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Volume 83, Issue 12 Pages 3973-4326

1. Landscape of Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies Thomas P. Niedringhaus, Denitsa Milanova, Matthew B. Kerby, Michael P. Snyder, Annelise E. Barron Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4327-4341 2. Terahertz Spectroscopy Jason B. Baxter, Glenn W. Guglietta Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4342-4368 3. Chemical Analysis of Single Cells Yuqing Lin, Rapha l Trouillon, Gulnara Safina, Andrew G. Ewing Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4369-4392 4. Micro- and Nanotechnologies for Study of Cell Secretion Yinxi Huang, Dong Cai, Peng Chen Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4393-4406 5. Analytical Aspects of Proteomics: 2009­2010 Zhibin Ning, Hu Zhou, Fangjun Wang, Mohamed Abu-Farha, Daniel Figeys Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4407-4426 6. Derivatization or Not: A Choice in Quantitative Proteomics Xudong Yao Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4427-4439 7. Aptamer in Bioanalytical Applications Anton B. Iliuk, Lianghai Hu, W. Andy Tao Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4440-4452 8. Analyzing Nanomaterial Bioconjugates: A Review of Current and Emerging Purification and Characterization Techniques Kim E. Sapsford, Katherine M. Tyner, Benita J. Dair, Jeffrey R. Deschamps, Igor L. Medintz Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4453-4488 9. Pharmaceuticals and Related Drugs R. K. Gilpin, C. S. Gilpin Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4489-4507 10. Ambient Sampling/Ionization Mass Spectrometry: Applications and Current Trends Glenn A. Harris, Asiri S. Galhena, Facundo M. Fern ndez Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4508-4538 11. Forensic Science T. A. Brettell, J. M. Butler, J. R. Almirall Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4539-4556 12. Process Analytical Chemistry Jerome Workman Jr., Barry Lavine, Ray Chrisman, Mel Koch Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4557-4578 13. Recent Advances in Environmental Analysis Ana Ballesteros-G mez, Soledad Rubio Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4579-4613 14. Water Analysis: Emerging Contaminants and Current Issues Susan D. Richardson, Thomas A. Ternes Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4614-4648 15. Atmospheric Analytical Chemistry Thorsten Hoffmann, Ru-Jin Huang, Markus Kalberer Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4649-4664 16. Petroleum Analysis Ryan P. Rodgers, Amy M. McKenna Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4665-4687

17. Determination of Transuranium Isotopes (Pu, Np, Am) by Radiometric Techniques: A Review of Analytical Methodology N ra Vajda, Chang-Kyu Kim Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4688-4719 18. High Photoluminescent Metal­Organic Frameworks as Optical Markers for the Identification of Gunshot Residues Ingrid T vora Weber, Adenaule James Geber de Melo, Marcella Auxiliadora de Melo Lucena, Marcelo Oliveira Rodrigues, Severino Alves Junior Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4720-4723 19. Vapor Detection Performance of Vertically Aligned, Ordered Arrays of Silicon Nanowires with a Porous Electrode Christopher R. Field, Hyun Jin In, Nathan J. Begue, Pehr E. Pehrsson Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4724-4728 20. Quantification of Immunoreactive Viral Influenza Proteins by Immunoaffinity Capture and Isotope-Dilution Liquid Chromatography­Tandem Mass Spectrometry Carrie L. Pierce, Tracie L. Williams, Hercules Moura, James L. Pirkle, Nancy J. Cox, James Stevens, Ruben O. Donis, John R. Barr Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4729-4737 21. Facile Determination of Double Bond Position in Unsaturated Fatty Acids and Esters by Low Temperature Plasma Ionization Mass Spectrometry J. Isabella Zhang, W. Andy Tao, R. Graham Cooks Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4738-4744 22. Single Particle Nonlinear Optical Imaging of Trace Crystallinity in an Organic Powder D. Wanapun, U.S. Kestur, L. S. Taylor, G. J Simpson Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4745-4751 23. Ultrasensitive and Selective Electrochemical Identification of Hepatitis C Virus Genotype 1b Based on Specific Endonuclease Combined with Gold Nanoparticles Signal Amplification Shuna Liu, Ping Wu, Wen Li, Hui Zhang, Chenxin Cai Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4752-4758 24. Preparation of Polymer-Coated, Scintillating Ion-Exchange Resins for Monitoring of 99Tc in Groundwater Ayman F. Seliman, Azadeh Samadi, Scott M. Husson, Emad H. Borai, Timothy A. DeVol Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4759-4766 25. Immunoassay for Phenylurea Herbicides: Application of Molecular Modeling and Quantitative Structure­Activity Relationship Analysis on an Antigen­Antibody Interaction Study Meng Yuan, Bing Liu, Enmei Liu, Wei Sheng, Yan Zhang, Angus Crossan, Ivan Kennedy, Shuo Wang Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4767-4774 26. Isobaric Peptide Termini Labeling Utilizing Site-Specific N-Terminal Succinylation Christian J. Koehler, Magnus Ø. Arntzen, Margarita Strozynski, Achim Treumann, Bernd Thiede Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4775-4781 27. A Device for Gated Autosynchronous Luminescence Detection Russell Connally Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4782-4787 28. Cathodic Preconcentration of f-Elements on a Mercury Film Carbon Fiber Disk Microelectrode Paul D. Schumacher, Nicholas A. Woods, Jamie L. Doyle, James O. Schenk, Sue B. Clark Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4788-4793 29. Probing Insertion and Solubilization Effects of Lysolipids on Supported Lipid Bilayers Using Microcantilevers Kai-Wei Liu, Sibani Lisa Biswal Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4794-4801 30. Combinatorial Peptide Ligand Library Treatment Followed by a Dual-Enzyme, DualActivation Approach on a Nanoflow Liquid Chromatography/Orbitrap/Electron Transfer Dissociation System for Comprehensive Analysis of Swine Plasma Proteome Chengjian Tu, Jun Li, Rebeccah Young, Brian J. Page, Frank Engler, Marc S. Halfon, John M. Canty Jr., Jun Qu

Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4802-4813 31. Temporal Optimization of Microfluidic Colorimetric Sensors by Use of Multiplexed StopFlow Architecture I. R. G. Ogilvie, V. J. Sieben, M. C. Mowlem, H. Morgan Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4814-4821 32. Comparative Triplex Tandem Mass Spectrometry Assays of Lysosomal Enzyme Activities in Dried Blood Spots Using Fast Liquid Chromatography: Application to Newborn Screening of Pompe, Fabry, and Hurler Diseases Zden k Sp il, Susan Elliott, Steven L. Reeber, Michael H. Gelb, C. Ronald Scott, Franti ek Ture ek Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4822-4828 33. Top-Down Sequencing of O-Glycoproteins by In-Source Decay Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Mass Spectrometry for Glycosylation Site Analysis Franz-Georg Hanisch Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4829-4837 34. Characterization of Triacetone Triperoxide by Ion Mobility Spectrometry and Mass Spectrometry Following Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization Robert G. Ewing, Melanie J. Waltman, David A. Atkinson Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4838-4844 35. A Proteomics Platform Combining Depletion, Multi-lectin Affinity Chromatography (MLAC), and Isoelectric Focusing to Study the Breast Cancer Proteome Zhi Zeng, Marina Hincapie, Sharon J. Pitteri, Samir Hanash, Joost Schalkwijk, Jason M. Hogan, Hong Wang, William S. Hancock Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4845-4854 36. Background Correction and Multivariate Curve Resolution of Online Liquid Chromatography with Infrared Spectrometric Detection Julia Kuligowski, Guillermo Quint s, Rom Tauler, Bernhard Lendl, Miguel de la Guardia Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4855-4862 37. Optical Tweezers for Synchrotron Radiation Probing of Trapped Biological and Soft Matter Objects in Aqueous Environments Silvia C. Santucci, Dan Cojoc, Heinz Amenitsch, Benedetta Marmiroli, Barbara Sartori, Manfred Burghammer, Sebastian Schoeder, Emanuela DiCola, Michael Reynolds, Christian Riekel Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4863-4870 38. Deconvolution of Two-Dimensional NMR Spectra by Fast Maximum Likelihood Reconstruction: Application to Quantitative Metabolomics Roger A. Chylla, Kaifeng Hu, James J. Ellinger, John L. Markley Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4871-4880 39. Imaging Time-Resolved Electrothermal Atomization Laser-Excited Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry for Determination of Mercury in Seawater Alain Le Bihan, Jean-Yves Cabon, Laure Deschamps, Philippe Giamarchi Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4881-4886 40. Simple and Clear Evidence for Positive Feedback Limitation by Bipolar Behavior during Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy of Unbiased Conductors Alexander I. Oleinick, Dario Battistel, Salvatore Daniele, Irina Svir, Christian Amatore Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4887-4893 41. Characterization and Quantification of RNA Post-transcriptional Modifications Using Stable Isotope Labeling of RNA in Conjunction with Mass Spectrometry Analysis Sakharam P. Waghmare, Mark J. Dickman Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4894-4901 42. Hyphenated FT-IR-Attenuated Total Reflection and Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Technique to Study the Water Uptake and Potential Stability of Polymeric Solid-Contact Ion-Selective Electrodes Tom Lindfors, Lajos H fler, Gyula J gerszki, R bert E. Gyurcs nyi Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4902-4908 43. Structural Characterization of Individual Vesicles using Fluorescence Microscopy Emily C. Heider, Moussa Barhoum, Kyle Edwards, Karl-Heinz Gericke, Joel M. Harris Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4909-4915 44. Mass Transport in a Micro Flow-Through Vial of a Junction-at-the-Tip Capillary Electrophoresis-Mass Spectrometry Interface














