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Rotary International President: Dong Kurn "D.K." Lee

Rotary International District 6910 Governor: Garland C. "Gary" Moore

July 2008

Issue 1

Welcome to "Rotations," our monthly newsletter for Rotary International District 6910!

As we embark upon a new Rotary year, I would like to first pause and thank our predecessors ­ each and every one. We are a very successful District in so many ways. Great Rotarian members. Great Rotary Clubs. Great support for The Rotary Foundation and it's programs. Great support for the Georgia Rotary Student Program and its students. Great leaders locally and globally as we each strive to promote peace and world understanding in the name of Rotary. And all of this did not come about on its own ­ it came about with great leadership that has been provided on the club, area, district, zone and international levels. I stand in awe of our past leaders and pledge to do my utmost to emulate their exemplary commitment and successes over the coming year.

Irene and Gary Moore

We have a magnificent theme for this Rotary year ­ "Make Dreams Real." Isn't that what Rotary has always been about when you think about it? Make Dreams Real for peace and world understanding. Make Dreams Real for those who are hungry. For those who are thirsty. For those who are ill and in need of health care. For those who are illiterate and wish to become a part of the enlightened. That is what we Rotarians have focused on for years. This year, Rotary International President Dong Kurn "D.K." Lee of South Korea is asking that we "Make Dreams Real" for the vulnerable children of the world. Each and every day, over 30,000 children die from preventable diseases and illnesses such as pneumonia, measles, malaria, diarrhea, malnutrition, extreme poverty and/or lack of access to education. He has asked that we undertake projects ­ at home and abroad - focusing on these vulnerable children with an emphasis on health, hunger, literacy and water. Can we do it? Of course we can ­ and can we will! I look forward to working with each and every Rotarian in our District over the coming Rotary year as we "Make Dreams Real" by

· · · · · · · ·

Growing our District by 425 new Rotarians (including 2 new Rotary Clubs), Becoming a 100% Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member District, Supporting the Georgia Rotary Student Program at $100.00 per capita per Club, Sponsoring one child per Rotarian in the Ferst Foundation literacy program, Sponsoring an Eagle Scout/Gold Award Scout Recognition Banquet in February, Meeting our obligation to the Gates Foundation's $100 Million Challenge Grant to RI for the eradication of Polio, Working on World Community Service projects in Africa and Haiti, Celebrating our successes at our 2009 District Conference in Pigeon Forge ­ including finding out which Club has the Best Dessert in the District, and · Having fun each and every Rotary day! I look forward to our year together, and I thank you for all you do to "Make Dreams Real."


Rotations Issue #1- Page 1

District 6910 Administration

As you begin the new club year, it is time to look inside your club. Administration is the heartbeat of your club. It is how you organize and operate your club. You have heard the saying "The cobblers children have not shoes". Your Rotary Club does many great and important things in your community and your world. How do you plan for your club to operate? Or do you just let it happen? Our District has initiated the best communication tool for your club and your district in ClubRunner. ClubRunner lets you report your attendance and membership on line to the District Office. It lets you communicate with your members in numerous ways. It lets you maintain a secure roster and directory of your members. Anton Zellman can help you implement this wonderful program for your club. (Anton can be reached at [email protected] or by calling 770-345-7265.) Do you know where your copy of the 2007 Rotary International Manual of Procedure? This manual provides the answer to many of your questions about what a Rotary Club should do. It has a model Rotary Club Constitution. It also has the model Rotary Club by Laws. Where is you clubs Constitution and By Laws? Are they current? Do they accurately reflect how your club operates? Do amendments need to be made to conform to your club's practice and procedure? Are you ready to implement the new leadership plan? Have you amended your By Laws to reflect that change? What is the status of your club budget? Does each member of the Club Board know what their budget is for accomplishing their goals for the club? Have you closed out the 2007-2008 club budget and audited the accounts before transferring the check book to the new Treasurer of your club? Make sure you know your expenses and receipts for the coming year. District Directories have been distributed. This is your support for a successful Rotary year. The Rotarians listed in the directory are ready, willing and able to share with you their seasoned and experienced knowledge. Feel free to call upon them when you need support and counsel. For most Rotarians the success of your club year will weigh heavily on the types of programs you have at your meetings and what they have to eat. I know we are much more that a meet and eat organization but for most Rotarians these are important elements of their commitment to Rotary. Plan your programs for depth, breath and diversity. Club programs are challenging but most rewarding when they are done well. Look at your meeting area and work to make it especially inviting. Seek quality and diversity in your meal menus. Some people even think desserts are most important! Dennis T. Still, District 6910 Administration Director

