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CURRICULUM VITAE Philip Baldi Education ·B.A., University of Scranton, Scranton, Pa. (Classics), 1968 ·M.A., University of Rochester, Rochester, NY (Linguistics), 1971 ·Ph.D., University of Rochester (Linguistics), 1973 Current Position ·Professor of Linguistics and Classics, Penn State University Employment ·Visiting Lecturer, University of Scranton (Summer 1970, 1971) ·Instructor, Department of English, SUNY, College at Brockport (1972-73) ·Assistant Professor of Linguistics and Classics, Penn State University (1973); Associate Professor (1976); Professor (1981) ·Visiting Professor, Dept. of Linguistics, University of Hawaii (Winter, Spring 1980) ·Visiting Professor, Dept. of Classics, Univ. of Amsterdam (Spring 1987) ·Visiting Professor, Linguistic Society of America Summer Institute, Stanford University (Summer 1987) ·Visiting Professor (Fulbright Chair in Historical Linguistics), Dept. of Modern Philology, Università di Napoli Federico II (Winter, Spring 1996) ·Visiting Professor, Dept. of English, Universidad de la Laguna (Tenerife, Canary Islands); taught one-week course (Spring, 1996) ·Visiting Professor, Dept. of Linguistics, Stanford University (Winter, Spring, 2002) ·Visiting Professor, Linguistic Society of America Summer Institute, Stanford University (Summer 2007) Professional Activities Past ·Review Editor, General Linguistics, 1973-1978; co-editor, 1975-1985 ·Associate Editor, Communications Quarterly, 1980-82 ·Associate Editor (and one of the founding editors), Diachronica, 1983-1994 ·Co-director, XII Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages, Penn State University (1982) ·Director, "Workshop on Linguistic Change and Reconstruction Methodology," Stanford University, (1987) ·Co-director, Colloquium on "Minds and Bodies: Perspectives on Rationality and Physicality in the Ancient World", with B. Halpern and S. Wheeler, Penn State University (1994)

·Member of Linguistic Society of America; American Philological Association; Società Italiana di Glottologia ·Director, Workshop on The New Historical Syntax of Latin, Bellagio, Italy (2001); same project, Bologna, Italy (2003); project has been renamed New Perspectives on Historical Latin Syntax ·Participant, Liberty Fund colloquium "From Republic to Empire: the decline of liberty and moral responsibility in ancient Rome" (Toronto, Sept., 2002) ·Panel member, NEH Division of Preservation and Access (Washington, D.C., Oct., 2003) Current ·Member (masthead), Editorial Advisory Board, Archivio Glottologico Italiano (1998-) ·Occasional reviewer for Language, Historiographia Linguistica, Current Anthropology, Classical Philology, Diachronica, and various university presses and commercial publishers ·Abstract Referee at various times for New England Linguistic Society, Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages, Linguistic Society of America, International Conference on Historical linguistics, and various specialized conferences ·U.S. Representative to the Biennial International Conference on Latin Linguistics (1980-1988; 1995-) ·Project Evaluator for National Endowment for the Humanities; National Science Foundation (periodically) External Awards and Grants: (since 1987) ·Travel grants from various US and foreign organizations to attend international congresses in historical and classical linguistics ·Dutch Organization for Pure Research (NWO) grant at University of Amsterdam to support research for The Foundations of Latin (Winter, Spring 1987). (app. $10,000) ·National Science Foundation Grant at the 1987 Summer Institute of the Linguistic Society of America, Stanford Univ. for the "Workshop on Linguistic Change and Reconstruction Methodology." ($50,000). ·National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship (1994-1995) ·Fulbright Chair in Historical Linguistics, Università di Napoli Federico II (Winter, Spring 1996) ·National Science Foundation grant to prepare New Perspectives on Historical Latin Syntax (Sept. 1999-Sept. 2001). ($54,000) ·National Science Foundation supplemental grant for student research assistant to work on New Perspectives on Historical Latin Syntax (2000-2001). ($5,000) ·Rockefeller Foundation grant to hold a conference on historical Latin syntax at the Bellagio Conference Center (October, 2001). ·Diebold (Salus Mundi) Foundation grant to hold a three day workshop on historical Latin syntax, Bologna (June, 2003). (app. $12,500) ·Diebold (Salus Mundi) Foundation grant to support publication and associated


