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Dear fellow members,

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Vol. 28, Issue 10, June 2013


Leslie Herzog 540-2247 [email protected] Marie Sweetland 963-0616 [email protected] Ann Dunker 527-4851 [email protected] Susan Puryear 635-6660 [email protected] Sharon Wallace 579-7529 [email protected] Janelle Loper 321-5692 [email protected] Karen Quesnell 527-0137 [email protected] Joelle DeMeter 495-0849 [email protected] Nancy Price-Weddle 520-5088 [email protected]

Co-Vice Presidents (Membership)

Presidents' Message

We are both honored to serve as CMNC Co-Presidents for the 2013-2014 year. It is such a privilege to work with our very enthusiastic Executive Board. We are looking forward to a wonderful year, full of fellowship and new experiences for the ladies of Cheyenne Mountain Newcomers Club. Our goal this year is to continue the legacy of previous co-presidents by supporting and encouraging the activities that our amazing Activity Chairs head throughout 2013-2014. To ALL current Activity chairs, we appreciate your continued service. May this coming year bring all the support you require to continue your activity! There are currently several Chair positions available. Please volunteer and support your group so that it will remain active. Our Directory Chair has not yet been filled please don't be shy, we know there are computer pros out there for whom this would be a piece of cake! Congratulations to our Spring Luncheon Chairs - Janis Cross and Dawn Gardner-Hand. The fashion show and luncheon at the Garden of the Gods Club was a delightful event! Nancy Price-Weddle will be chairing the Winter Gala, and Pamela Street has volunteered to chair the 2014 Spring Luncheon. We are excited to hear your ideas! Friendly reminder....If you haven't already completed your membership renewal form and paid dues, please do so as soon as possible. Thank you. Summer is a time to get out and meet new friends, bring them with you to the September meeting and sign them up as new members. This is an amazing group of women, willing to share their time and knowledge with Newcomers. See you in September,



Newsletter Editor Past Presidents/ Advisors

Leslie and Marie

The CMNC Webpage is available at . The user name is CMNCC and the password is cmnccos09. For more information contact: Linda Steckel, Webmaster at [email protected] 2

Cheyenne Mountain Newcomers Club

CMNC General Meeting


Chairs: Joyce Calamia Janet Marletto

[email protected] [email protected]


576-3245 226-1474 Chairs: Susan Jones Carolyn Spillane Sharon Trapman 391-4575 579-0771 375-1541

Watch this space for some interesting programs starting again in September. Have a happy summer.


Day: Chairs: The day of the General Meeting Marjorie Baker Suzanne Keel 576-2925 540-8316

Thanks so much to all who brought goodies this past year, we always enjoy our monthly treats! All members are encouraged to think about signing up to bring goodies or provide table décor for next season. And we're still looking for more volunteer scullery maids ­ don't be shy -- remember that we're always the ones closest to the food! Have a wonderful summer.

We will resume Gleaning at the September meeting and look forward to your "ALL OUT SUPPORT" again. The donations turned in this year far exceeded those in the past and we want to THANK all who donated! Next years agenda will remain about the same check the newsletter each month for details regarding the "wish list". Never throw anything out that you no longer need if it is in reasonably good condition or in working order. ALWAYS REMEMBER that there is an ongoing need and a place somewhere for almost everything and we will find that place. Typical items we need include: kitchen and eating equipment, non-perishable food, linens (bed, bath, crib), sewing supplies, tools, books, toys, clothes, toiletries and diapers. If the size or weight of an item is beyond your ability to handle call Springs Rescue Mission at 314-2364 and Mr Robert Worrall will make arrangements to pick up and distribute your items.

fine art flowers furnishings

www. r i c hd es ig n s h o m ri h d e s i g ns m


Chairs: Sherrie Denton

[email protected]



Day: Date: Time: Place: Chair: Every Thursday NO SUMMER MEETINGS 1:30-3:00 PM Check with Robin for locations Robin McKinney

520-3801 [email protected]

We want to remind all our members that no one should be alone in times of need. For members of our club we have BECAUSE WE CARE to ensure that no-one is. If you, or someone you know is in need of help due to medical problems, a death in the family, or any other problem please contact Sherrie. If possible we would like to know what special interest groups the member attends. We will try to assure that help is available when needed.

We will not meet during the Summer so see you in September.

Cheyenne Mountain Newcomers Club


Let's Get Physical


Day: Dates: Chairs: Every other Tuesday June 4th and 18th July 16th and 30th, August 13th and 27th Debbi Nelson Donna Ayres

[email protected] 694-8214 [email protected]

Games We Play


Day: Dates: Time: Place: Chairs: 2nd and 4th Thursdays please check with Carol/Karen 10:00 AM - 2:30 PM The Cheyenne Mountain Resort Carol Banks Karen Vlasak 579-9787 635-2852


Come and take a hike with us to enjoy our area's beautiful scenery and the camaraderie of a group of fun-loving women. Hikes WOMEN STRONG range from easy to challenging and all ages and fitness levels are welcome. An email providing detailed information about the hike will be sent the weekend before a scheduled hike. Please email Debbi or Donna if you want to receive hiking information.