Assistant Governor, Pat Page, Area I

Pat Page is serving as an Assistant Governor for the second time. Her clubs are Ringgold, Dalton, LaFayette and Summerville-Trion. She has been a Rotarian since 1994 and served as President of the Ringgold Club in 1996. Pat is very active in her community and serves on the Hutcheson Medical Center Foundation Board, the Catoosa County Chamber Legislative Committee, the Catoosa Citizens for the Performing Arts Foundation and the Charitable Giving Board at Carson-Newman College, her Alma Mater. She is also an active member of Lakeview First Baptist Church. Pat is semi-retired, having sold her Allstate Insurance business to her son-in-law, but she still goes to work every day. "After thirty-five years, it is just a habit for me to do that," she says. Pat is a widow and has two children and five grandchildren who she loves very much. Pat also loves Rotary and because of this love, she is a four-time Paul Harris Fellow and a member of the Bequest Society.

Lafayette Rotary Club

The Lafayette Rotary Club is involved with a variety of local civic and charitable activities as well as contributing to the Rotary Foundation , the Rotary Shelter Box International Service Project and support of District 6910 ticket raffle. Local activities include: Two $1000.00 collage scholarships and two rotary watch awards for graduating seniors, sponsorship of Boy Scout Troop #70, and sponsorship of a Walker County Recreation Department Little League ball team. In addition, we made contributions to the Walker County Senior Citizens Day, the Optimist Youth Golf Tournament, Walker County 4-H Club, Georgia Department of Rehabilitation, the Marsh House restoration project, Lafayette Women's Club, Kids 4 Christ, Box Fans for Senior Citizens, and a matching grant for the John B. Gordon Hall project. The total of all contributions for this year is $8,885.00.

Rotations Issue #1- Page 2

Ringgold Rotary Club 2007-2008

As the 2007-2008 Rotary year draws to a close, it has been interesting to reflect on what has been another accomplished year for the Ringgold Rotary Club. It has been my privilege to serve as Club President as we have carried on many of the Club's traditional avenues of service through projects and donations, as well as having established new programs and services to benefit our Club and community for years to come. Some project highlights of the year include: · Supporting literacy through donations to FERST Books and the Shirley Smith Adult Learning Center, as well as establishing a volunteer reading program at Boynton Elementary School · Having Club members volunteer for bell ringing with The Salvation Army · Maintaining our involvement and sponsorship of the Interact Club of Ringgold High School · Sponsoring a local blood drive with Blood Assurance · Applying for and receiving a matching grant to purchase toys for local youth at Christmas through the Sheriff's Department Stocking Full of Love program · Continuing our tradition of sponsoring two Interact students to attend RYLA · Continuing our tradition of having quarterly auctions to raise money for such programs as the Ronald McDonald House of Greater Chattanooga, and the Children of Chernobyl progam. · Sponsor the Club's first Shelter Box · Raising over $7,000 with our annual Christmas Concert with the Glen Draper Singers · Initiated the "Above the Call of Duty" Awards program to recognize an outstanding employee of each of the area's law enforcement and rescue Another of the highlights for this Rotary year is the quality and diversity of the speakers willing to present programs for our luncheons. Some of those include: · Frank Burke, owner the Chattanooga Lookouts · Denia Reese, Catoosa County Schools Superintendent (and club member) · Leonard Fant, President and CEO of Blood Assurance · Mike Helton, Catoosa County Manager · Eliza Paleaz, Georgia Rotary Student 2007-2008 · Jeff Clay, record holder in Guiness Book of World Records · Mike Landguth, President and CEO of the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport · Dr. John Schwenn, President of Dalton State College

· · ·

A final proud accomplishment of the year includes the addition of three outstanding new members: Penny Hughey, V.P. of First Tennessee Bank Martha Eaker, President of the Catoosa County Chamber of Commerce Charles Stewart, President and CEO of Hutcheson Medical Center

In closing I would like to sincerely thank our slate of officers and members of the board of the Ringgold Rotary Club for their outstanding contributions and efforts towards the success of the club this year. In particular, I would like to thank Mike Cloud (outgoing Assistant District Governor) and Pat Page (incoming Assistant District Governor) for their guidance to me personally as well as their continuing our Club's tradition of involvement on the district level. Warmest Regards! Jason Gibson, President Ringgold Rotary Club 2007-2008

