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Chanda Kale, D.D.S. 414 54TH Street Brooklyn, NY11220 Dear Doctor Kale, I need to thank you for the exemplary course you taught on Tip Edge Orthodontics. The two year program gave me the knowledge and confidence to extend my field of dentistry to offer full case orthodontics to my patients. Your program from the didactic to the laboratory was complete to the last detail. I had no fear diagnosing and presenting fixed orthodontic cases, and then watching how rapid and successful the treatment would unfold. Then becoming a member of your study club and seeing many other cases treated by you, and our colleagues, continued to build my confidence. As you know I was in practice over 35 years when I began your course. Starting an orthodontics practice gave me a fresh approach to dentistry. Although I never stopped performing general dentistry I welcomed my orthodontic patients because the work was so much easier and monetarily far more rewarding. I am forever grateful for the efforts that you took to make my education more complete. I know the amount of time it takes to prepare these lectures and need to let you know that it is appreciated. Sincerely, Dr. Portnoy


September 9, 2007

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