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Spring 2009

Pedal and Picnic this Summer!

by Jarek Harezlak, Board Member | [email protected]


ummer is a great time to meet fellow Harvard alumni and their families! Our summer picnic is scheduled for June 13 at the Lawrence W. Inlow Park in Carmel.* We will have a potluck-style lunch and activities for kids and adults. The park is at 6310 E 131st Street in Carmel, and features nature trails, playgrounds, an interactive fountain, and a basketball court. Dress comfortably in case you're going to get wet or shoot baskets! We will start with a bike ride on the Carmel Access Bikeway at 9:30 a.m., and we will congregate at the shelter for lunch around noon. Please RSVP to me by Wednesday, June 10 so our club will know how many to expect for the ride and the picnic, and so I can update you in the event of inclement weather. See you at the park!

Enjoy June's Bike Ride and Picnic Saturday, June 13 Lawrence W. Inlow Park in Carmel

Go to the Inlow South shelter at the park. Bike ride will start at 9:30 a.m. Lunch will start about noon, potluck style!

If your last name begins with initials: A-I: J-R: S-Z: Please bring a warm dish Please bring a salad Please bring a dessert

Please bring enough for five people, and we will have plenty of food for everyone! The bike ride will start and finish at the park, so you can leave items in your car during our ride. If your initials are A-I and you're going on the bike ride, please bring a salad or dessert (ice cream not recommended!). The club will provide drinks, plates, napkins, and utensils. If you have questions, please call Jarek at (617) 8529390.

* Lawrence Inlow was a Carmel resident. He received his law degree from Harvard.


Onward and Upward!

Bryan Richards, President | [email protected]

Oindicated substantial interest

ur fall membership survey

in intellectual gatherings, social activities, and public service. The Club's winter and spring Indianapolis Museum of Art tours have received high marks and the Ivy League Dinner series draws a steady crowd under the guidance of Amy Weir. This summer, activities such as the bike ride, picnic, and evening at Conner on the Prairie will enrich our social calendar. Keep an eye on our electronic newsletter for news of more such events coming this year. The Club's growth has drawn attention from the University. In February, I gave a presentation to over one hundred Harvard Club leaders from around the world at the 2009 Alumni Leadership Conference in Cambridge. This event enabled me to share insights with fellow Harvard graduates and officials, and gave Indiana national and international exposure. Our public service efforts have long focused on admissions interviews, a tradition that has run smoothly under the management of Robert Justice and Charlene Wickersham. We hope to expand our service activities with a pilot high school guidance program. Recently elected board member Korlon Kilpatrick plans to start this program in the fall. The survey also revealed interest among alumni for the Harvard Club to affiliate with a regular physical location. Accordingly, board member David Wu has been exploring prospects for a special group membership package at Indianapolis's longstanding Columbia Club (no relation to Columbia University). We have not yet negotiated an attractive deal with this organization, but we will share news if and when we have structured an arrangement for members of the Harvard Club of Indiana. We occasionally highlight campus resources and news from the Harvard News Office and Harvard Alumni Association. Our web site's Campus News page now features links to undergraduate and graduate school papers throughout the university, including The Harvard Crimson, Harbus, Ed., and


others, so you can spend many happy hours perusing the latest campus activities and research findings in Boston and Cambridge. Behind the scenes, we have bolstered management through the creation of a board conflict of interest policy, ongoing refinement of bylaws, and more frequent communication between board members. We have also distributed responsibilities among leaders to expand and deepen our institutional knowledge, skill base, and capacity to run events. As volunteers, we have limited resources, yet we have been able to build an ever more vibrant Harvard community far from the Charles River. The Harvard Alumni Association continues to provide us with access to its electronic mail system, and we still await the launch of a new web system which should enable us to offer a much more interactive and dynamic online presence. As a Harvard graduate, student, or parent, you are welcome to participate in Club activities regardless of your class year or location within Indiana.