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Of the things we think, say or do, Is it the Truth? Dalton Rotary, like our fellow clubs, seeks programs that educate, inform, inspire and (often) entertain. We believe it is important to bring in people who can meet these goals. During the past 12 months, Dalton has hosted: Governmental Leaders, including Congressman Nathan Deal and Georgia House Speaker Glenn Richardson. Educational leaders, who include the presidents of the University of Georgia, Mercer University, and Life University/Life College of Chiropractic as well as Dalton's own Jim Jolly, who serves as a Regent for the University System of Georgia. Business leaders, ranging from Dalton State College's Division of Business to "Floor Radio's" Dave Foster. Our own Steve Farrow, former State Senator and former chairman of the State Ethics Commission, who was our "Ethics" program speaker. Is it FAIR to all concerned? Dalton Club has worked hard to encourage all members to become a part of "Every Rotarian, Every Year" and, as a result, increased per capita giving from $75 per member to $150. Will it build GOOD WILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? "First the classification, then the member" In the October 2007 issue of "The Rotarian," Rotary International President Wilf Wilkinson wrote that "Our Rotary predecessors developed the classification system as a means of ensuring that each club would always contain a wealth of diversity of expertise, ability and talent." Our club's version of the "Classification Talk" consists of a weekly feature in our club bulletin, "Needles," highlighting the career(s) of one of our members. A number of club members have commented that they get to know fellow Rotarians better by reading about their vocations and their thoughts pertaining to their work. Since we encourage members to take their bulletins to their offices or homes for others to read, others learn about Rotarians, their leadership and their jobs. A teacher of the hearing impaired sought our help in funding an unlikely field trip: she wanted to take Dalton and Whitfield County children in classes for deaf and hard-of-hearing students to The Alliance Theatre in Atlanta to experience a musical production. Using a technique called "shadow interpreted play," the theatre empowered students to experience the show in ways meaningful to them. Our club was happy to purchase the tickets for the 32 people who attended. Introduction to Rotary in Dalton starts at the Interact level with all area high schools participating. Our high school seniors compete for local Rotary Scholarships and participate in Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA). We actively support the Georgia Rotary Scholarship Program with contributions of money and scholars. Dalton enjoys hosting the Group Study Exchange and this year, hosted a "Rotary Round-Up" barbecue and welcoming party for our GSE guests before introducing them to the "Carpet Capital of the World" the next two days. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? When we share ourselves and our resources, we usually are the ones who benefit the most. Here are some ways we have given: Give a man a fish or teach him how Five Rotary Clubs in five South African Rotary districts bought sewing machines this year and are teaching citizens how to sew, creating income streams for these destitute people.

Our club donated $1000 toward the purchase of these machines, sewing supplies and teacher salaries. With a high minority population, Dalton and Whitfield County Schools can use mentors who will listen to the children read using their newly-acquired English skills. Rotary Reads matches our members with elementary children who need us to lend an ear at 7:30 a.m. when they arrive at school before class starts. Why should we accept the absence of long-time, influential Rotarians simply because they do not want to battle the increasingly congested traffic to drive across town to a meeting? Through Rotary Ride, where a different member picks up a non-driving member each week, we can keep our valued members active and contributing. Volunteer drivers always say that they are the ones who benefit most from the one-onone conversations with our most veteran members. Every patriotic holiday, the Whitfield County Courthouse lawn and beyond transforms into a sea of briskly-waving American flags that are placed in honor and in memory of military veterans. It takes volunteers to erect those hundreds of flags at 7 a.m. and to take them down at 5 p.m. Count on seeing Dalton Rotarians at work here! Count also on seeing Dalton Rotarians at work ringing the Salvation Army bell and tending the bucket as local funds are raised for the less fortunate. For a number of years, our club has taken responsibility for the bucket-and-bell at a locally owned grocery store. Just before Christmas, local club members arrived laden with the basics of a holiday meal. Once the groceries were collected, some of our members volunteered to pack and deliver Christmas Food Baskets to less fortunate families. The 2007-08 year was the inaugural year for our "Heart of Rotary Benefit Concert," but popular request will not allow it to be the only year. Featuring Concert Pianist Francesco Attesti, a Rotarian from Italy, and Mezzo-Soprano Annika Kaschenz of Germany, the evening served the multiple purposes of a social event for the club and interested guests, a fundraiser for the Rotary Foundation and a cultural event for the community. Our annual Earl Lusk Memorial Golf Tournament provided fellowship for Rotarians and other golfers as well as funds for Rotary Youth Programs, including scholarships, our annual track meet and RYLA awards. The tee-shirts were printed, the teams were registered, the track and field were ready, the refreshments were prepared and the hard work had been done for our 35th annual Rotary Track and Field Meet. The one thing we could not control ­ high winds, low temperatures and rain ­ doused the plans and implementation. We were ready; however, you win some, you lose some and some are indeed rained out! President Gary Howard and his leadership team have appropriately kept the focus of Rotary on "Rotary Shares" and "The Four-Way Test." In the process, our club accomplished sufficient points to be named a "Gold Club" in District 6910.

