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COBHAM PARISH COUNCIL MEETING 2012/13 (NO 11) Minutes of the PARISH COUNCIL MEETING held in the Meadow Room, Cobham on Monday 29th April 2013 at 7.30 pm




The Chairman Cllr Alan Rowe welcomed everyone to the meeting. 1 Apologies for absence: Cllr Alex Moore (GBC), Cllr Mrs Rosemary Dymond, Mrs Jill Beety (Clerk). Cllr Alan Rowe welcomed Mrs Booker for attending in place of Mrs Jill Beety who is unwell. 2 Minutes: The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 11th March 2013 were amended by Cllr Smith and then signed by Cllr Rowe. Declaration of Interest None Parishioners Comments Parishioner Mr Kingman commented that the Landlord at the Leather Bottle would like to site a safety camera outside his pub or elsewhere in the village. Cllr Rowe confirmed that the council has previously requested a safety camera for Sole Street and Cobham, it is however unlikely that a safety camera will be installed. The Council will continue to liaise with Police about this on-going problem of traffic speed. Cllr Rowe then requested that the Council should initially discuss the Kings development on White Post Lane. It was pointed out that the letter sent out by GBC regarding the development to residents was incorrect stating that the development was for 14 detached houses, when in fact some of the properties are semi-detached. Cllr Rowe commented that if Mr King was to succeed with the development it is possible that a fewer number of properties would be built, in order to leave sufficient space for a road to enable further development the rearward section of the plot. Campaign for Protection of Rural England has submitted its own objection to the proposed development. Parishioner Mr Jackson asked the Parish Council 4 questions. How robustly will CPC object to this application? Has CPC had an informal meeting with GBC yet? If permission is granted in favour of Mr King, will CPC be prepared to obtain legal advice? Are there any possible restrictions that can be applied to the applicant to prevent him only building 13 of the 14 properties? Cllr Glenister read

3 4

out CPC's objection letter, which was sent to GBC. Legislation for Parish Councils is likely to be introduced in December (which is too late for this aforementioned application) to give the Council a right of appeal to an application. Cllr Glenister confirmed that the Secretary of State would submit this legislation in December 2013. Mr Jackson then asked why has CPC not submitted points in relation to CS12 and CS2? The application document submitted by Mr King refers to infill, which it is not. Cllr Rowe commented that if more information becomes available about the proposed development, CPC would submit a further objection. Cllr Ellis commented that when previous applications have been submitted on this land, it had helped when several residents sent in their response letters. There are 2 or 3 days remaining for Parishioners to write to GBC. Cllr Rowe confirmed that when the application was first submitted, he placed a notice on the village notice board to notify residents. It was noted that contrary to the planning application notice from GBC, there are actually four pairs of semi-detached houses. Cllr Dyer advised that as many concerned people should write and object as soon as possible, Parishioner Mr Pye from the Friends of Cobham Church commented that there is a spare piece of land in the lower Churchyard that needs to be cleared, in order to create a further site suitable for burial. Mrs Beety Parish Clerk had commented that possibly CPC may be able to help pay or contribute to have this area cleared, as the Parish Council have a responsibility to provide sites for burial. Cllr Rowe recommends that the PCC should therefore obtain two detailed estimates for clearing the site. The works will require a JCB to clear the area, burn off the debris and seed the plot. Once this has been completed, GBC would continue to cut the grass on the land as they already do for the existing Church yard. Parishioner Mrs Holland raised concern that new villagers, that have moved into Sole Street and Cobham are unable to gain places for their children in the local primary school. Cllr Rowe mentioned that there are on going traffic problems, as children tend not to use the bus. Cllr Dyer confirmed that the rules for entry into the Primary school are siblings first, then children in the parish, and subsequently other children from outside the Parish. The school can allocate 30 children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Year 3 to Year 6 can have 32 in each class. The school needs to gain most financial benefit from having the full entitlement of children attend, if places are left unfilled funding is lost. There are 213 pupils at the school, from Strood, Riverview, Cobham, Luddesdowne and Sole Street. Cllr Giles commented that some London schools don't use the sibling rule. It was also added that Cobham Primary achieved an outstanding Ofsted report at the end of last year. It was commented that nearby Riverview is also an excellent Primary School, as our Vice Chairman Cllr Dymond runs it. It is specifically a problem if you move into the village during the academic year, as a place is unlikely to be available. KCC have introduced a number of Academy schools, which are managed outside of the Council, therefore community led. Gravesham have the correct volume of school places in the borough. Cllr Sweetland commented on a scheme that a school involved its pupils to design parking attendant uniforms and they are responsible to issues tickets to parents who park incorrectly. A map of parking facilities was created showing locations that were 5, 10, 15 minutes walk from the school. 5 Matters Arising: 2