Express Artistic and Culinary Tastes

by Amy Weir, Board Member | [email protected]


e have several intellectual and events this spring, including a recent art museum tour and our continuing Ivy League Dinner series. On Thursday, May 7, Harvard alumna and IMA docent Jennifer Hendrian led a special tour of the IMA's current exhibit, "European Design since 1985: Shaping the New Century." Participants exclaimed how surprised they were at the novel uses to which designers had put everyday household items.


n Tuesday, May 19 at 7:00 p.m., the Ivy League Dinner Club dined at Ralph's Great Divide, located at 743 E. New York Street, just east of downtown Indianapolis. Our conversation explored

the history of famous architectural works in Indiana, trends in college admissions, and other intriguing topics. The Indianapolis Museum of Art's CEO, Max Anderson, is a Harvard graduate. See below for our list of upcoming dinners. Seating is limited, so RSVP to me at least three days in advance.

See Cambridge Online

Harvard is active all year long. Visit these sites to stay abreast of campus activities: elections.php Vote for the Harvard Board of Overseers and HAA Elected Directors by May 29, 2009. Read, watch, and hear Harvard Commencement stories, slideshows, videos, and transcripts! Watch short videos of campus. Learn about events at the University.


Reserve These Dates for Future Ivy League Dinners

Thursday, July 23 at 7:00 p.m. Thai food at Sawasdee 1222 West 86th Street in Indianapolis Tuesday, September 22 at 7:00 p.m. Peruvian food at Machu Picchu 5356 West 38th Street in Indianapolis Thursday, November 5 at 7:00 p.m. Location to be announced (Amy's taking suggestions)

Share Advice through Our Education Initiative

by Korlon Kilpatrick, Board Member | [email protected]


his coming fall, the Club will embark upon an exciting new educational initiative with the Charles A. Tindley Accelerated School. Members from the Club will conduct a program for freshmen, sophomores, and select juniors on applying to highly selective colleges. The intent of the program will be to give the students tips on building a more competitive profile when applying to such colleges. We are developing this program based on anecdotal information from club members who participate in the alumni interview process. It has been observed that there are a number of Central Indiana students that could have been more competitive in the application process had they made different decisions earlier in their secondary school careers. By focusing on freshmen and sophomores, we hope to provide them information that can help them build stronger profiles as they prepare to apply to colleges. Members from the Club have met with Tindley administrators and have started to design a program that all believe will be beneficial to the students. The initial program will serve as a pilot program. We envision a panel-style discussion plus breakout sessions with small groups of students. It is the hope of the board that this will be the beginning a long-term partnership with Tindley and, possibly, a collaboration model for other schools. For more information on the Charles A. Tindley Accelerated School, visit the school's website, For more information on this initiative or to see how you can get involved, please contact Rodney Byrnes at [email protected] or Korlon Kilpatrick at [email protected]


Reach Out to Harvard Students and Indiana's College Towns

Bryan Richards, President | [email protected]


e continue to grow the leadership of the Harvard Club of Indiana. This spring, we invite enthusiastic and reliable Harvard parents and alumni to join us in these areas: Reach out to current Harvard undergraduates, graduate students, and parents Offer more Club activities in university communities such as Bloomington, West Lafayette, and South Bend

Founded in 1857, the Harvard Club of Indiana is the oldest Harvard Club in the world and is one of the most active, as demonstrated by our steady attendance and high frequency of events. Write to [email protected] to learn more about how you can join the leadership team.

Purdue, Indiana, and Notre Dame's communities are home to dozens of Harvard alumni and families.

Students take stock of a case study at Harvard Business School and hold court at the Law School's gym.


