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Volume 2010-2011, No. 47

May 27, 2011



Last June Valley Rotarians celebrated the inaugural year of the Mary Monroe Davis Scholarship Program administered by the Yakima Rotary Trust. In that first year fifty scholarships totaling $319,000 were awarded to students from 17 different high schools across Yakima County. This tremendous gift was made possible by the generosity of Mary Monroe Davis who left an educational legacy to our community through an $18 million dollar bequest to fund scholarships. To apply for the scholarship applicants have to be a U.S. citizen; a Yakima County resident; a high school senior, a high school graduate, GED certified or a current postsecondary student; enrolled in or intending to enroll in a full-time undergraduate study at an accredited two or four-year college or university for the entire 2011-12 academic year; pursuing his/her associates or bachelor's degree; and had a 2.75 GPA or equivalent. Applications received were weighed based upon financial need, academic achievement, and leadership characteristics. Scholarship awards range from $7,500 for students enrolled in a four-year program to $3,000 for students enrolled in a two-year program and are renewable upon their ability to maintain the minimum 2.75 GPA and full time continued course of study. Of the fifty scholarships awarded last year, fortyfive will continue to receive awards for the 2011-12 academic year totaling $303,600. This week, the Yakima Rotary Trust is pleased to announce the award of 32 new scholarships to the following individuals totaling $226,500: Anne Boothman Katherine Boothman Steven Broersma Kamille Cross Colby Daniels Annalee Davis Kevin De Jong Alexandra Devine-Wolff Wendy Dimas Annaka Erickson Juan Espinosa Sabrina Galaviz Marisol Gutierrez Madison Hahn Taylor Hoffard Austin Hunter Amanda Jaussaud Satinder Kaur Christine Kim Jessica Martin Savanna Martinez Victoria Mendoza Brian Michener Ryan O'Neill Robin Perches Emmanuel Rodriguez Rachel Romero Abigail Root Nancy Sotelo Tyler Ueltschi Anna Ulmer Jessica Ulmer


June 9th ­ Scott Bedbury, The Branding of Nike and Starbucks June 16th ­ Mollie Davis Memorial Golf Tournament June 23rd- Rob Martin, Employing People with Disabilities June 30th ­ President Charlie Eglin's Recognition


May 31st ­ Jim & Sally Fitch, Trip to Laos and Cambodia June 7th ­ Ryan Beckett & Joann Miller-Rose, The Future of Real Estate in Yakima County


June 1st ­ Chuck Zeutenhorst, The State of the Fruit Industry June 8th ­ Classification Talks


At West Des Moines, May 17th, Peter Ansingh At Worcester, Maine, May 19th, Kay Bassett


Unless written objection is received by the Board of Directors by June 3, 2011, the following candidate will be elected to membership: Greg Loudon Asst. Vice President/Commercial Lending Key Bank Classification: Commercial Loans Proposed by: Diane Patterson Endorsed by: Jay Grandy

Come Dedicate the House your club built!

Place: 1609 Grant St, Yakima · Time: June 5th at 3:00pm


To Benefit the Yakima Rotary Trust THURSDAY, JUNE 16, 2011 YAKIMA COUNTRY CLUB Registration and Lunch 11:30am Shotgun Start 1:00pm Banquet & Awards 6:00pm

The process of choosing these worthy students was a collaborative effort between Yakima County Rotarians represented by Yakima Rotary, Yakima Southwest Rotary, Yakima Sunrise Rotary, Toppenish Rotary, Sunnyside Rotary, Sunnyside Daybreak Rotary and Grandview Rotary. Please join us, our newest scholarship recipients, their families and friends, the Yakima Rotary Trust, and Rotarians throughout Yakima County as we celebrate the generosity of Mary Monroe Davis.

