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Bombardier Transportation

Facilities in China

Three Manufacturing Joint Ventures


Bombardier Transportation is a leading provider of rail equipment, systems and services to China, and is actively supporting the country's development of urban mass transit and intercity rail systems. The joint venture facilities at which this brochure looks at in detail, serve three sectors of the Chinese rail equipment market: · ombardier-Sifang-Power(Qingdao)TransportationLtd. B (BSP),establishedin1998,manufacturespassengerrail cars and rolling stock · hangchunBombardierRailwayVehiclesCo.Ltd. C (CBRC),establishedin1996,focusesmainlyonthe production of metro vehicles · ombardierCPCPropulsionSystemCo.Ltd.(BCP),is B dedicated to the production, marketing, and maintenance of propulsion equipment BT's presence in China includes three manufacturing joint ventures and three wholly foreign owned enterprises, along with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Bombardier and its joint venture partners employ more than 2,500 people in China.




Joint Ventures


Facilities in China

Bombardier Sifang Power (Qingdao) Transportation Ltd.

Bombardier Sifang Power (Qingdao) Transportation Ltd. (BSP) is mainly engaged in the design and manufacture of railway passenger cars and rolling stock. Facts and Figures Location:Qingdao,ShandongProvince Shareholders: BombardierHolding(Mauritius)Ltd.(50%), CSRSifangRollingStockCo.,Ltd(50%) Investment: TotalinvestmentisUS$72.39millionincluding US$44.12millionforregisteredcapital Business activities: Design and manufacture of high graderailpassengercars,passengercarbodies,EMUs, luxurydoubledeckpassengercars,high-speedrailway passenger cars, sales of the products manufactured by BSPinadditiontoafter-salesservices Company area: 151,038squaremetersintotal,inwhich theconstructionareamakesup73,123squaremeters, including62,757squaremetersoforiginalbuildingsand 10,366squaremetersofnewbuildings Production capacity: 350high-gradecarsandassembly of400EMUcarsperyear Employees:Approximately1,400employees

BSPwasjointlyestablishedbyBombardier-Power(Mauritius)Ltd.andCSRSifangLocomotiveandRollingStockCo. Ltdin1998.Beingtheonlysino-foreignjointventurefor railway passenger rolling stock manufacturing in China, it has become one of the most important manufacturers in this area, within China. TodateBSPhasdelivered840world-classrailway passengercarstoChina`sMinistryofRailways(MOR), including338high-gradeintercitycarswhichcantravelat speedsofupto160km/h,182high-altituderailway passengercars,and40high-speedEMUtrains(electric multipleunits). Almost1,000BSPvehiclesarecurrentlyunderoperationin Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, Shenyang and other railway hub cities in China.



Milestones 27 November 1997 PresidentJiangZeminofthePeople`sRepublicofChina andPrimeMinisterJeanChretienattendedthesigning ceremonyofaMemorandumofUnderstanding(MOU)to establish a joint venture which would manufacture high grade railway passenger cars in China 27 November 1998 AyearlatertheBSPjointventurewasestablished 12 November 1999 The site received its first order for 300 high grade railway carsfromChina`sMinistryofRailways(MOR) 17 November 1999 The company held its first board meeting 19 July 2000 A ceremony was held to mark the start of construction at the new site 17 October 2001 The inauguration ceremony of the new site took place 31 December 2002 BSPdeliveredthefirsthighgraderailwaypassenger cartoMOR 3 January 2004 AwardedtheISO9001:2000Certificate


Trainset testing (dynamic) line


Skeleton of sidewall

End floor

End wall

1 EMU Final Assembly Workshop 2 Trainset Test Shop for EMU 3 EMU Storage Area 4 Carbody Shop 5 Single Car Test Shop 6 Final Assembly Shop 7 Glung Shop 8 Man Office 9 Propane Station 10 Steel Yard 11 Paint Shop 12 Paint Preparation Shop 13 Grit Blast n EMU n High Grade Car New Building n BSP Borderline

Floor Plan BSP Construction Area: 10.366 m2 New Building 73.123 m2 Total Storage Track: 2190 m2 New Building 3620 m2 Total 7 8 6 5

62.757 m2 Existing Building 1430 m2 Existing Building

11 9 10 3 4 1 2

13 12

Total Area: 151.038 m2


Bombardier Sifang Power (Qingdao) Transportation Ltd.

