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HON. JAMES M. GRAVES, JR. CIRCUIT COURT B - 6TH FLOOR MONDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2012. 8:30 Sentence Sentence Sentence Sentence Sentence Sentence Sentence Sentence PV Hearing PV Hearing PV Hearing PV Hearing PV Hearing Pretrial & Cobbs Cobbs & plea Pretrial M/OSC Pretrial M/Compel Pretrial Pretrial Plea Pretrial License Hearing Cobbs & plea Pretrial PPO OSC Hrg Sentence 12-61629-FH 11-60332-FH 12-62574-FH 12-62574-FH 12-822619-FH 11-60974/5/61058 08-57123-FH 11-60861-FH 11-60445-FH 10-59170-FH 02-48242-FH 08-56537/894-FH 08-56609-FH 12-62596-FH 12-62605-FH 12-48487-CZ 12-48638-NZ 12-48600-NI 12-48592-NP 12-48580-CZ 12-48505-NZ 12-61904-FH 12-62634-FH 12-48708-AL 12-62576-FH 12-62708-FH 11-251812-PH 11-251812-PH Suzann J. Shusser Evelyn L. Nash Kenneth A. Thomas Austin Starr Trevor A. Gonzalez Charles A. Hannah Adriane C. Turner Marcus M. Edwards Darcell L. McBridge Jesse L. Anderson Steven Edwards Marvin Chandler Aleshia R. Amos Marvin Chandler Bradley J. Prell ACS v Hemond Muskegon Twp v Miller Ullmer v Sischo Bon v Acme et al Price v Best Recovery Muskegon Twp v Carr Kenneth L. Lang-Knight William R. Nickerson, Sr Dan Fox Daris Jefferson Clint D. Kenny Harmon v Matthews Harmon v Matthews GCP Shepherd/B Baker/B Baker/I Nolan/B Anderson/I Nolan/B Nolan/B Baker/I Baker/B/Alisa Baker/I/Sean Baker/B/Michelle M Baker/D/Frey Baker/B/Frey Baker/D Baker/B Nathanson/German Hughes Shibley/Arndt Clack Belson/LB Hughes/Balgooyen Davis/Federal AG/Balgooyen/B Anderson Balgooyen/I Balgooyen/I Balgooyen/B Balgooyen/B JCR Marek/I Baker/D Baker/B Davis/I Baker/B Baker/B Baker/B Baker/D JMG Marek/I TGH Anderson/B Curtis/B AG/Nolan/B Nolan/B Nolan/B Nolan/I Nolan/B Nolan/B Nolan/B WCM 12-62625-FH 12-62472/3/4-FH 12-62378-FH 12-62409-FH 11-60245-FH 07-55191-FH 05-52586-FH 10-59758-FH 11-61064-FH 09-58573-FH 12-62658-FH Brenda L. Sharlow Shane W. Wheeler Richard N. Terry Francisca Suarez Susan L. Adams Linda C. Gannon Esther K. Honeysette Chad J. Brien Ronald L. Hunter Jacarra R. Wright Andrew W. Storck Baker/I Marek/I AG/Balgooyen/B Balgooyen/B Baker/B Keith Walsh Baker/I/Brett ipp/B/Daniella Baker/B/Alisa Wasiura/B


10:30 11:00 11:30 1:30 2:00 2:15 2:30 3:00 3:30

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 4, 2012. 8:30 Plea Sentence 2 day Jury Trial 2 day Jury Trial 2 3 2 3 day day day day Jury Trial Jury Trial Jury Trial Jury Trial 12-62547-FH Tyler Rainey 12-62569-FH Landon O. Brown 12-62454-FH Dwight W. Cummings, Jr. aggravated domestic violence 2d offense/B&E illegal entry 12-62502-FH John D. Andrade fleeing police 3d/R&O/open container alcohol 12-62499-FH Brandon Walker ADW 12-62239-FH Natasha L. Steele ADW 12-61935-FH Trishara Hatcher Child abuse 3 12-62516/7-FH Cadaro L. Collins home invsn 2d

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 5, 2012. 8:30 day two of trials that may be continuing from Tuesday 2 day Jury Trial 12-62547-FH Tyler Rainey UDAA 2 cts. R&O

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2012. 8:30 10:30 11:00 2:00 day three of trials that may be continuing from Wednesday 2 day Jury Trial 12-62545-FH Joseph Hammerle, Jr. OWI Pretrial 12-62698-FH Ken M. Walker Cobbs Hearing 12-62588-FH Barbara Stellard Cobbs & plea 12-62406-FH Brandon Briggs Cobbs & plea 12-62404-FH Cameron L. Jones Pretrial 12-62672/3/4/7 Derek J. Moore Pretrial 12-62692-FH Renaisa L. Chaney Pretrial 12-62696-FH Eduardo Vasquez Cobbs Hearing 12-62307-FH Shanita L. Loudermill

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2012. 8:30 Sentence Sentence Sentence Sentence Sentence PV OSC M/Set Aside Cnvt PV Hearing PV Hearing PV Hearing Cobbs Hearing

9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00


C:\Users\summervillese\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\OLK65CC\schedule 12032012.wpd

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