Xuefei Zhong, E. Jane Maxwell, David D.Y. Chen Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4916-4923 Higher-Order Mass Defect Analysis for Mass Spectra of Complex Organic Mixtures Patrick J. Roach, Julia Laskin, Alexander Laskin Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4924-4929 Electrochemically-Driven Large Amplitude pH Cycling for Acid­Base Driven DNA Denaturation and Renaturation Yong-Chun Wang, Cong-Bin Lin, Jian-Jia Su, Ying-Ming Ru, Qiao Wu, Zhao-Bin Chen, Bing-Wei Mao, Zhao-Wu Tian Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4930-4935 Diamond-Modified AFM Probes: From Diamond Nanowires to Atomic Force MicroscopyIntegrated Boron-Doped Diamond Electrodes Waldemar Smirnov, Armin Kriele, Ren Hoffmann, Eugenio Sillero, Jakob Hees, Oliver A. Williams, Nianjun Yang, Christine Kranz, Christoph E. Nebel Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4936-4941 Noncovalent Antibody Immobilization on Porous Silicon Combined with Miniaturized Solid-Phase Extraction (SPE) for Array Based ImmunoMALDI Assays Hong Yan, Asilah Ahmad-Tajudin, Martin Bengtsson, Shoujun Xiao, Thomas Laurell, Simon Ekstr m Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4942-4948 Simultaneous Electrokinetic and Hydrodynamic Injection for High Sensitivity Bacteria Analysis in Capillary Electrophoresis Farid Oukacine, Joselito P. Quirino, Laurent Garrelly, Bernard Romestand, Tao Zou, Herv Cottet Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4949-4954 High-Sensitivity Analysis of Six Synthetic Musks by Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography­Atmospheric Pressure Photoionization­Tandem Mass Spectrometry Shih-Chun Candice Lung, Chun-Hu Liu Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4955-4961 Brominated Tyrosine and Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Analysis by Laser Desorption Vacuum Ultraviolet Postionization and Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Melvin Blaze M. T., Lynelle K. Takahashi, Jia Zhou, Musahid Ahmed, Gerald L. Gasper, F. Douglas Pleticha, Luke Hanley Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4962-4969 Simple Colorimetric Method for Quantification of Surface Carboxy Groups on Polymer Particles Andreas Hennig, Angelika Hoffmann, Heike Borcherding, Thomas Thiele, Uwe Schedler, Ute Resch-Genger Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4970-4974 Endoglycosidase-Mediated Incorporation of 18O into Glycans for Relative Glycan Quantitation Wei Zhang, Hong Wang, Hailin Tang, Pengyuan Yang Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4975-4981 Seed-Dependent Deposition Behavior of A Peptides Studied with Wireless QuartzCrystal-Microbalance Biosensor Hirotsugu Ogi, Yuji Fukunishi, Taiji Yanagida, Hisashi Yagi, Yuji Goto, Masahiko Fukushima, Kentaro Uesugi, Masahiko Hirao Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4982-4988 Assembly-Based Titration for the Determination of Monodisperse Plasmonic Nanoparticle Concentrations Using DNA Hyon-Gyu Park, Ju-Hwan Oh, Jae-Seung Lee Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4989-4995 Characterizing DNA Methyltransferases With An Ultrasensitive Luciferase-Linked Continuous Assay Ivan Hemeon, Jemy A. Gutierrez, Meng-Chiao Ho, Vern L. Schramm Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 4996-5004 A Nanoparticle Autocatalytic Sensor for Ag+ and Cu2+ Ions in Aqueous Solution with High Sensitivity and Selectivity and Its Application in Test Paper Xuan Yang, Erkang Wang

Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 5005-5011 58. Development of an Optical Biosensor Based Immunoassay to Screen Infant Formula Milk Samples for Adulteration with Melamine Terence L. Fodey, Colin S. Thompson, Imelda M. Traynor, Simon A. Haughey, D. Glenn Kennedy, Steven R. H. Crooks Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 5012-5016 59. Sensitive Gas Analysis System on a Microchip and Application for On-Site Monitoring of NH3 in a Clean Room Shinichiro Hiki, Kazuma Mawatari, Arata Aota, Maki Saito, Takehiko Kitamori Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 5017-5022 60. Nafion-Coating of the Electrodes Improves the Flow-Stability of the Ag/SiO2/Ag2O Electroosmotic Pump Woonsup Shin, Enhua Zhu, Rajaram Krishna Nagarale, Chang Hwan Kim, Jong Myung Lee, Samuel Jaeho Shin, Adam Heller Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 5023-5025 61. Correction to Sequence-Dependent Enrichment of a Model Phosphopeptide: A Combined MALDI-TOF and NMR Study Lucr ce Matheron, Emmanuelle Sachon, Fabienne Burlina, Sandrine Sagan, Olivier Lequin, G rard Bolbach Analytical Chemistry 2011 83 (12), 5026-5026


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