We welcome new members to join us in this fun game. If you want to enjoy great food and have fun, then join us at the resort. Don't know how to play? We'll teach you!


Day: Dates: Time: Place: Chair: 1st and 3rd Fridays throughout the summer 10:00 AM - 2:30 PM The Village at Skyline, Garden of the Gods Building #2235 Judy Whitley Judy Finkelstein 358-9238 [email protected] 579-0734 [email protected]


Day: Time: Place: Bring: Chair: Every Tuesday and Thursday of the month 8:00am until 9:15am Meetings continue through the Summer. The home of Marjorie Baker Your own hand and ankle weights Marjorie Baker 576-2925

The Strong Women/Strong Bones Program will help you increase your strength, bone density, balance and energy. Linda Schierholz is a certified instructor for the program and will work with you to progress in the program, make adjustments to the exercises that your doctor suggests, and help keep your active lifestyle! Come join us! We will continue to meet through the summer.

Join us for an addictive game that's fun and challenging. We love teaching new players and welcome those who have played before. Mah Jongg is an ancient Chinese tile game, similar to card games in that there are several suits. We play both National Mah Jongg League and Wright-Patt. Learn one or both ways to play. Please contact one of the chairs if you are interested in joining our group.

Cheyenne Mountain Newcomers Club



Day: Time: Place: Chair: Every Monday 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM Ski Barista at Country Club Corners Joyce Calamia

[email protected]


Day: Date: Time: Place: Chairs: 3rd Monday Please check with Carol/Maria 10:00 AM - 2:30 PM The Cheyenne Mountain Resort Carol Banks Maria Polelli 579-9787 540-5851


Word Weavers is a group of women who write for the love of writing. We meet every Monday morning at the Ski Barista Coffee House from 9:30 to 11:30. For more information contact Joyce Calamia: [email protected] or 576-3245.

Mexican Train is an easy domino type game that relies on luck and is lots of fun. We have a wonderful lunch at the resort and would love to have you join us.


Day: Date: Time: Place: Chairs: 2nd Monday please check with Linda/Mary 12:30 PM until 3:00 PM (or later) TBD Linda Monroe Mary Hotchkiss

[email protected] [email protected] 579-7529

576-3797 473-5030


Day: Date: Time: Place: Chairs: Friday TBD 9:45 AM Coffee, 10:00 AM Meeting Ski Barista at Country Club Corners HarLyn Mlynek

[email protected]

Sharon Wallace

This Bingo-like game will be played during the summer months if members are interested. Contact Linda or Mary for information.


Smart Phones and Tablets are here to stay! We love our IPhones and IPads and want to get the most from our Apple Devices and we are here to help you feel the same way. I bought the original IPad when it came out and found it very frustrating at first. It is not a PC and "thinks differently" than a PC. I Know! Now I can't live without both my IPhone and IPad and I'm always in the hunt for something useful to discuss when we meet. Always learning something new is My Mantra! It keeps us young and smart! So join us if you have an "I" something or are thinking about getting one. I now have the newest IPad and LOVE LOVE it! We have a very enthusiastic group. Please indicate your interest in meeting during the summer by emailing me. Thanks.

Cheyenne Mountain Newcomers Club



Day: Date: Time: Place: Chairs: Judy Banta 442-2254 [email protected] Tuesday NO SUMMER MEETINGS 11:00 AM

The Decorating Divas will not meet during the summer months but we'll be back in September with lots of fun and interesting programs!


Day: Date: Time: Place: Monday June 3rd, July 1st, August 5th 1:00 PM Home of Carolyn Wheeler in June Home of Merle Ellis in July Home of Sharon Wallace in August Barbara Nisar

[email protected]



If you have a project that you can bring with you, join us and share some interesting conversation while you are working. Don't have anything going at this time, not a problem, you are still welcome to come and have a cup of coffee or tea and chat with us.


Day: Date: Time: Place: Chairs: 2nd Thursday Check with Rich for summer meetings. 8:00 AM Village Inn, Harrison and S. Circle Rich Tuttle

[email protected]

The Mountain Men is an informal group of about 40 men who meet once a month for breakfast, good fellowship, and to plan outdoor activities. These activities normally consist of monthly hikes in the mountains. If interested in joining this group, please contact Rich Tuttle. All contacts are made by email so please be sure we have your correct email address.

Cheyenne Mountain Newcomers Club


Food, Glorious Food


Day: Date: Time: Place: Chairs: Judy Finkelstein Janis D'Benedetto

[email protected] 596-4326 [email protected]


Day: Date: Time: Place: 579-0734 Chairs: Saturday TBD 6:30 PM TBD Dottie Leib Linda Steckel

[email protected] [email protected]


527-1558 659-2342

We will not be meeting during the summer. We wish you all a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you in September.

Please check with Dottie or Linda regarding any summer dinners.