activities of New Perspectives on Historical Latin Syntax, Vol. 1 (2003-2005) ($53,500) ·Diebold (Salus Mundi) Foundation grant to support publication and associated activities of New Perspectives on Historical Latin Syntax (2005-) ($65,000) ·National Science Foundation Workshop grant to support "Workshop on Alternative Approaches to Language Classification" at the Linguistic Society of America Summer Institute at Stanford University, Summer 2007 ($25,000) Research Specializations Historical Linguistics; Indo-European Comparative Linguistics; Latin Linguistics; Morphology Publications I. Books Readings in Historical Phonology: Chapters in the Theory of Sound Change, coeditor, with R. N. Werth. Penn State University Press. (1978) (2nd printing, 1979) An Introduction to the Indo-European Languages. Southern Illinois University Press. (1983) (2nd printing, 1985; 3rd printing 1997) Papers from the Twelfth Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages, editor. John Benjamins. (1984) Linguistic Change and Reconstruction Methodology, editor. Mouton de Gruyter. (1990) Patterns of Change, Change of Patterns, editor. Mouton de Gruyter. (1991) (Condensed version of above, primarily for classroom use) The Foundations of Latin. Mouton de Gruyter. (1999; paperback 2002). Studies in Baltic and Indo-European presented to William R. Schmalstieg on the occasion of his 75th birthday. Editor,with Pietro U. Dini (Univ. of Pisa). John Benjamins (Amsterdam). 2004. II. Course Manuals Coursebook for Linguistics 010 (Introduction to Linguistics), with Carol Anderson. Penn State Dept. of Independent Learning. (1987; revised 1989) Coursebook for Linguistics 001 (The Study of Language). Penn State Dept. of Independent Learning. (1990) Coursebook for Classics 050 (English Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots). Penn State Dept. of Independent Learning. (1991) III. Articles and Chapters "Procedures in Etymological Investigation." Newsletter of the Classical Association of the Empire State. (Spring, 1970) "Conjunction of Reflexives: Syntax or Semantics?" Linguistic Inquiry 2: 603-604.


(1971) "A Note on the Conjunction of Reflexive Verbs in English." Linguistics 102: 76-82. (1973) "Indo-European *sekw-." Journal of Indo-European Studies 2: 77-86. (1974) "Reciprocal Verbs and Symmetric Predicates." Papers from the 10th Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society. Pp. 17-27. (1974) _________. Also printed in Linguistische Berichte 36: 13-20. (1975) "The Latin Imperfect in *ba-." Language 52: 839-850. (1976) "Remarks on the Latin R-Form Verbs." Zeitschrift für vergleichende Sprachforschung 90: 222-257. (1977) "Morpho-Syntax and Gender Agreement." Folia Linguistica 11: 93-108. (1977) "A Structural Ambiguity in Latin." Four Studies in Classical Linguistics. (Dept. of General Linguistics, Univ. of Helsinki.) No. 5:1-7. (1978) _________. Also printed in Classical Philology. 74: 49-52. (1979) "The Influence of Speech Perception on Inflectional Morphology in Latin," General Linguistics 18: 61-89. (1978) "Latin invicem." Zeitschrift für vergleichende Sprachforschung 91: 300-303. (1978) "Typology and the Indo-European Prepositions." Indogermanische Forschungen 84: 49-61. (1979) "When a Rule is not a Rule: What Can Be Learned About Latin Syntax from the Study of Exceptions." The Classical Outlook 17: 81-84. (1980) "From Synthesis to Analysis, with Special Reference to Indo-European." Working Papers in Linguistics 12: 73-89. Univ. of Hawaii. (1980) "Particle and Dative Movement Reconsidered," (with R. M. Smaby). Linguistic Analysis 7: 171-186. (1981) "A Note on English Assimilation." American Speech 58: 71-72. (1983) "Good and . . ." American Speech 58: 81-82. (1983) "Speech Perception and Grammatical Rules in Latin," in Latin Linguistics and Linguistic Theory, ed. by Harm Pinkster. Benjamins. Pp. 11-26. (1983) "On Some Recent Claims in Morphological Theory." General Linguistics 23: 171-190. (1984) "Report on the Third International Conference on Historical Linguistics". Diachronica 1: 291-293. (1985) "Prefixal Negation of English Adjectives: Psycholinguistic Dimensions of Productivity," with David Palermo and Victor Broderick. Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Historical Linguistics, ed. by Jacek Fisiak. Mouton. Pp. 33-57. (1985) (Greatly expanded version of Hoenigswald Festschrift contribution, below.) "Prefixal Negation of English Adjectives: Psycholinguistic Dimensions of Productivity." Festschrift for Henry Hoenigswald, edited by George Cardona and Norman Zide. Gunter Narr. Pp. 37-44. (1987) "Indo-European Languages," in Bernard Comrie, editor, The World's Major Languages Croom-Helm. Pp. 31-67. (1987) 2nd printing, 1989. Reprinted in The Major Languages of Western Europe, ed. by Bernard Comrie. London: Routledge. Pp. 21-57; also reprinted in The Major Languages of Eastern Europe, ed. by Bernard Comrie. Routledge. Pp. 19-55. Revised version, 2008.