DINNER ENTERTAINMENT: SOGGY BOTTOM BOYS ... featuring the three DiPietro boys Come for Dinner Only ­ Cost is $50


Greeters ­ Registration ­ Ryan McNett Music ­ Linda Kaminski, Bob Hamilton Invocation ­ Jim Beckett Program ­ Deb Krautwurm SPONSORED BY: YAKIMA NATIONAL BANK

"Your Valley...Your Bank"

Sign-ups for golfers, sponsors and brochure ads are underway. Please support the Trust and its mission to Make our Community a Better Place to Live.


Academic Scholarships American Red Cross (White Swan Disaster Relief) Camp Prime Time Paver Project Ethiopia PolioPlus National Immunization Day Habitat for Humanity Hope for the Hungry (Haiti Disaster Relief) Mt Olive Lutheran Church (Feeding 5,000) Naches Valley Middle School (Literacy Grant Increasing Literacy & Math through Technology) Ready by Five (Literacy Grant- Creative Reading) Ready by Five (El Sistema in Yakima) Ridgeview Elementary (Literacy Grant - Books for Students) Rotaplast SE Community Center SE Community Center (Jobs for Youth Program) SIGN Special Olympics Washington (Soccer Jamboree) The Capitol Theatre 32,000.00 388.00 5,000.00 5,350.00 40,000.00 2,472.50 1,000.00 1,585.00 1,950.00 3,200.00 1,300.00 5,000.00 1,500.00 2,980.00 500.00 1,500.00 1,000.00 The Memorial Foundation (Therapeutic Play Equipment) The Rotary Foundation The Rotary Foundation (Bud Applegate PHF Award) The Salvation Army (Operation Harvest) Yakima Greenway Foundation (Kiddin Around) Yakima Hearing & Speech Center Yakima Interfaith Coalition (Literacy Grant Women & Children Literacy Summer Education)

11,000.00 500.00 1,000.00 8,000.00 2,000.00 3,000.00 1,625.00 1,040.00 1,386.18 1,000.00 10,000.00 7,400.00 16,500.00 171,176.68

Yakima Schools Foundation (Literacy Grant Cadet Five Star Newspaper) Yakima Tribal School (Literacy Grant - Reading & Writing Enhancement) Yakima Valley Museum YMCA - ASPIRE YWCA (Transistional Housing) Vocational Scholarships Total