Affordable Housing. Sharon Donald, Housing Delivery Manager from GBC was unable to attend tonight, however will attend the AGM next month. Playing Fields Committee Report Cllr Steve Dyer confirmed that GBC complete a regular safety inspection of the playing equipment. The entrance gates to the playing area close too rapidly and therefore need to be changed or modified. Cllr Dyer to investigate. Footpaths Committee Report Nothing to report Transport Committee Report Cllr Bernard Glenister reported that the bus timetable outside the pub has not been updated. Clerk to write to GBC and KCC Cllr Sweetland. Planning Committee Report GBC Decisions 20121094 - 4 Henhurst Hill. Erection of a single storey rear extension to form a kitchen CPC no objection. Permitted. 20130114 - Parsonage Farm Conversion of barn to form 2 residential dwellings with associated parking, access and amenity area. Cobham Parish Council supports this application as a viable and cost effective way of restoring the barn and ensuring the future of this important feature of the Cobham conservation area. The proposed high-level windows alter the external appearance of the south elevation but it is accepted that it is necessary to provide natural light to the upper living accommodation. Refused. CPC is disappointed with this decision and expect the applicants to appeal. CPC Comments 20130042 - Rear of 45 - 53 The Street Cobham DA12 3BX Flint wall, trees and shrubs, changes to car port, stream and pond, Shed. Cobham Parish Council objects to the proposed large shed and other building works on this sensitive site. The proposed line of trees will shade the adjacent properties. 20130220 - Orchard House Sole Street Cobham DA12 3AY Erection of a detached double garage. The proposed two additional garages will increase the bulk of a very large house, which is already out character with nearby properties. If it is intended to keep more vehicles at the property Cobham Parish Council objects to additional traffic entering and exiting on the narrow dangerous Sole Street Road. 20130209 - 34 The Street Cobham. Erection of a single storey rear extension to form a bedroom, shower room / WC, study and garage; replacement of doors and windows in existing dwelling and replace cladding with painted timber. A large extension but it will not be visible from The Street. Cobham Parish Council has no objection. 20130300 - Land at White Post Lane Sole Street Cobham Outline application for the erection of 14 dwellings fronting White Post Lane Cobham Parish Council (CPC) objects to this proposed development and urges refusal for the following reasons: 3

The site is north of White Post Lane, which is a well-defined boundary between the Sole Street village envelope, the Metropolitan Green Belt and Kent Downs Special Landscape Area. Building on this site would be contrary to Policy CS12 of the presubmission copy of the Gravesham Local Plan, Core Strategy. (Para 5.7.26) which CPC fully supports. There are no special circumstances to justify the harm to the openness of the Metropolitan Green Belt that the proposed development would cause. Development would mean the irretrievable loss of high-grade agricultural land formerly used as a market garden. Development on this scale is not sustainable in Sole Street village, which has one small shop, a public house, a very infrequent bus service to Gravesend and the railway station, which is beyond comfortable walking distance from the proposed development and provides only an hourly service to London and the Medway towns. The proposed development would generate significant extra traffic movement in the village as new residents used cars to access services in Gravesend and elsewhere. White Post Lane, which offers the shortest route from the site to Gravesend and Meopham, is for the most part a single-track road with informal passing places and poor sightlines. The shortest route to the A2 trunk road is via Round Street, which is another very narrow country lane. The White Post Lane - Round Street junction is difficult to negotiate because of poor sightlines. The only other route would be via Manor Road, which suffers from obstruction due to parking close to the junction with Sole Street Road. It is clear that the surrounding roads are not suited to carry the additional traffic that would be generated. The proposed development would result in the loss of a view across open countryside much cherished by parishioners and the outlook of residents on the southern side of White Post Lane would change significantly. There appears to be no provision for rear access for emergency or other vehicles. This in turn implies that there will be blockages of the local lanes with visitors' vehicles. If this clear breach of Metropolitan Green Belt is permitted, it will not be possible to deny any further applications of this nature. 20130307 - The Railway Inn Sole Street Cobham DA13 0XY Erection of flood lights beside the petanque piste at the rear. Cobham Parish Council does not object provided that permission is granted subject to permitted hours of use to reduce intrusion on the rear of properties in Manor Road. Cllr Bernard Glenister produced a Letter from a Parishioner re - Tesco's in Meopham. Should CPC write to GBC opposing the application for a Tesco store at the parade Meopham, as it is not within Cobham Parish? Meopham Building Supplies placed an application for change of use from warehouse to retail in January 2013. It therefore has consent as a retail store; Tesco will not have to make a further application. They will however need to apply for a liquor licence. Cllr Rowe commented that parking is already an issue and would worsen if the store were opened. Cllr Sweetland commented that this would be the 7th Tesco within Gravesham Borough, if the development goes ahead. In the past Tesco have also shown an interest in using the space where the Parrock street car park used to be. Cllr Rowe stated that only time would tell whether Tesco go ahead with the site and whether people will use the store once opened. Cllr Keep asked if the demolition of Danes Place had already taken place on Gold Street? Cllr Giles confirmed that the house had been demolished and questioned whether the Parish Council had seen a subsequent planning application for the plot? Cllr Glenister confirmed that work has been on-going at this site for several months, 4