"100 Volumes of the Zeitschrift für vergleichende Sprachforschung." General Linguistics 28: 286-88. (1989) "Historical Italic Phonology in Typological Perspective" (with R. J. Staver). In The New Sound of Indo-European, ed. by Theo Vennemann. Mouton. Pp. 85-101. (1989) "Negative Prefixation in Latin." Information Grammaticale 43: 3-6. (1989) "The Comparative Method." In Linguistic Change and Reconstruction Methodology, ed. by Philip Baldi. Mouton. Pp. 1-13. (1990) Reprinted in P. Baldi, ed., Patterns of Change, Change of Patterns. Pp. 1-13. "Morphological Change" (with W. R. Schmalstieg). In Research Guide on Language Change, ed. by Edgar Polomé. Mouton. Pp. 347-364. (1990) "Lachmann's Law in Light of the Glottalic Theory of Indo-European Consonantism". In New Studies in Latin Linguistics, edited by Robert Coleman. Benjamins. Pp. 3-21. (1991) "Latin." The Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics. Vol. 4: 2050-2055. (1993) "Indo-European Morphology." The Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics. Vol. 5: 2576-2582. (1993) "Indo-European Syntax." The Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics. Vol. 8: 4487-4493. (1993) "Some Thoughts on Latin Rhotacism". General Linguistics 34: 209-216. (Ebbinghaus Memorial Volume). (1994, published 1996) "Comparative-Historical Indo-European Linguistics: Old and New". Review article on R. P. Beekes, Comparative Indo-European Linguistics: an Introduction, by R. S. P. Beekes. Diachronica 13. 347-364. (1996) "Morphological Implications of Certain Prosodic Rules in Latin." In Festschrift for Eric Hamp, ed. by Douglas Q. Adams. Journal of Indo-European Studies, Monograph 23. Vol. 1: 43-59. (1997) A series of 30 etymologies of "time" words in Proto-Indo-European. In The Encyclopedia of Indo-European Culture, ed. by James P. Mallory and Douglas Q. Adams. Fitzroy-Dearborn. (1997) "Latin tugurium 'farmer's hut'". Historische Sprachforschung 110: 241-247 (1997). "Proto-Indo-European root structure and the development of voiced aspirates in Italic". In Estudios de Lingüística Latina, ed. by Benjamín García-Hernández. Madrid, Ediciones Clásicas. Pp. 13-23. (1998) "Observations on two recently discovered Latin inscriptions". In: Embleton, S., Joseph, J., and H-J Niederhehe, eds. The emergence of the language sciences. Studies on the transition from historical-comparative to structural linguistics in honour of E.F.K. Koerner. Vol. 2: Methodological perspectives and applications. Amsterdam and Philadelphia: Benjamins. Pp. 165-174. (1999) "Creative processes," with Chantal Dawar. In: Morphology, an international handbook on inflection and derivation. Vol. 1, ed. by Geert Booij, Christian Lehmann, and Joachim Mugdan. Mouton De Gruyter. Pp. 963-972. (2000) Contributor (Latin) to the Indo-European Languages: Computer Database. Intercontinental Dictionary Series, edited and coordinated by Mary Ritchie Key; same material in the Ancient and Classical Languages: Computer Database,


in the same series. (2001) "Towards a new historical syntax of Latin", with Pierluigi Cuzzolin. In De Lingua Latina Novae Quaestiones (Actes of the X International Congress of Latin Linguistics), ed. by Claude Moussy et al. Paris: Peeters. Pp. 201-225 (2001) "Inalienable possession in Proto-Indo-European and Hittite". In Donum Grammaticum; Studies in Latin and Celtic Linguistics in Honour of Hannah Rosén, ed. by Lea Sawicki and Donna Shalev. Leuven: Peeters. Pp. 29-37 (2002) "Latin ipse, Continental Celtic ­xsi: a tentative proposal". In