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The Summerville-Trion Club had a good year. I feel we turned our club back into a positive direction from 3 to 4

year prior slump. 1. Increased membership from 19 to 22 even after losing 2 longtime members. 2. Ended the year with 11 sustaining foundation members. Last year we had none. 3. Created a Vice president slot for a 2 year President succession plan. 4. Had regular Board meetings. 5. Created a budget for the first time in many years. 6. Got our billing up to date. We were one year behind in member billing when I took the club. 7. Gave a record number of local Scholarships to our graduating high school seniors. (22 -$1000 scholarships, last year we gave 18) 8. Raised $4000 for our club through our golf tournament. 9. Saw an increase in regular attendance at weekly meetings. 10. Created a Member Directory with phone numbers, address, e-mail address and a quick contact network in case of emergency. Considering our struggling local economy and lack of new residents moving to our market, I feel we had a Great year !

J. Scott Tucker -President

Rotary Club of Jasper Celebrates a Special Recognition

The Rotary Club of Jasper, Georgia held their annual "Passing of the Gavel" dinner at Appalachian Technical College on June 24, 2008. Richard Rollins, outgoing President officially turned over the reigns to the new incoming President, Jeff Downing. The 2008 ­ 2009 incoming officers are: Past President ­ Richard Rollins; President Elect ­ Chris LeMieux; President Elect Elect ­ Tom Eubanks; Secretary ­ Betty Pickett; Treasurer ­ Charlie Messner; Sergeant ­ at ­ Arms ­ Charlie Wright. The meal, catered by Sharp Mountain Grill was wonderful. Attendees were entertained by an eclectic mix of songs performed by Mike & Tia, a local duet group. Charlie Wright was in great form as he played the role of auctioneer for the auction of the Mountain Cabin gift certificate. We thank Tom Eubanks for the special recognition of Floyd and Charlotte Hale. The Club presented a check for $5,000 to the Boys and Girls Club of Pickens County. This will be used to start a new program for them, the Floyd and Charlotte Hale Goals for Graduation Program. This program is designed to engage and encourage young people to succeed in school and become lifelong learners. Research suggests that academic goal setting support in primary and middle school years can have a substantial effect on the learning pattern throughout a youth's school years. Moreover, these goal setting learning opportunities can be organized effectively during non-school hours and in informal settings like the Boys & Girls Club. The program outlines a set of steps to provide learning opportunities with a continuity to the skills and information needed for success in school. The program specifically combats underachievement through supporting and enhancing the education of children. The five primary components of the program include: Focus young people's attention on setting goals; Set goals for academic success; support and encourage achievement; help young people relate goal setting success to other areas of their lives; assist young people to develop a personal commitment to learning. The Jasper Club donation will be used to start up the program with staff, equipment and supplies to implement the program. After achieving a successful year in 2007-2008, the Rotary Club of Jasper looks forward to an exciting and service above self oriented year in 2008-2009 under Jeff Downing's leadership. The club members are committed to Making Dreams Real.

Rotations Issue #1- Page 5

on Thursday, May 29, 2008. A large crowd attended the poolside dinner at the Monroe Golf and Country Club. District Governor Nathan Carmack of Athens addressed the group, as did other local Rotarians. Pictured below (L to R) is District Governor Elect Gary Moore, President Nancy Kinsey, Assistant Governor Sheryl Fambrough and District Governor Nathan Carmack. Musical Entertainment was provided by Golden Productions of Loganville.

