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Rev. May 2010 Keyword: Assistance Bulletins

Visit us at :

2nd Floor Robert J. Drewel Bldg. 3000 Rockefeller Avenue Everett, WA 98201 425-388-3311 1-800-562-4367, ext. 3311

Q: What types of maps and GIS data are available? A: Planning & Development Services (PDS) provides online web access to interactive

maps, map image files, and GIS data. Paper map copies are also available for review and purchase. Other county departments also provide maps and data that may be helpful.

PDS Online Interactive Maps

PDS Permit, Planning, and Zoning Interactive Map

This interactive map shows permit, planning, zoning, and other information in an easy-touse, graphic format. The map is organized into layers that can be turned on or off as needed for improved viewing. Entering a tax account number or an address will zoom the map to a specific property. The map contains these information layers: Zoning Parcels with Permit Information Comprehensive Plan Designations Urban Growth Areas Municipal Urban Growth Areas Assessor Parcels Flood Information Elevation Contours Streams and Lakes Shoreline Areas Aerial Photo: 2007 Districts Fire School Districts PDS SnoScape Interactive Map

PERMIT SUBMITTAL Appointment 425.388.3311 Ext. 2790

The SnoScape interactive map shows information about key developed and natural landscape features in southwest Snohomish County.

This Assistance Bulletin only applies to property within unincorporated Snohomish County and does not apply to property within incorporated city limits.

SnoScape draws from high-resolution data stored in the county's geographic information system (GIS) to assist citizens with property development. (continue on back)

This bulletin is intended only as an information guide. The information may not be complete and is subject to change. For complete legal information, refer to Snohomish County Code.

Map & GIS Data Resources

The map contains these information layers: Steep Slopes Elevation Contours Topography Streams and Lakes Flood Information Urban Growth Areas Assessor Parcels Aerial Photos: 2007

The Focus on Farming interactive map provides viewing of regulatory conditions that affect commercial farm operations. The map contains these information layers: Assessor Parcels Shoreline Environment Areas Flood Information Lakes and Streams Urban Growth Areas Zoning/Farm Areas Types Soil Aerial Photo

Other County Online Interactive Maps

Snohomish County Online Property Information Interactive Map (SCOPI)

PDS Online Map Image Files and GIS Data

PDS Cartography/GIS Services webpage ­, search "GIS Services" or at


The Maps & GIS Data link on this page contains information and download access to PDS map image files and GIS data. Map image files are generally in Adobe Reader file format (pdf). GIS data is available in shapefile format. The SCOPI interactive map is provided by the county Assessor's Office. It delivers a visual method of locating and viewing property information. SCOPI displays property ownership information from the Snohomish County Assessor's Office, updated monthly. The map contains these information layers: Assessor Parcels Assessor Property Information Recent Sales Information Aerial Photo Focus on Farming Interactive Map

Categories of maps and data include: Future Land Use Plan Designations Zoning Urban Growth Areas/Cities Resource Planning Critical Areas Districts Transportation Planning General Reference maps Other county map and data sources

Map & GIS Data Resources

PDS Maps in Printed Form

Copies of Planning & Development Services (PDS) originated maps are available for sale upon request. Map copies are available from the PDS Customer Support Center counter on the 2nd Floor of the Robert J. Drewel Building. Copies can generally be made while the customer waits. Map copies can also be mailed for an additional cost. A more complete listing of maps that are available along with ordering information is available from the PDS Cartography/GIS Services web page ­, search "GIS services." Most Requested PDS Maps:

Zoning maps The official county ¼ section zoning maps are located at the PDS Customer Service Center counter, 2nd

Floor of the Robert J. Drewel Building. Copies are available upon request.

Quadrangle (four townships) area and countywide display zoning maps that show wider areas of the

county at a smaller scale are also available. Maps can be viewed on the Maps & GIS Data web page (see the PDS Cartography/GIS Services web page information above).

Future Land Use Plan Designation maps The Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use map, adopted as Map #1 of the General Policy Plan (GPP),

is available as are quadrangle area and countywide maps.

Additional GPP adopted maps, #2 through #5, are also available: Mineral Resource Lands, Municipal

Urban Growth Areas, Open Space Corridors and Greenbelt Areas, Lands Useful for Public Purpose, and Supplemental Designations - Urban Low Density Residential (ULDR).

Urban Growth Areas/City maps Individual UGA/city boundary maps are available at 8.5"x11" format. Aerial Photo maps Aerial photo imagery print maps are available with a selection of: aerial flight years, information GIS

data layers, and scales, in two sizes: 18"x18" and 11"x17"

General Reference maps Quadrangle area and countywide display size maps are available. District maps Countywide display size maps: Fire Districts, No Shooting Areas, School Districts, Park Districts, and

Council Districts. For more PDS map and GIS data information, contact the PDS Cartography/GIS Services located on the 2nd Floor of the County Admin. West Bldg.

Phone: (425) 388-3311 Email: [email protected] Web page:, search "GIS services."

Map & GIS Data Resources

Other County Map and GIS Services

Other county departments with maps and GIS data information services: Snohomish County Cartographic Resources and Maps webpage, District maps and Recorded Plat maps: Auditor's Office, GIS data and digital aerial files: Dept. of Information Services, GIS Division, Parcel maps: Assessor's Office, Park maps: Parks Department, Road Atlas maps: Public Works, Surface Water Management maps: Public Works, Surface Water Management Division,


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