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CCHS Victorian Branch Survey

Please read information at the bottom of the survey before completing. 1. Are you a new member (2011/2012) Yes No If no years as member junior 46-50 comp 51-60 60+

What is your member number ________ Type of Membership: Full What is your age group: 0 -20 21-30 31-35 36-40 41-45

2. Are you a member because you..... Own a Clydesdale own several Clydesdales lease a Clydesdale

No Clydesdales but interested in the breed Other

have previously owned clydedales

please comment ________________________________________________________

3. What area(s) are you most involved with Clydesdales? Led Classes Farm Classes Harness Classes Ridden Classes Driven Reins Classes Driving for pleasure Junior Classes Farming other

4. What area(s) of the list above would you like to be more involved with? Why?

5. Would you like assistance in any of the following areas? Show preparation: Grooming plaiting in the ring Led in the ring harness show harness

In the ring reins Show vehicles Pleasure: Driving skills Fitting harness

in the ring junior

other _____________________ Basic harness/horse preparation Farm Classes hoof care other_____________

6. If you ticked any of the boxes in question 5 would you like someone to contact you who could help you in this area Y N If yes supply contact details (name, address, ph, email)

27 Weller Road, Lancaster 3620 Phone (03) 5855 2891

[email protected]

7. Newsletter: Are you happy with the content of the newsletter? Y


No comment

Is the newsletter regular enough? Y N If no how many issues should be Would you like to see something added to the newsletter? Comment_______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ Do you receive the newsletter by email post have not been receiving the newsletter Email: _________________________

Would you like to receive the newsletter via email Y N 8. Website: Do you visit the website Y N Are you happy with the content on the website? Y N

How often ? _______________________________

No comment

Comment_______________________________________________________________________ Would you like to see something added to the website? Y N

Comment_______________________________________________________________________ What pages most interest you and why?_____________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ Do you access the members page Y N

Would you like to see something added to the members page? Comment_______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ 9. Over all how would you rate the newsletter (please circle) 1 Fantastic 2 Very Good 3 Good 4 Average 5 Needs Improvement

10. Over all how would you rate the website (please circle) 1Fantastic 2 Very Good 3 Good 4 Average N 5 Needs Improvement

11. Are you happy with the content of the year book? Y

No comment

Comment______________________________________________________________________ Would you like to see something added to the year book? Comment_______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ 12. Over all how would you rate the year book (please circle) 1 Fantastic 2 Very Good 3 Good 4 Average 5 Needs Improvement

13. Are you happy with the service received from CCHS Victorian Branch? Y


Comment____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ 14. Are you happy with the service received from CCHS Federal Council? Y N

Comment____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ 15. What would you like to see the CCHS Vic Branch change or improve? Comment____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ 16. Over all how would you rate your experience with the CCHS Victorian Branch? (please circle) 1 Fantastic 2 Very Good 3 Good 4 Average 5 Needs Improvement

17. If you are a new member (2011/2012) did you receive a welcome pack upon joining the society Y N

18. If you have any further comment to make which may benefit new and existing members Please comment_______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Please read before completing the survey. *If you are a new CCHS Vic Branch member completing this survey we welcome you to the society. *If you are an existing member thankyou for participating. *All results will be used to better and improve the CCHS Vic Branch services to you. *All membership numbers provided are only used to verify membership and will not be used with any results of the survey. *All personal details listed on the survey will remain confidential with the CCHS Vic Branch Secretary and will not be used in any way other than requested. Eg: emails passed to newsletter editor if requested. *Any comments made in the survey will be noted with results but will not be used or connected with any individual person or member. *If a request for assistance is listed on the survey (Question6) these details will be passed to a reputable member of the society who may help in the areas listed, only after this person has agreed to mentor the request. *All efforts will be made to match your requests with the most suitable person to assist but the CCHS Vic Branch takes no responsibility for any mismatch or other disputes or liabilities which may occur from this request. Please Mail Completed Survey to: Junita Wiltshire Secretary CCHS Victorian Branch 27 Weller Road Lancaster 3620 [email protected]

Or email to :



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