalities, interesting cases" CME Category 1 lecture given on October 21, 2003 at MUSC--"Obstetrical ultrasonography, interesting cases" CME Category 1 lecture given on November 19, 2003 at MUSC--"Mammography, Evaluation of breast calcifications" CME category 1 lecture, Abdominal masses, cases, at MUSC on Jan 20, 2004 CME category 1 lecture Mammography, breast masses, at MUSC on Feb 10, 2004. CME category 1 lecture Mammography cases, benign versus malignant calcification" at MUSC on March 30, 2004 "Breast calcification, analysis and management" A conference given on Cardiac CT course in Kiawah Island on 3/20/07.

Major Clinical Interests and Responsibilities: My major interest is in Mammography, Ultrasound, Body imaging and image guided interventional procedures, fluoroscopy, Chest, MSK etc.

ACADEMIC ACHEIVEMENTS: Reviewer for abstracts for American institute of Ultrasound in Medicine meeting for 2007 Gave a lecture as invited faculty on `Breast Calcification, Analysis and Management" for Women's imaging section of Cardiac course in Kiawah Island on 3/20/07. Abstracts and Publications: Posters and Papers: 1. Irshad A, Ackerman S, Baliga P, Chavin K, Johnson M "Sonographic evaluation of renal transplant complications", a poster presented in AIUM meeting in Orlando June 2005. 2. Ackerman S, Irshada A, "Complications of percutaneous renal transplant biopsies", poster presented in AIUM meeting in Florida June 2005. 3. Irshad A, "The haunted sella" published in the `Inner visions' section of the "Radiographics" journal in October 2005, volume 25. 4. Pope L Thomas, Ackerman S, Irshad A, " Mammographic features in radial scar and rd complex sclerosing lesions" scientific poster presented in 53 meeting of Association of University Radiologists in Montreal, Canada, May 4-7, 2005. 5. Ackerman S, Pope T, Irshad A, "Invasive lobular carcinoma: Association with rd calcifications in mammography" scientific paper presented in 53 meeting of `Association of University Radiologists' in Montreal, Canada, May 4-7, 2005. 6. Irshad A, Ackerman S, Pope T, "Pictorial Review of Rare Breast Tumors" Poster presented at AIUM national meeting in Washington DC in March 2006. 7. Ackerman S, Pope T, Irshad A, "Imaging features of Malignant Mixed Mullerian Tumors of the Female Genitourinary Tract" a scientific poster presented at RSNA meeting 2006. 8. Misty Johnson1 RTR, RDMS, BA, Abid Irshad, M.D.1 Kenneth D. Chavin M.D., Ph.D.2 "Adjunctive use of 3D Volume Rendering for Color Doppler Assessment of Hepatic Vasculature in the Post-Operative Liver Transplant Patient" Poster presented at 2006 national meeting of `American Association of Hepato-Pancreatico-biliary surgeons' held in Orlando, Florida in 2006. 9. Irshad A, Ackerman S, "Ultrasongraphic features of Parathyroid masses" Poster presented at AIUM meeting in Washington DC 2006. 10. Ackerman S, Irshad A, "Sonographic evaluation of Liver transplant Complications" poster presented at AIUM national meeting 2006 in Washington DC and received honorable mention. 11. Anthony E. Dragun, M.D.*, Joseph M. Jenrette, M.D.*, Thomas L. Pope, M.D. , Susan J. Ackerman, M.D. , Abid Irshad, M.D. Mammographic surveillance after MammoSite breast brachytherapy: analysis of architectural patterns and additional interventions, poster presented at American Brachytherapy Society (ABS) 2006 Annual Meeting in Phila., PA held May 10 - 12, 2006. 12. Anis M, Irshad A "MRCP imaging for pancreatic abnormalities" a poster presented at RSNA Nov. 2006. 13. Moses C, Irshad A, Ackerman S, Pope T, "Rare breast tumors, an imaging and pathologic correlation" a poster presented at RSNA 2006. 14. Pancreas transplant, role of US poster presented at AIUM meeting in NY on 3/15-18, 07. 15. Ackerman S, Irshad A; "Imaging of Posthyroidectomy neck" a poster presented at AIUM meeting in NY on 3/15-18, 07. 16. Irshad A, Pope T, Ackerman S, " Imaging features of granular cell tumor of the breast" poster presented at annual AUR meeting in Denver, 4/24/07-4/28/ 07. 17. Irshad A, Ackerman S, Nyugen S, Nissman D, Anis M, " Parathyroid Imaging: A Comparative Study of Nuclear Medicine and Ultrasound" paper presented at the annual AUR meeting in Denver 4/24/07-4/28/072007. 18. Misty Johnson, Irshad A "3D vascular Doppler imaging in liver, kidney and pancreas transplant" a poster submitted for RSNA 2007

19. Irshad A, Ackerman S, Pictorial Essay "Imaging features of rare breast tumors; A radiologic pathologic correlation, prepared for AJR. 20. Irshad A, Ackerman S, Pictorial Essay on "Sonographic Imaging of parathyroid lesions" prepared for AJR. Publications: 1. Ravenel J, Irshad A, "Wegeners Granulomatosis"; a review article published in eMedicine, in January 2002. 2. Irshad A, Ravenel J, Ackerman S: "Horseshoe Kidney"; a review article published in eMedicine, in Feb. 2002 3. Irshad A, Ravenel J, Ackerman S: "Lung Cancer, Small Cell"; a review article published in 4. e-Medicine, in Feb 2003. 5. Ackerman S, Irshad A, Taffoni M, "Bilateral breast masses" an article published in Journal of Women's imaging, volume 6, number 2, in June 2004. 6. Irshad A, Ravenel J, "Imaging of Small Cell Lung Cancer". published in the `index medicus' journal "Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology" volume 33, issue 5, pages 200-211, Sep-Oct 2004. 7. Ackerman S, Baron L, Irshad A, "Pseudomyxoma Pertonei Secondary to Mucocele of Appendix" accepted for publication in the journal "Applied Radiology" for 2004. 8. Poghosyan T, Irshad A, "Tubular Ectasia of Rete Testis" ACR case in point, published on Aug 4 2006. 9. Pauls D, Irshad A, "Scrotal Pearls" ACR case in Point, published on Feb 6, 2007. 10. Anthony E. Dragun, Buddy Jenrette, Ackerman S, Irshad A "Mammographic surveillance after MammoSite breast brachytherapy: Analysis of architectural patterns and additional interventions" paper accepted for American Journal of Clinical Oncology in March, 2007. 11. Irshad A, Ackerman S, Chavin K, Baliga P, Anis M, "Sonographic evaluation of renal transplant complications", a review article accepted for the Journal "Current Problem in Diagnostic Radiology 12/20/06. 12. Ackerman S, Irshad A, a book chapter on "Sonographic evaluation of Liver Transplants" for Seminars in Roentgenlology. Ultrasound Clinics--Abdominal Ultrasound, Vol 2, April 2007. 13. Irshad A, Ackerman S, Pope T; Pictorial Essay on "Rare breast tumors; imaging and pathologic correlation" in process for AJR 14. Irshad A, Ackerman S, Anis M, "Pictorial Essay on sonographic appearance of parathyroid adenomas" work in progress for AJR. 15. Irshad A, Ackerman S, Anis M, Nguyen S; "Parathyroid Imaging: a correlative study of nuclear medicine and ultrasound" manuscript in process for the journal "Academic Radiology".


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