The Monroe Rotary Club celebrated it's 70th Anniversary

The first place team from Walton EMC receives awards at the Loganville Rotary Club Golf Tournament on May 16 at Monroe Golf & Country Club. Pictured L-R are Roger Miller, sponsor Ken Strickland with Metro Waterproofing, Ron Marshall, Charles Dyer, Scott Walker and sponsor Rob Kiser with Kiser & Green. The tournament raised more than $12,000 for the club's local service work including funding for driver education in Walton County Schools.

South Gwinnett Rotary Club just had a very special Rotary meeting. Our guest was Bob "Punchy" Pow-

ell, a former Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Air Corps. Mr. Powell was with the 352nd Fighter Group known as the "Blue-Nosed Bastards of Bodney". Bodney, England was the location of their air base. He was one of the ace flyers in his fighter group and is credited with 5 enemy kills during WW II. Mr. Powell also has a marriage of 60+ years standing. When asked how he and his wife were able to remain together happily for so many years, Mr. Powell answered "Just remember 5 words: ' I Love You' and 'Yes Dear'!"....

Photo on the left is Mr. Powell and Club President Al Karnitz. In the photo on the right are some our of club's military veterans: (L to R) -Raymer Sale, Glenn Thompson, Joel Taylor, Bill Shaver, Scott LeCraw, an unidentified guest attendee, Al Karnitz, and Richard Winegarden

Rotations Issue #1- Page 6

THE ROTARY CLUB OF SOUTH HALL COUNTY HOLDS ANNUAL BANQUET The Rotary Club of South Hall County held its annual awards banquet recently at the Magnolia Grill. The 27-person club, which was chartered in 1985, celebrated its accomplishments for the year and awarded the following:

· Seventeen members were recognized for their years of perfect attendance, with the most going to Dianne Cammarata for 18 years and Benny Bagwell for 17 years; · Sloan Jones was honored as Rotarian of the Year for her countless hours of service and dedication to the Rotary Club of South Hall County; · Tim Hayes was awarded the Lee Arrendale Award for his outstanding service to the club and community.

Officers for the 2008 ­ 2009 year were also installed: Brian Cantel, President; Christy Moore, President Elect; Sloan Jones, Secretary; Dianne Cammarata, Treasurer. For more information about The Rotary Club of South Hall County, call Christy Moore at (770) 5338099.

Sloan Jones receives Rotarian of the Year Award from Rotary Club of South Hall County President Brian Cantel.

Rotations Issue #1- Page 7

The Leadership Rockdale Class of 2008 wanted to say "thank you" to two members of the Rotary Club of Rockdale County, Claire Cline and Tim Baker, for their contributions to the Conyers-Rockdale County Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program. What better way to do so than with the placement of a Rotary bench? With the leadership efforts of fellow Rotarian David Cooper, this Rotary bench was dedicated on July 11, 2008 honoring these two Rotarians. There is a plaque on the bench that sums up what these two Rotarians are about. It reads:

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." John Quincy Adams Dedicated to Claire Cline and Tim Baker In appreciation of your extraordinary leadership abilities and immeasurable dedication to your community. Leadership Rockdale Class of 2008 In preparation for the new District office and asking for photographs of Past District Governors and this information was discovered....... Worth McDougald, President of Athens Rotary Club and PDG District 6910 1992-93 is from a Real family of Rotarians. Father, Walter Edwin McDougald, a founder of the Statesboro club...but died (1939) before his Presidency came up. Step Brother John Horace McDougald, president of Statesboro club. Don McDougald, president of Statesboro club. Mike McDougald, president of Gadsden, Alabama Rotary Club and Rome, Georgia Rotary Club.

May 7-10, 2009 Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

District Conference promises to be a unique event this year. Governor Gary is planning a gala event with something for everyone. In addition to the customary Rotary Plenary Sessions there are will be many additions to this a memorable Conference.

Thursday evening Welcome Reception Friday Foundation Luncheon Prizes Parade with Miss Dolly Parton Serving as Grand Marshal District 6910 Orchestra Return of the Ice Bucket Award Best Dessert in the District Award 5k Revenuer Run Appalachian Olympics Veterans Recognition Tennis Outing Golf Outing Name the Bear Contest with the Winner receiving a Registration Fee Rebate

Dreams of Miss Dolly Parton Making a Personal Appearance at Our Conference!!!! Help us Make Dreams Real

Mark Your Calendars!!!!! ­ Reserve your Room ­ They are going Fast !!!!!!

Music Road Inn 1-800-429-7700

I am Mr. Pigeon and I approve this ad!!!!!

Music Road Inn 1-866-429-8803

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