Day: Date: Time: Place: Chairs: Ximena Chacon De Leeper Joy Jerome See you in September. 964-6153 ximena.chacon.leeper [email protected] Friday NO SUMMER MEETINGS 12:00

Cheyenne Mountain Newcomers Club



Day: Date: Place: Chair: Sunday NO REGULAR SUMMER MEETINGS Tinseltown or Kimballs Kay Hosie Margaret Brettschneider

[email protected] [email protected]


Day: Date: Time: Place: Chair: Wednesday TBD 11:30 AM TBD Valerie Smith Diana Mikkelsen

[email protected] 282-8244 [email protected]

473-4349 633-4661


Our first regular meeting for the new year will be September 15th, but it will always be the first Sunday after our General Meeting, so you can mark your calendars to reserve that day for all next year. We won't meet regularly during the summer as many people are traveling, but if some movie that is absolutely compelling comes out, we may email you with an invitation anyway. Thanks to all who have supported our movie outings and parties during the year, and we hope you continue to get out and see some new ones during the summer on your own. Hugs to all you Movie Mavens out there. Margaret and Kay.

Please check with Valerie or Diana regarding any summer meetings.


Day: Date: Time: Place: Chairs: Friday June 28th 6:30 PM Home of Harriet and Gary Tuckman Mary Kervick

[email protected]


Thanks to Susan and Gar Puryear for opening their home to our group for the May gathering. The good wine, delicious food and great company made the evening a memorable one. Wine and Friends (replacing Happy Hour) will travel around the world this year with different wines and foods. I will send out an email prior to each event with that month's theme. Thank you to those of you who have volunteered your homes to host. I've listed the summer locations below so you can mark your calendars. July 26th ­ Home of Colette Sheets August 23rd ­ Home of Kay Hosie September 27th ­ Home of Ronnie Shilkitus


Day: Date: Time: Place: Chair: Robin McKinney

[email protected]

Tuesday NO SUMMER MEETINGS 2:00 - 4:00 PM


The purpose of Nurturing Yourself is to become more acquainted with ourselves and each other so that we can learn to take better care of ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Cheyenne Mountain Newcomers Club


Live and Learn


Day: Date: Time: Place: Chair: Tuesday NO MEETINGS UNTIL SEPTEMBER 9:30 AM Ski Barista at Country Club Corners Janis Cross

577-6322 [email protected]


Day: Date: Time: Place: Chairs: Books: Thursday July 3rd and August 7th 10:00 AM Home of Carole Flint in July Home of Diana Mikkelsen in August Carole Flint

[email protected]


No you don't have to be wealthy to attend our meeting. We are an educational group that helps you understand the world of investing. If you buy CD's, bonds or stocks, this group is for you. Do you know how to protect your investments?? BE PROACTIVE and join us in a non-threatening environment for a course in managing your money. We meet at the Ski Barista coffee shop located at 124 East Cheyenne Mountain Blvd on the fourth Tuesday of the month. We are taking the Summer off so we'll see you in September. If you have questions call Janis at (719) 577- 6322.

Our book for July will be "The Big Burn" by Timothy Egan and in August we will read "Still Alice" by Lisa Genova. Please RSVP to the hostess if you will be attending. Happy summer reading!


Day: Date: Time: Place: Chairs: Wednesday June 26th 2:00 PM Home of Ronnie Shilkitus Janie Levis Barbara Rogers Book:

[email protected] 540-9424 [email protected]



Date: Time: Place: Chair: Every Sunday 6:00 PM Home of Jeanne Hayes 3235 Orion Drive Carole Flint

[email protected]

"The Housekeeper and the Professor" by Yoko Ogawa


Sundays on the Deck Beginning Date: Sunday, June 2 and every Sunday following through August. Join Singles for Sunday evening potlucks graciously hosted by Jeanne Hayes. Bring a dish to pass and whatever you want to drink and share. Remember to bring a sweater as the beginning of summer will be chilly and we'll be on the deck There is no need to R.S.V.P. Come enjoy good food and good conversation Hope to see you there!!!

Here are the books for our Summer meetings: July: "Hotel on the Corner of Bitter & Sweet" by Jamie Ford. This meeting will be at the home of Susan Jones. August: "Hands of My Father" by Myron Uhlberg In September we will choose books for next year!

Cheyenne Mountain Newcomers Club


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Cheyenne Mountain Newcomers Club





Yvonne Conrad 593-9658 B/D 8/17 [email protected] Deborah Goodale 209-8586 B/D 7/17 [email protected]

03 05 05 09 11 14 22 28

Ann Gerber Karen Hench Jeanie Klein Delma Johnson Terry Barber Kathleen Krenzin Rosalyn Ott Barbara Potter


Cheyenne Mountain Newcomers Club


Cheyenne Mountain Newcomers Club P.O. Box 60001 Colorado Springs, CO 80960 Change Service Requested


Please make your $30 check payable to CMNC and mail with this form to: Membership, P.O. Box 60001, Colorado Springs, CO 80960 (yes, 80960)

Today's Date: Name: First Last Spouse: New Please circle: Renewing

It is important that you complete the ENTIRE form. This information will be included in the next Membership Directory.

Street: City: Zip Code: Email Address: Phone: Hometown: Moved From: Birth Month: Day:

Membership year runs June 1 to May 31

Cheyenne Mountain Newcomers Club 11


CMNC Newsletter June 2013

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