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First Workshop on Climate-Induced Migration and Displacement in MENA June 15-16 2010, Marseille - Program Meetings' location : Marseille Center for Mediterranean Integration (MCMI) Villa VALMER, 271 Corniche Kennedy, Marseille Phone: 0033 4 91 99 24 56 Ms. Didem Sengoz-Gardès Cell Phone : 0033 6 37 05 00

Tuesday June 15th

14:00 INTRODUCTORY SESSION BY ORGANIZING PARTNERS · Mr. Etienne Viard, Head, Mediterranean & Middle East department, AFD · Mr. Mats Karlsson, Director, Marseille Center for Mediterranean Integration · Mr. Andrea Liverani, The World bank ; Ms. Sarah Lahmani, AFD 14:30-18:00 SESSION 1 - FRAMING THE DEBATE ON CLIMATE CHANGE AND MIGRATION IN THE MENA REGION (FACILIATATED BY SARAH LAHMANI, AFD) · Climate Change and its Adaptation Implications in the MENA Region, Mr. Stéphane Hallegatte, Researcher, CIRED, France · Making Sense of the Climate Change and Mobility Debate, Mr. Frank Laczko, Head of Research, IOM · Impacts of Climate Change on the Arab Countries, Prof. Ibrahim Abdel Gelil Said ABDALLA, Professor, Arab Gulf University, Arab Forum for Environment and Development · Migration Patterns in the MENA Region, Mr. Mehdi LAHLOU, Professor, INSEA, Morocco · Climate Change and Migration Scenarios in the MENA Region, Research Assistant, CARIM, Italy Ms. Anna Di Bartolomeo,

· Environmentally Induced Migration and Sustainable Development, Mr. Sami Areikat, Sustainable Development Officer, UN · Do Hydro-climatic Hazards Intensify Social Tensions and Conflicts: Introducing the CLICO Project, Ms. Maria Berglund, Researcher, Ecologic Institute, Germany

Wednesday June 16th

9:00-11:30 SESSION 2 ­ METHODOLOGIES TO FURTHER RESEARCH THE CLIMATE AND MOBILITY INTERACTIONS AND STRENGTHEN THE GENERAL FRAMEWORK OF ANALYSIS (FACILITATED BY THOMAS MELONIO, AFD) · Weather-Related Disasters and International Migration, Mr. Rafael Reuveny, Professor, Indiana University, USA · Linking Climate Change, Environmental Degradation and Migration: A Methodological Overview, Mr. Etienne Piguet, Professor, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland · Researching Climate Change Induced Migration : Beyond the EACH-FOR Project, Mr. Tamer Afifi, Associate Academic Officer, United Nations University-EHS · Foresight Global Environmental Migration Project, Mr. Stephen Bennett, Project Leader, Government Office for Science, UK

· Global Governance to Address Climate Migration, Mr. Siméon De Hey, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium · Climate Change, Extreme Weather Events and International Labor Migration, Mr. Nicola Coniglio, Assistant Professor, University of Bari, Italy · Research Designs for Assessing Climate Induced Migration Dynamics in the MENA Region: The Methodology overview of the WB ­ RAND ­ AFD Study on Climate Induced Migration in the MENA, Mr. Quentin Wodon (WB) and Ms. Audra Grant (RAND) 11:30-15:30 SESSION 3 ­ REGIONAL ANALYSIS ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE AND ITS MOBILITY IMPLICATIONS IN THE MENA REGION (FACILITATED BY QUENTIN WODON, WB) · Impacts and Adaptation to Climate Induced Migration in Coastal and Marine Zones of the Middle East, North Africa and Mediterranean, Ms. Magdalena Muir, Advisory Board Member, Coastal and Marine Union · Climate Change in MENA : Migration in Syria and Egypt, Mr. Asif Niazi, Regional Assessment Officer and Regional Climate Change Adviser, UN World Food Programme, Egypt · Migration and its Impact on Natural Resource Management, Dr. Malika Martini, Social Scientist, ICARDA, Syria · Climate Induced Migration and Sub-Sahara Region : In Search of Shelter, Ms. Almas Haider, Researcher, TU Braunschweig, Germany · Climate Change Induced Displacement in the IGAD Region: Implications for policy and livelihoods, among pastoral communities, Prof. Jamiat Nanteza, Assistant Lecturer, Makerere University, Uganda · Climate-Induced Migration and the Securitization of Borders in the Mediterranean: Conflicting policy directions, Mr. Francois Gemenne, Researcher, Science PO, IDDRI, France · Caught between Climate Induced Migration and European Border Security: Morocco as a Transit State, Mr. Gregory White, Professor, Smith College, USA 16:00-17:45 SESSION 4 ­ NATIONAL ANALYSIS ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE AND ITS MOBILITY IMPLICATIONS IN THE MENA REGION (FACILITATED BY FRANÇOIS GEMMENNE, IDDRI-SC.PO & AUDRA GRANT, RAND) · The Impact of Climate Change on Migration: The Case of Egypt, Mr. Tarek Abdelhafiz Kotb SHALABY, CDM Department Manager, Climate Change Central Department, Egypt · The Environmentally-Induced Migration (EIM) as Related to Climate Change in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region: A Man-Made Disaster or Natural Phenomenon?", Prof. Dr. Hilmi S. Salem, Palestine Technical University - Kadoorie (PTUK), Palestine · Climate, migration, and remittances in Yemen, Mr. Quentin Wodon, Adviser & Program Manager, WB · Gestion Publique du Changement Climatique et la Désertification de la Plaine de Konya en Turquie, Ms. Gulcin Erdi-Lelandais, Researcher, Université de Picardie Jules Verne, Turkey/France · Impacts of Climate Change, Migration and Population Growth in a Multi-ethnic Oasis Environment: The Case of the Biosphere Reserve of South-eastern Moroccan Oasis, Prof. Mohammed Yacoubi, Caddi Ayyad University, Morocco · Climate Change and Its Impacts on Internal and External Migration : The case of Egypt, Dr. Manal ElBatran, Professor of Urban Planning, HBRC, Egypt 17:45-18:00 Closing Remarks


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