Major Orders Delivered · contractwassignedwithMORfor300highgradecars A inNovember1999 · nadditional38highgradecarswereorderedbyMORin A August 2003 · 0eight-carhigh-speedEMUtrainsets(160cars)were 2 orderedbyMORandGuangshenRailwayCo.inOctober 2004 · 73highaltituderailwaypassengercarswereorderedby 1 MORandQing-ZangRailwayCo.inFebruary2005 · 0eight-carhigh-speedEMUtrainsets(160cars)were 2 orderedbyMORandGuangzhouRailwayCo.inMay 2005 · nadditional9highaltituderailwaypassengercarsorder A fromMORandQing-ZangRailwayCo.inNovember 2006

Major Backlog Orders · 9highaltitudeluxurytouristrailwaypassengercars 4 wereorderedfromRailPartnerinApril2007 · contractwassignedfor40sixteen-carhigh-speed A EMUtrainswithMORinOctober2007



Final assembly of carbody

Final assembly of carbody

Roof sub-assembly

Final assembly of carbody (roof installation)

EMU manufacture facilities


Bombardier Sifang Power (Qingdao) Transportation Ltd.

Assembly of driver cab

Final assembly for high-altitude railway passenger car

Painting of the whole car


Changchun Bombardier Railway Vehicles Company Ltd.

Changchun Bombardier Railway Vehicles Company. Ltd (CBRC) focuses mainly on metro car production, and has been approved by the National Development and Reform Commission of China as a Designated Localization Enterprise (DLE). Facts and Figures Location:Changchun,thecapitalcityofJilinProvince Shareholders:BombardierHolding(Mauritius)(50%), ChangchunRailwayVehiclesCo.Ltd(50%) Investment:TotalregisteredcapitalamountstoRMB 240 million CBRCwasestablishedasajointventurebyBombardier- Power(Mauritius)Ltd.andChangchunRailwayVehicles Co.Ltd(CRC)in1997.Thejointventureisbasedwithinthe CRCcampusinChangchun,thecapitalcityofJilin Province. In order to meet the manufacturing demands of its orders, it expanded its vehicle production base to approximately 30,000squaremetersin2008.TodaytheCBRCsite consistsofself-containedworkshops,testfacilitiesand offices. Business activities: Develop, manufacture and assembly of metro cars, light rail vehicles, commuter trains, and aluminum carbodies Company area:Totalarea77,800squaremeters.This includesthreemainbuildingsforpre-assembly,bogie assembly, final assembly and test; warehouses; a test hall with4x160melevatedtracks-equippedwiththemost advanced testing equipment for full trainset test, plus accesstoCRC`s2kmtesttrackforcommissioning Production capacity: Approximately 500 metro cars per year Employees: Approximately 500 employees


Changchun Bombardier Railway Vehicles Company Ltd.

Milestones 19 March 1997 TheChangchunBombardierRailwayVehiclesCompany Ltdwasestablished November 2002 Delivery of its first metro train 26 March 2004 AwardedISO9001:2000Certification October 2005 CBRCnamedasa"RedListEnterprise"bytheGeneral AdministrationofCustoms(GAC)ofChina 6 June 2006 Thecompanydeliveredthe1000thBombardierTransportationmetrocarinChinatotheGuangzhouLine1&2,which also happened to be the fourth train to be delivered to the customer on the project March 2008 CBRCreceivedthe,,2007ExcellentSupplier"awardfrom GuangzhouRailTransitproject

Major Orders Delivered · contractwassignedfor26trainsets(156cars)withthe A GuangzhouMetroCorporationfortheGuangzhouLine2, in August 2000 · 9trainsets(114cars)wereorderedfortheShenzhen 1 MetroCorporationforthefirstphaseoftheShenzhen MetroinDecember2001 · nadditional3trainsets(18cars)wereorderedfrom A ShenzhenMetroCorp.forShenzhenMetroPhase1in December 2002 · contractwassignedfor10trainsets(60cars)forthe A ShanghaiShentongMetroGroupCo.Ltd.,andShanghai MetroOperationCo.Ltd.,forShanghaiLine1inDecember 2002 · 8metrocarswereorderedbytheGuangzhouMetro 4 CorporationforsupplementarycarsofGuangzhouMetro Line1&2inOctober2004

Major Backlog Orders · 06carswereorderedfromShanghaiShensongLine 3 MassTransitCo.Ltd.,inNovember2006 · 92carsfromShanghaiRailTransitLine7Development 1 Co.Ltd.inApril2007

Floor Plan CBRC 108 m 30 m 78 m

1 1 87 m 7 6 9 10 8 11 6

2 3

7 6 5 4 3 2 1




225 m 1 Final Assembly 2 Electrical Test 3 Mechanical Test 4 Stores 5 Traverser 6 Offices 7 Side Walls 8 Bogies 9 Cabling 10 Cabs 11 U/F Slave 12 IE`s 13 Trainset Test Hall

160 m


Bogie compression test after assembly

Cable loom

Roof overturn machine

Final assembly

Under frame pre assembly in under frame jig


Changchun Bombardier Railway Vehicles Company Ltd.