Celebrate a New Entering Class

by Robert Justice, Schools Committee Chair | [email protected]

This has been one of our Scholarship Committee's busiest years interviewing applicants to Harvard College! There were fifteen admittees for the Class of 2013, which corresponds to an admissions rate of almost 12% among applicants who didn't withdraw. This was an extraordinary year of Indiana, as the College's overall admission rate was just 7% worldwide. Admissions offices say 11% of this class comes from the Midwest, which is just one percentage point above the representation from US Territories and abroad, so we were a big little state in our small-numbers region. Overall, 29,112 people applied worldwide, up 1,650 from last year. These thirteen students from Indiana plan to enroll: Allie Wunderlich Castle David Yang Carmel Drew Simon Kokomo Raj Bhuptani Terre Haute South Vigo Jade Luo Carmel Jeffery Atwood Bloomington South Lawrence Cripe North Central Matthew Yung Carmel Molly Wehlage North Central Nicholas Scheidler Whiteland Community Robert Hero Indiana Academy for Science & Math Ty Shrontz Pioneer Junior-Senior Zachary Sherwood Franklin Central Additional students are still being admitted from the wait list, including eleven whom our Club interviewed. Five applicants withdrew. We had 134 applicants overall. Those who gave up their time to do the interviews and write the reports are entitled to take credit for the impressive admit rate. I believe we interviewed and reported on every applicant, except those who withdrew. I am told many other clubs didn't.

Our unsung team of interviewers included: Stefan Anderson Thomas Berndt David Best Mark Bogdanowicz Thomas Ciulla Kendall Crook Linda DiMeglio David Dorff Elise Foster Edward Fox Greg Frederickson Meredith Golomb Susannah Hall Justice Joshua Holden Frank Howland Elizabeth Justice Korlon Kilpatrick Keith Lerch Martin Marciniak Evelyn McCabe Janet McCabe John McCluskey Clay Miller Andrew Noga Bill Pike Bonnie Reilly Charles Retherford Bryan Richards Sandra Rothbaum Shari Rudavsky Michael Sacopulos Joseph Sannella Lisa Schneider-Nelson Bob Shoemaker Donald Smith Maria Stanley Darryl Tannebaum

Kudos also to Jessica Clark, our new Admissions Rep. She must have been outstanding in those Admissions Committee discussions on behalf of our applicants. Indiana will be wellrepresented in the Class of 2013!

The Admissions Office's visitor reception room is at Agassiz House in Radcliffe Yard.


Become a Member and Help Grow the Harvard Club of Indiana


e have individual and household membership options for the period from now through June 2010. Paid membership is rarely mandatory to attend Harvard Club of Indiana events, but we encourage your participation for these reasons: Your support enables us to host receptions for prospective and new students, reserve park space and purchase items for picnics and other Club functions, mail you a printed newsletter at least once per year, cover facility costs at the Harvard vs. Yale game, run our annual statewide Scholarship Committee interview program, and cover other event and communication expenses that enable us to foster a lively Harvard community in Indiana throughout the year. On occasion, we provide discounts and special access to events for alumni who submit individual or family membership dues. Membership grants you eligibility to attend Harvard Club events worldwide at local Club member rates. As of this writing, every Club but New York and Boston participates in this Global Pass program. Thus you may attend events in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Shanghai, Zurich, Buenos Aires, or virtually anywhere else at local member rates.

We are also grateful for your donations. Such gifts gave us the ability to start new programs and provide more guidance to students. Bryan Richards has called or written to many of you to thank you personally for your donations, but even if you haven't received a note, know that our leadership team is very grateful! To upgrade our infrastructure, the board is studying the prospect of sponsorships for Harvard Club programs. If your company might be interested in becoming a sponsor, write to [email protected]

Help Make the Harvard Club Great Visit for our online form, or send a check to "Harvard Club of Indiana", 641 E. 80th St., Indianapolis, IN 46240. Rates are $25 for individuals and $40 for households, less than the cost of one dinner for two at many restaurants! If you donate beyond the member rate, simply list one total in your online or postal submission.


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19 Ivy League Dinner

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Ralph's Last Divide @ 7 pm Contact [email protected]


13 Summer Bike Ride and Picnic

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4 Harvard Commencement

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Lawrence W. Inlow Park @ 9:30 am and 12:00 pm Contact [email protected]


11 Summer Bike Ride under consideration

Contact [email protected]

23 Ivy League Dinner

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Sawasdee @ 7:00 pm Contact [email protected]



Mozart by Moonlight

Conner Prairie in the evening Contact [email protected]

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