-ReviewLast week we awarded $30,000 in Academic Scholarships to fifteen graduating high school students. This week we awarded $18,500 in Vocational Scholarships to twelve deserving individuals. Before we got to hear their wonderful stories, we had some Rotary business to take care; a new member introduction and promotion of the Mollie Davis Memorial Golf Tournament. Jeff Newgard made the presentation on the Mollie Davis Memorial Golf Tournament. Yakima National Bank is the major sponsor for the Tournament. As the president of Yakima National, Jeff shared that as a local bank they wanted to support the event because the focus of the Trust, which benefits from the tournament, is local as well. Every dollar raised is matched dollar for dollar. Only three weeks away, now is the time to support the Trust and sign up as a golfer, sponsor, or by placing an ad in the tournament brochure. Don Shute introduced our newest member, Jackie Littleton. He shared right off they she would be was a great addition to the club, especially in lowering the average age of our membership. Born in Portland, she moved to Yakima in the third grade. She attended West Valley High School and Central Washington University where she obtained a degree in Business Marketing. Her father is a Sunrise Rotarian, and after graduation from school she came back to join the family business, Yakima Adjustment Service which was founded by her grandfather in 1947. We welcome her to Rotary and look forward to hearing more about her when her classification talk comes around. The presentation of the Vocational Scholarships began with the committee lining up alongside the stage to greet each recipient. Committee Chair Laurie Kirkland introduced each individual. As they made their way to the podium we heard excerpts from their applications, letters of references, and interviews. The students in turn shared with us an important accomplishment or an important piece of themselves. Sondra George is a nursing student at YVCC. At one point she had aspired to be a veterinarian. The turning point in deciding to change her path to nursing came about after a mission trip to Peru. She saw sick children living in poverty who needed medical attention; that was all she needed to see. After graduation she plans to work a couple of years before returning to Peru and other countries to do mission work. Her current studies include learning Spanish. Laura Aguilera-Flemming is currently a student at Eisenhower High School and YV Tech. She will be attending the Art Institute of Seattle with the goal of becoming a journalist for a fashion magazine. Attending the Institute has been a dream of hers for years; she loves the location of the Seattle waterfront and last summer participated in a summer camp. Since her sophomore year she has been a reporter for the Unleashed Section of the Yakima Herald. She has a passion for fashion. Elena Cole is graduating both from Highland High School and YVCC with her associate's of arts degree in a few short weeks. She is studying to be a nurse. With a two year head start she plans to attend Emmaus Bible College for one year, become returning to YVCC. As with Sondra, Elena also went on a mission trip. Her mission was to Madagascar ­ it was an experience that reaffirmed her decision to go into nursing as well. Kim Hall is enrolled in the Visual Communications & Graphic Design program at Perry Tech. As an older student, she has enjoyed having her son ask her if her homework is done or whether she texts on her phone in class. With a 20 year career behind her, she is excited to put design into her goal of becoming an independent marketing consultant. Renee LaCasse is a licensed massage practitioner. Wanting a greater challenge she is obtaining a degree in nursing from YVCC where she is currently in her 4th quarter. Nursing gives her an opportunity to make a difference in peoples' lives. David Macias is enrolled at Perry Tech in the Instrumentation program. He initially signed up for the program at the recommendation of his brother and because he would someday be able to make a lot of money but it actually turned out that he loves it. He grew up in Yakima, attended Davis High School, and wants to work in Yakima. The award of the scholarship will allow him to have less debt; work less so he can focus on school; and because of the interview he had to go through to receive the scholarship prepare him for a job interview when he completes his education. Stacy Masias is also attending Perry Tech. She went back to school after being out for 15 years. The mother of two, teaching her children and spending time with them is number one on her list. She recently completed their Legal Assistant program which she completed with a 4.0 GPA; and is now enrolled in their Business Technology & Accounting program. Brian Michener is attending the Grandview campus of YVCC where he is enrolled in their Agri-Business program. He gave credit for the person he is today to his parents. One of eight children (number 9 is on the way) he grew up on a 70 acre fruit farm and was home schooled. His greatest achievement is working with his family as part of a team. Last year their farm earned the Prosser Small Business of the Year Award as they transform it into an agri-tourism farm. The name is Bill's Berry Farm ­ don't forget it! Marcos Negrete is attending Perry Tech and is enrolled in their Business Technology & Accounting program. He recently completed their Medical Office Administration & Coding program. He was born in Mexico and came to the United States not knowing any English. His parents taught him that you had to work hard to get what you want. He thanked the staff at Perry Tech for the support they have offered. Patrick Wise was the final recipient called to the podium. He is enrolled at Perry Tech in their ITCS program (Information Technology & Communication Systems). He began school at the age of 32 and when voted as the ITCS Student Body President, was greeted with the comment upon the final vote of "good, we got an old person who knows what he is doing." Through his office he organized community service projects that included participating in the annual Polar Plunge and Habitat for Humanity. The father of three children, he will graduate in December (if anyone needs an IT guy) and hopes to someday return to Perry as an instructor. Two of the recipients, Yasmin Borges and Misheala Lockbeam were unable to attend, Laurie still shared their journeys as well. Both are enrolled in the nursing program at YVCC. Yasmin shared on her application that she has always loved to help others. She has been saving to attend school by working summers sorting cherries and packing boxes. Misheala was inspired to become a nurse after helping her mother battle breast cancer. Free of cancer now, the process made her realize how much she loved taking care of people as well. None of their educational paths are what most people would consider typical. After hearing their stories and gaining a small insight of who they are; it is easy to see that our vocational scholarships are much needed. A special thank you to the Vocational Scholarship Committee ­ it is not an easy task to score applications, choose the interviewees, and make the decision on the most deserving individuals.

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