Static testing shop

Vehicle gauge test equipment

Rinsing test-station


Bombardier CPC Propulsion System Company Ltd.

Bombardier CPC Propulsion System Company Ltd. (BCP) is dedicated to the production, marketing, and maintenance of propulsion equipment for rail vehicles. The company was jointly established by BombardierPower (Mauritius) Ltd. (BPML) and Changzhou Railcar Propulsion Engineering R&D Center (CPC) in 2003. Facts and Figures Location:Changzhou,JiangsuProvince,intheYangtzeriverdeltaabout180kmnorthwesttoShanghai Shareholders:BombardierHolding(Mauritius)(50%), CPC(50%) Investment: Total registered capital amounts to 3.5millionEURO BCPcurrentlyhousestwoseparateworkshopsfor converter assembly and traction motor production with a technical capacity for more than 350,000 production hours per year. Company area: 18,000squaremeters(byend2008)of which the office area is 2,000 square meters Business activities: production, marketing of propulsion equipmentformetro,EMUandlocomotives.Mainproducts include converter and auxiliary converter, traction motors andgears,traincontrolmanagementsystem(TCMS) Production capacity:Productionof1500mediumand low power converter and 2000 traction motors per year. Bytheendof2008theplanistoincreasethecapacityto the production of 720 traction converter, 250 AFC and 1440tractionmotorsforlocomotives

Rotor area

Employees: Approximately 400 employees


Bombardier CPC Propulsion System Company Ltd.

Traction motor in the testing bed

Rotor bar spreading


Floor Plan CBRC Converter Workshop Second Floor Layout Converter Workshop First Floor Layout Motor Workshop Layout

Motor final assembly line

Major Orders Delivered ·nNovember2003aPropulsionandcontrolsystem I supplycontractforCRCwaswonfor105metrocars,for theextensionlineoftheTehranMetroLine1 · ropulsionequipmentforahigh-speedEMUorderwas P receivedinMay2005 · ollow-upcontractsignedforTehranMetrowithCRCin F June2005 · ropulsionequipmentfortheGuangzhouLine1&2 P extensionprojectsignedwithCBRCinJune2005 Major Backlog Orders · ropulsionandcontrolsystemforBeijingLine4contract P receivedinMay2006 · ropulsionandcontrolsystemforShanghaiLine9 P contractwasreceivedinNovember2006 · norderwaswonwithDalian500freightelectric A locomotivesforaPropulsionandcontrolsystemin February 2007 · PropulsionandcontrolsystemforShanghaiLine7 A orderawardedinMay2007 · ropulsionandcontrolsystemforShenzhenLine1was P woninMay2007 · ropulsionequipmentforhigh-speedEMUorderreceived P togetherwithBombardierandBSPinOctober2007

Milestones January 2003: TheBCPjoint-venturewasestablished August 2004: BCPdeliveredthefirsttrainsetfortheTehranMetroLine1, extension project July 2005: AwardedtheISO9001V2000CertificateinJuly2005 April 2006: BCPtookthedecisiontoimplementtractionmotor localization May 2006: BCPreceivedathirdcapitalinjectionof450kEUROfrom BombardierPower(Mauritius)Ltd. October 2006: AwardedbothISO14001andOHSAS18001Certifications February 2008: AwardedIRISCertification March 2008: TheBCPTrainingCentreofficiallyopened

Sand blasting machine


Bombardier CPC Propulsion System Company Ltd.

Generator and transformer for motor testing lab

EFD rotor brazing machine

Lathe machine

Hydraulic press machine for rotor stacking

Final assembly ­ ACM box of Shanghai Line 9 metro car

Motor test monitor


Bombardier Sifang Power (Qingdao) Transportation Ltd. Jihongtan,ChengyangDistrict Qingdao,ShandongProvince P.R.China,266111 Tel +865327805000 Fax+865327803803 Bombardier CPC Propulsion System Co., Ltd. QianjiaIndustrialPark,Yaoguan Changzhou,JiangsuProvince China,213011 Tel +8651988373095 Fax+8651988373099

Changchun Bombardier Railway Vehicles Company Ltd. No.435QingyinRoad Changchun,JilinProvince P.R.China,130062 Tel +8643187904600 Fax+8643187904608

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Bombardier China Unit2828,SouthTower,KerryCenter No.1,GuanghuaRoad,ChaoyangDistrict Beijing,100020,P.R.ofChina



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