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(Date) (Owners Name and Address) Subject: Stop Work Notice or Notice of Violation Site Address: A.P.N.: Case Number: Dear _________________: On (type date of inspection) the County of Monterey Building Division posted a Stop Work Notice or Notice of Violation on your property at (type site address of violation) for (type description of violation). As of this date, no permits have been issued to clear the Stop Work Notice or Notice of Violation. You must apply for all required permits and approvals, pay all associated fees or take necessary action to correct the violation by date (30 days of this notice). No permits, licenses, or other entitlements may be issued by any County Department until this violation has been cleared. This letter also serves as notice that the Planning and Building Inspection Department intends to invoke certain administrative procedures should this violation continue to exist after the date stated. Should the County of Monterey find it necessary to invoke any of the following administrative procedures or any judicial procedure in order to compel you to correct the violation, you will be required to pay for all of the costs expended by the County of Monterey in enforcing its code sections.

These possible procedures include, but are not limited to, the following: 1. The Recording of a Notice of Monterey County Code Violation on your property with the County Recorder. 2. The issuance of a citation. 3. Formal enforcement action. 4. Administrative fees associated with the investigation and processing of the violation(s). In order to abate the violation, you must obtain a permit, pay any associated fees and have the permit finaled. In order to properly assist you with resolution of this matter, you must first contact Christina Mills at 883-7540 to make an appointment. Arriving at the Permit Center without contacting or obtaining an appointment will only delay resolution as staff will not have the necessary paperwork to assist you.


_______________________________ Brian Washko Chief Building Official BW/dv c: Irv Grant, Deputy, County Council Office Link File


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