Sounds and Systems. Studies in Structure and Change. A Festschrift for Theo Vennemann, ed. by David Restle and Dietmar Zaefferer. Berlin: Mouton De Gruyter. Pp. 141-147. (2002) "Where does Latin habeo come from?". In: A Festschrift for Alexis Manaster-Ramer, ed. by Fabrice Cavoto. Munich: LINCOM Europa. Pp. 23-32. (2002) "Latin populus: a reevaluation" (with Paul B. Harvey). In: Karlene Jones-Bley et al., eds. Proceedings of the 13th Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference (JIES Monograph Series 44). Pp. 145-164 (2002) "William R, Schmalstieg, the man and the scholar" (biobibliographical essay). To appear in Studies in Baltic and Indo-European presented to William R. Schmalstieg on the occasion of his 75th birthday. Editor,with Pietro U. Dini (Univ. of Pisa). John Benjamins (Amsterdam). Pp. xi-xxi. (2004) "Considerazioni etimologiche, areali e tipologiche dei verbi di "avere" nelle lingue indeuropee", with Pierluigi Cuzzolin. In Latin et langues romanes. Etudes de linguistique offertes à József Herman à l'occasion di son 80èmeanniversaire, edited by Sándor Kiss, Luca Mondin and Giampaolo Salvi Pp. 27-36. (2005) "Towards a history of the manner of motion parameter in Greek and Indo-European". In fonologia e Tipologia lessicale nella storia della lingua greca, edited by Pierluigi Cuzzolin and Maria Napoli. Milan: FrancoAngeli. Pp. 13-31. (2006). Review article, with Richard Page, on Theo Vennemann, Europa Vasconica-Europa Semitica. Lingua 116/10: 2183-2220 (2006) IV. Reviews and Shorter Notices Review of Abstract Syntax and Latin Complementation, by R. T. Lakoff. Papers in Linguistics, 4: 601-609. (1972) Review of Morphology: An Introduction to the Theory of Word Structure, by P. H. Matthews. Historiographia Linguistica 2: 252-263. (l975) Review of Declinatio: A Study of the Linguistic Theory of M. Terentius Varro, by Daniel Taylor. Language 53: 921-923. (1977) Review of Les verbes déponents latins, by Pierre Flobert. Language, 54: 940-943. (1978) Review of A Generative Grammar of Old Frisian, by John Costello. Language 55: 485486. (1979) Review of Analogy: A Basic Bibliography, by Raimo Anttila and Warren A. Brewer. Indogermanische Forschungen 85: 307-3l2. (1980) Review of Mechanisms of Language Change in Latin, by Tore Janson. General Linguistics 21: 120-126. (1981)


Review of A Festschrift for Oswald Szemerényi, ed. by Bela Brogyanyi. General Linguistics, 21: 47-62. (1981) Notes on P. Davies, Roots: Family Histories of Familiar Words; M. Halle, J. Bresnan and G. Miller, Linguistic Theory and Psychological Reality; S. Tavakolian, Language Acquisition and Linguistic Theory, all in Communications Quarterly 30: pp. 34, 40. (1981) Review of Papers from the Fourth International Colloquium on Historical Linguistics, ed. by E. Traugott et al. Modern Language Journal 66: 71. (1982) Review of Language Change: Progress or Decay, by Jean Aitchison. Language 59: 411-414. (1983) Review of Syntax: Generative Grammar, by E. K. Brown and J. E. Miller. General Linguistics 22: 266-67. (1983) Review of Proceedings of the V International Conference on Historical Linguistics, ed. by Anders Alhqvist. Diachronica 1: 111-116. (1984) Review of Lateinische Sprachwissenschaft, by Alfred Bammesberger. General Linguistics 25. 128-132. (1985) Review of Le Tavole Iguvine, by A. Prosdocimi, and Le Iscrizioni Sudpicene, by A. Marinetti. Language 62. 