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3000 Series

Physical Properties

Valve Type: 2-Way: Normally Open, Normally Closed

3-Way: Normally Open, Normally Closed, Multipurpose, Directional Control

Orifice Diameters: Normally Open 1/32", 3/64", 1/16", 5/64", 3/32"

Normally Closed 1/32", 3/64", 1/16", 5/64", 3/32", 1/8", 5/32" Valve Diameter: 1.02 in (25.91 mm) Height: 2.08 in (52.83)

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Weight: 8 oz (228.57 grams) Maximum Ambient Temperature 68°F for continuous duty cycle Mounting: Standard: Two 8-32 tapped holes in bottom of valve

Optional: Universal mounting bracket B19006 is available

Process Connections: 1/8" NPT Manifold mount: cavity, screw-in Filtration: 40 micron

Lubrication: None required, but will increase life Compatible Fluids: Air, Inert Gas, Water, Oil

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The 3000 Series two-way and three-way valves convert electrical signal to control media flow. Available as Normally Open (Series 3121) or Normally Closed (Series 3129), these small stainless steel or brass bubble tight valves will perform consistently for up to 20 million cycles.

2-Way & 3-Way Direct Acting Valves

Miniature Valves


2-Way: Rated for 800 psi for gases and liquids. 3-Way: Rated for 200 psi for gases and liquids.

Available with 1/8" NPT ports or manifold mount for process connection and either lead wires or tabs for electrical connection. UL and CSA component recognition. Multipoised; available in a range of mounting positions.


Standard Material Options

Power Consumption: 6 Watts 7.5 Watts for 24/60 3 Watts

Body: Brass or Series 303 Stainless Steel Seals: NBR, FKM, EPDM Sleeve: Series 300 Stainless Steel Plunger: 430F FR Stainless Steel Manifold Body: Aluminum Flux Plate: Plated Steel Housing: Plated Steel

Voltage: DC: 12, 24 AC: 24/60-24/50, 110/50-120/60, 220/50-240/60 3-Way Connections: 12" leads; 1/4"tab

Integrated Coil Encapsulant: Nylon

3-Way Coil Enclosure Options: 1/2" Conduit; Grommet; Yoke; Integrated with tab connection; Integrated with 12" leads

Performance Characteristics

Operating Speed: Up to 600 cycles per minute Continuous Duty Response Time: 8-16 msec to open or close Vacuum: Down to 5 microns depending on application

3-Way Configurations

Parker Hannifin Corporation Parker Life Sciences

Catalog PLS01-1001/US



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1 2 1 B B N1 A Operations Type Flow Pattern Family Body Material Process Connection (Pipe Size) Orifice 2: 2-Way 1: Normally Closed 3: Multipurpose 8: Directional B B: Brass (1/8" NPT only) J: Operator (No Body) 3: 3-Way A6: Male Straight Thread (5/16"- 24 UNF) A: 1/32" E: 3/64" 9: Normally Open, Ported Sleeve S: 303 Stainless Steel (1/8" NPT only) A7: Male Straight Thread (3/4"-32 UNF) G: 1/16" J: 5/64" 1 N1: Female National Pipe 1/8" L: 3/32" N: 1/8" Q: 5/32"

2-Way Configurations

Ordering Information

Sample Part ID Description 3 Series


1: Direct Acting, 6 Watt 9: Direct Acting, 3 Watt


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_ E

00 Mechanical Option

NO Housing

M1S1 Coil

P0 Voltage

Series 3000 Part ID Continued (20 characters total)


Seal Material


00: None AD: 1/8" NPT Sleeve Adapter (3-Way Only) C#: Aluminum, Female 1/8" NPT, 2, 3, or 4 Station Cavity Manifold Block HT: Helium Leak Tested N0: Cleaned for Oxygen Service

N0: No Housing (Integrated Coil Only) RR: Grommet (Taped Coil Only) YY: Yoke (Taped Coil Only)

M1S1: Integrated Molded, 1/4" Tab, 6W, Class B M3J5: Integrated Molded, 12" Leads, 6W, Class B M6J5: Integrated Molded, 12" Leads, 3W, Class B T1J1: Taped 12" Leads, 6W, Class B T3J1: Taped 12" Leads, 3W, Class B NOTE: For all 6W coils, actual wattage for 24/60 Voltage is 7.5

P0: 24/50-60 Hz AC P3: 110/50 Hz, 120/60 Hz AC Q3: 220/50 Hz, 240/60 Hz AC C1: 12 VDC C2: 24 VDC

NOTE: Please consult Parker Life Sciences for other considerations.

For more information, call us toll-free at 1-800-525-2857

Parker Hannifin Corporation Parker Life Sciences

Miniature Valves



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