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Goodhue County Sheriff

430 West 6th Street

Adult Detention Center 651-267-2804

Red Wing, MN 55066-2475

Dean V. Albers

Law Enforcement Center Business Hours 651-267-2600 After Hours 651-385-3155 Fax Number 651-267-2679

Date: July 18, 2007 To: Goodhue County Personnel Committee From: Captain Patrick R. Thompson Re: Records Support Specialist REPORT SUMMARY: Records Support Specialist Carol Warfel has given her resignation effective September 28, 2007. This resignation creates an opening in the Goodhue County Sheriff's Office Records Division. BACKGROUND: The Office of the Goodhue County Sheriff currently has three full-time Deputy Clerks who work in the records division of the sheriff's office. The division consists of one Records Supervisor, and two Records Support Specialists. SERVICE, Records Support Specialist Position: The primary objectives of this position are to manage and preserve the records and other vital documentation for the Goodhue County Sheriff's Office. The benefit of this position is the Sheriff's Office meeting the statutory mandates required for the Office of the Sheriff and striving to meet the public safety concerns for the citizens of Goodhue County. ACCOUNTABILITY, Records Support Specialist Position: The Records Support Specialist is directly supervised by the Records Supervisor. This position also has day to day contact with the public, county attorney's office, Red Wing Police Officials and other county officials. It would be a disservice to the residence of Goodhue County to not fill this opening for the following reasons: 1. The collection and distribution of law enforcement information is a pinnacle part of the law enforcement process. These records are required by law to be entered in a timely fashion. Reports to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Minnesota Bureau of Investigations have monthly due dates that must be met.

2. The records division staff has not had staff additions since 1989, even though the sheriff's office has added additional police services contracts which have increased workload on current staff. Calls for service handled by the sheriff's office continue to increase each year, which means increased workload for the entire records division. 3. If the Records Specialist position was cut or not filled immediately the public could suffer because of a delay in information being exchanged with the State of Minnesota as well as with other law enforcement agencies. The gathering of reports and information is a crucial tool of law enforcement. This information must be exchanged in a timely manor to insure the safety of the general public. EFFICIENCY, Records Support Specialist: The Office of the Goodhue County Sheriff Records Division is currently being operated as efficiently as possible. It has been indirectly supervised by me since January, 2004 and I am always evaluating its efficiency. A quarterly meeting is conducted with the records division where the efficiently and possible changes to more effectively serve the public are discussed and implemented. Some of the demands on the records division have been met with the increased technology and computer systems, but we still need staff to enter and double check the information. The records division also provides a high amount of service to the public through requests for reports and other public information. If the duties of the Records Support Specialist were to be distributed amongst existing staff, you would more than likely be setting up the records division for failure. This division has to organize and enter approximately 9,600 records per year. This division is also responsible for the transcription of recorded statements obtained by the investigation and patrol divisions of the sheriff's office. There is potential for a cost savings to the budget, because this will be an entry level position with a starting pay at $5.11 per hour less than Ms. Warfel's wage. This number does not include benefits. RECOMMENDATION: Respectfully request Goodhue County Board of Commissioners approval to allow the Office of the Goodhue County Sheriff to fill the Records Support Specialist opening created by the resignation of Carol Warfel. Respectfully,

Patrick R. Thompson Captain Cc: Sheriff Dean V. Albers


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