717-718. (1986) Review of Introduzione alla linguistica indeuropea, by Oswald Szemerényi, General Linguistics 27: 121-126. (1987) Review of Archaeology and Language, by Colin Renfrew. Current Anthropology 29: 445-447 (1988) Review of Linguistique latine et linguistique générale, by Guy Serbat. Language 65. 192-193. (1989) Review of Histoire de la langue latine, by Jacqueline Dangel. Language 72. 651-652 (1996). Review of Sull'Origine della Costruzione Dicere Quod : Aspetti Sintattici e Semantici, by Pierluigi Cuzzolin. Language 72. 653-654 (1996). Review of Nostratic: Sifting the Evidence, ed. by Brian Joseph and Joseph Salmons. Journal of Linguistics 36.619-628 (2000). Review of Joseph Farrell, Latin Language and Latin Culture, from Ancient to Modern Times. Language in Society 31: 460-466 (2002) Review of Bilingualism in Ancient Society: Language Contact and the Written Text, edited by J.N. Adams, M. Janse and S. Swain. American Journal of Philology 125: 279-283 (2004). Review of Bilingualism and the Latin Language, by James N. Adams. Language in Society 33.3: 456-459. (2004) Review of Gerhard Meiser, editor, Helmut Rix, Kleine Schriften. Kratylos 49: 170-172. (2004) V. Work in Press New Perspectives on Historical Latin Syntax. Editor and coordinator, with Pierluigi Cuzzolin This multi-authored work will be published in four volumes by Mouton de Gruyter (Berlin). Vol. 1, 2008; Vol. 2, 2008.[Ms. of vols.1 and 2 app. 1200 pp.] "Etymological, geographical and typlogical dimensions of "have" verbs in the Indo-


European languages". To appear in the Festschrift for Raimo Anttila, edited by Shiela Embleton et al. Amsterdam: Benjamins. [Ms. 15 pp.] "English as an Indo-European language". To appear in the Companion to the History of the English Language, edited by Haruko Momma and Michael Matto. Blackwell. [Ms. 25 pp,] "Possession in Latin" (with Andrea Nuti, Univ. of Pisa). Chapter to be included in Vol. 1 of New Perspectives on Historical Latin Syntax. [Ms. 110 pp.] "Prolegomena" (with Pierluigi Cuzzolin). Introductory chapter to Vol. 1 of New Perspectives on Historical Latin Syntax. [Ms. 20 pp.] "Possessive Expressions in Oscan and Umbrian". To appear in A Festschrift for Christian Lehmann, edited by Johannes Lambrecht et al. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. [Ms. 11 pp.] "Osservazioni sulla morfologia del comparativo in greco antico", with Pierluigi Cuzzolin. To appear in the Proceedings, edited by Ignazio Puzzo. [Ms. 12 pp.] VI. Work in Progress New Perspectives on Historical Latin Syntax. Editor and coordinator, with Pierluigi Cuzzolin. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. Vols. 3 and 4, 2008-2009. "The Syntax of Italic". Chapter in Comparative Indo-European Linguistics, edited by Matthias Fritz and Jared S. Klein. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. Papers Presented Orally (refereed conference papers) ·Linguistic Society of America: 1971, 1972, 1974, 1976, 1977, 1979, 1981, 1984, 1986, 1991, 1994, 1998 ·Chicago Linguistic Society: 1974 ·American Philological Association: 1975, 1976, 1977 ·International Conference on Latin Linguistics: 1981 (Amsterdam), 1985 (Bologna), 1987 (Cambridge), 1989 (Louvain-la-Neuve), 1991 (Budapest), 1993 (Jerusalem), 1995 (Eichstätt), 1997 (Madrid), 1999 (Paris) ·International Conference on Historical Linguistics: 1984, 1988 (Blazejewko, Poland), 1985 (Pavia) ·Indogermanische Gesellschaft: 1999 (Würzburg) ·UCLA Indo-European Studies Conference (2001, 2003) ·International Congress on Greek Linguistics. 