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Reducing Overall System Costs

Stephen Doninger Darla Petrosius

Concept Overview

Reduction of cost

Panel space savings Labor savings Reduced wiring errors Ease of troubleshooting

Old style Control Panel

New style Control Panel

FTA's: VARIOFACE Professional

Why use field termination assemblies?

Bridge between the control level and field level Terminal blocks with high density connections

Ribbon Cable


High Density D-Sub

Power Distribution Module

VARIOFACE Professional

Power distribution modules (PDM's) and power supplies

VARIOFACE Professional

System Cabling Solutions

Professional Grade Interface Modules Industrial, Over-Molded Ribbon Cables Elimination of wiring errors

VARIOFACE Professional

Complete Systems Cabling Components:

Plug Adapter

System Cable

Interface Module

Systems Cabling

Reduction of Assembly time Connecting 32 I/O Signal points

Single point termination - cut - strip - terminate per Signal 2 minutes 50 minutes for 32 Signals PLC Systems Cabling - Simply plug it in ! Less than a minute for 32 Signals

Reduction of

more than 90 %

Systems Cabling

Reduction of Space Area for 32 I/O Signal points

Single point termination - Terminal Blocks 13 - Fuse Blocks 30 - Relays 66 - Relay + Fuse 281 All numbers in Square Inches PLC Systems Cabling - Module - Module - Module - Module 12 35 42 102

Reduction of up to

50 % space

Some PLC Cabling systems we support


High Density Packaging

Only 6.2mm Wide!

7 to 1 Space Savings Vs. Octal Socket Style Relays 4 to 1 Space Savings Vs. "Ice Cube" Style Relays

Integrated Input Circuitry

LED indicator

Inductive kickback diode Polarity protection diode

Snap-in Bridge System reduces labor

PLC Relay ­ Quick Connection System


optimal application series

Sensor Actuator Universal

pluggable, narrow

safe isolation

DIN VDE 0106-101

snap-in bridge system


high switching power

IP 67

250 V AC/6 A

integrated circuitry

Mini Analog: Why use signal conditioners

·Improve signal isolation from EMI/RFI sources ·Stronger amplification of weaker transmitter signals ·Boost signal strength to support several devices on the process control loop ·Signal linearization ·Universal configuration ·Signal level matching ·Ground loop isolation

Mini Analog Signal Conditioners

MINI Analog ­ 43 functional modules

Power bridging - T-Bus Connector

Less wiring Fast installation The modules are hot swappable! Saves time and money!

The Innovation Continues!

MINI Analog V8 Adapter

MINI MCR-SL-V8-FLK 16-A P/N 2811268

Connects to 8 MINI MCR analog Current modules And 16 position system cabling Approvals: CE, ATEX nA, UL, UL-EX

Not to be used with Analog voltage modules

MINI Analog System Cabling

New system-cable with open ends

Ferruled Marked 1-16 Flexible connection to different PLC'S !!


Why use MINI Analog?

Only 6.2mm wide Efficient power circuit

T-Bus power connection system

Quick Cabling System

Rugged Design Specs and approvals

Screw and Spring connection

Dip Switch configurable

Motor Starter Basics: IEC Contactor + Overload Relay = Motor Starter

Motor Starter Basics


Contactor + Overload Relay = Motor Starter

"4 in1" Time Savings Over Contactors

E-stop Contactors

Reversing Contactors

Overload Relay


Combination of fast, wear free Solid State & EM Relays (Hybrid) and Motor Overload relay


19.2 to 30Vdc 85 to 253Vac Surge/polarity protected


42 to 550Vac 2A or 9A outputs Surge current 100A for 10mS Average output rating of 4KW or 5HP power factor dependent. Surge protected Leakage current = 0mA


Why use the 4-in-1 instead of other electromechanical starters?


4-in-1 Reversing Contactor


Overload Relay


E Stop Contactor

· Panel space ­ 75% space savings · Wiring time ­ 75% labor savings · Long lifetime ­ 40 year; 30 million cycles · Price ­ more cost effective compared to multiple components

Power Distribution

CLIPLINE-UT 6-TMC M Circuit Breakers

·.5A ­ 16A ·UL 1077 ·240Vac; 28Vdc

Flexible marking options

Patented FBS push-in bridging



QUINT SFB Power Supply Family


Selective FuseBreaking Technology Large output voltage range Preventive function monitoring


3rd minus terminal block Slim design

QUINT SFB ­ Power Boost for cost savings

Uout [V] Uout 0.9 x Uout Nominal load IN


Output voltage and output current monitoring


n x IN

Iout [A]



Why SFB Technology? Reduced downtime

6x nominal current for 12 milliseconds = power integrity on the DC bus

Protect What You Install!!!


QUINT SFB Power Supply Family

Increase Power Supply Warranty!!!

Use this with this and get a 5 year extended warranty

Technical Documentation on Web

Extend Power Supply Warranty

5 years Unconditional

Landing page on web Download Application Note

Lean Managed Switch ­ All the function without all the cost

SNMP v1,2 RSTP Web Server Configuration Alarm Contact Redundant Power Connection Ext. Temp: -40 to 75 deg C "-E" Version

IGMP Snooping Default On

Fiber options available

Lean Managed Switch

IPAssign Tool:

Free download from our website

Standard Function Narrow (SFN) Unmanaged Switches:

Easy to Apply

Wide Range: 5 & 8 Port versions Complete Fiber/Copper Options SC & ST Fiber Connector options

Unique Performance & Security Options

Quality of Service Prioritization Physical Port Security Affordable Gigabit Options Extended Temperature variants

SFNT Wide Temperature Switch

Reliability under Extreme Environmental Conditions

Wide temperature range : -40°C to +75°C Increased Noise Immunity: Exceeds IEC 61000-4 Superior Shock/Vibration: 25G/5G

SFN Gigabit Performance Update:

SFN Gigabit Switches support Jumbo Frames! Typical Applications:

Cameras Machine Vision

RJ45 Quickon Connector

Worlds Fastest RJ45 Connection


· Two piece connection system · No stripping of the wires · Connection in less than one minute · IP 65/67 · Two versions: #22 - #18 AWG & #26 - #22 AWG · Available with either metal or plastic coupling nut

Fast Connection Technology!!

Through-Panel Connections: Machine or Device Connections Traditional Phoenix Contact

INDUSTRIAL PLUG CONNECTOR: Remove the base; remove the cost

Standard rectangular housing Eliminate base component Save on average 30-35% IP 65/67/69K Additional wiring space Heavycon Advanced

Machine or Device Connections Modular System

Modular connection system integrating power, signal & pneumatics into hood/base From 2 to12 modules in one plug connector system. One cut-out necessary

Why Wireless?...

Benefits of Wireless in Industrial Applications

Lower installation costs (than wired solutions) Labor savings Permits and delays Material cost Faster installation vs. traditional cabling More application flexibility Offer an alternative to wiring harnesses and slip rings that could wear out on moving devices Provide monitoring and control of "stranded" devices in remote locations

What can wireless do for you?

Find out more by attending the training class ­ Tuesday and Wednesday; 10:30 -12:00pm

License vs. Unlicensed ISM Bands Wi-Fi 900 MHz Proprietary UHF Radios GSM/GPRS Cell Phone Antennas & accessories


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