2007 (Cagliari) ·Centre Ernout, Sorbonne, Paris (2008) Invited Lectures Cornell Univ. (1976), Univ. of Michigan (1978), Classical Association of the Atlantic States (1979), Indiana Univ. (1979), Univ. of Hawaii (1980), Univ. of Scranton (1980), Univ. of Paris VII (1981), Univ. of Amsterdam (1981), Univ. of Maryland (1982), Univ. of Delaware (1984), Univ. of Warsaw (1984), Adam Mickiewicz Univ., Poznan (1985), Bucknell Univ. (1986), Univ. Catholique de Louvain (1986), Univ. of Amsterdam (1987), Free Univ. of Amsterdam (1987), Univ. of Cologne (1987), Univ. of Bielefeld (1987), Univ. of Ottawa (1988), Univ. of Delaware (1988), Macalester College (1989), Univ. of Amsterdam (1989), Cornell University (1989),


Univ. of Pavia (1996), Univ. of Bologna (1996), Univ. of Salerno (1996), Univ. of Naples (1996), Facultés Universitaires Saint-Louis, Brussels (1996), Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (1998), Univ. of Pavia (1999), University of Amsterdam (2000), University of Erfurt (2000), University of Jena (2000), University of Würzburg (2000), University of Göttingen (2000); Stanford University (2002), University of California, Berkeley (2004), University of Bergamo (2006). University Service (since 1981) ·Member, College of the Liberal Arts Committee on Tenure and Promotion (1981-83; 2005-) ·Member of College of the Liberal Arts Sabbatical Leave Committee (1981-82; 1987-89, Chair 1989; 1991- 92, Chair 1992) ·Member of the all-University Committee on Promotion and Tenure (1984-86); Committee on Immediate Tenure (1988-91) ·Member of Graduate Council (1984-86) ·University Graduate Commencement Nomenclator (1985-88) ·Member, Graduate Faculty Screening Committee (1987-89) ·Member of the Steering Committee of the Cognitive Studies Program (1987- 1991); Chair of Seed Grant Committee and Language Interest Group ·Member, Research Committee, College of the Liberal Arts (1988- 90); (1998-2000); ·Member or chair of various personnel and search committees in the Dept. of Psychology, Center for ESL, Dept. of French, Dept. of Classics, Dept. of German, and the Linguistics Program ·Member, Planning and Advisory Committee, College of the Liberal Arts (1992-1994) ·Chair, Promotion and Tenure Committee, Dept. of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies (1996-1998; 2007-2009); member (1996-) ·Member, Implementation Committee for Linguistics, College of the Liberal Arts (2000) ·Coordinator of Latin instruction (CAMS) (2002-2006) ·Member, Promotion and Tenure Committee, Linguistics Program (LALS) (2001-) ·Chair, Hellenist search (CAMS) (2003) ·Member, Strategic Planning Committee (CAMS) (2003-2004) ·Co-Director, Rome Study Abroad Program (CAMS) (Summer, 1999, 2004, 2007) Minor Advisor (CAMS) (2002-) Member of the Board of the Institute for the Humanities (2006-) Administrative Service ·Director, Linguistics Program (1981-1992) ·Interim Head, Dept. of Classics (Spring, 1992) ·Associate Head, Dept. of Classics (1993-1994) University Awards ·Liberal Arts Faculty Marshall (Fall Commencement, 1976) ·Class of 1933 Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Humanities (1978)


·Elected Term Fellow (2 year appointment) to the Institute for the Arts and Humanistic Studies (1998-2000) ·Various research awards since 1973, totaling about $40,000 Teaching Activities (courses routinely taught) Linguistics The Study of Language Introduction to Linguistics Field Linguistics Historical Linguistics Morphology Indo-European Linguistics Sociolinguistics January 1, 2008 Classics The History of Latin Elementary Latin Word Histories Italic Languages



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