but he would like the Parish Council to draw it to the attention of the Borough Council that this house was in fact sited on greenbelt land. Cllr Sweetland confirmed that you also need an application for demolition. The owner of Danes Place confirmed he was amongst tonight's Parishioners and that he had come to talk about the Kings development, not actually what has taken place at Danes Place. He commented that he loved the Eucalyptus tree and the original house itself very much, but unfortunately had to demolish the property. He plans to rebuild exactly the same house using modern materials, which will be rebuilt with 16,000 bricks some of which will be the original ones. A conservation officer from GBC has been involved with the whole process. Meadow Room Management report The Committee met recently and had their AGM. Cllr Giles was unable to attend this year. Cllr Rowe commented that the Meadow Room was in a good financial position and that some money had been spent on the hall over the last year to update its décor. Neighbourhood Forum report - nothing to report Scratton Fields Car Park The project is progressing slowly. Kevin Burbridge is dealing with it and is waiting to hear back from a couple of residents that are adding to their mortgages to fund the car park. Cllr Rowe will continue to liaise with him. Sole Street Footway Cllr Sweetland recently walked around Sole Street with Cllr Rowe and could see that the village has a need for a footpath along Sole Street road. He will follow up progress on this, as the cost maybe less than previously thought. Clerk to email Cllr Sweetland to chase Alan Casson. Sole Street Parking Parking continues to be a problem on Manor road. A meeting was held to discuss the problem with Paul Gibbons from GBC. No work can proceed on this until Kent Highways are consulted. Cllr Giles suggested that a chevron be put in and Cllr Glenister suggested double yellow lines or parking bays would be suitable. The current problem is that you can't see oncoming vehicles until you have turned into Manor Road. Cllr Rowe asked is it the wish of the Parish council to request double yellow lines? And it was suggested that we could speak to Paul Gibbons first to identify the delay and then speak to Kent Highways. Clerk to contact Paul Gibbons. Cllr Keep commented that it must be residents parking on Manor Road so if we therefore take away parking that would also be an issue. Residents from the Station cottages used to use the parking bays in the Railway station car park. GBC never charged residents to use the spaces, however sold the bays to British Rail. Is it therefore possible to revert back to residents use? There is also an issue with parking outside the Yeoman's house as people are parking for too long in the parking bay. A warden has been to check the area between 12-12.30pm. Clerk to write to Paul Gibbons to follow up on the complaint. Sweeps Hole Pond North West Kent Countryside Partnership (NWKCP) will come to maintain the pond later this year. 5

Diamond Jubilee Fund CPC worked with Luddesdowne Parish Council for the Queens diamond Jubilee. After paying cost to organisations involved, a profit of £2,000, was made. CPC have passed on £1,000 to Luddesdowne and must decide what to do with the remaining £1,000 which is not ratepayer's money. Cllr Rowe and Cllr Ellis have recently been to look at horse troughs, which could be placed near the war memorial and planted. However some members of the Council opposed this. It has been suggested that some trees and seeds be planted on the bank in Sole Street, which joins Round Street and Sole Street road. They would need to be planted further back as children wait on this bank for the School bus on weekdays. Another suggestion was to get back the planted wrought ironwork near the Cobham water pump, which has previously been displayed by Liz Jardine and Bob Martin. Cllr Keep suggested we retain them there permanently. Cllr Rowe commented that we would have to gain agreement from the Gardeners Association to maintain them. Cllr Ellis suggested that maybe the Council could bring back the suggestion of the Village Sign. GBC were previously going to provide a Village sign. Cllr Rowe suggested that he would ask Bob Martin. Cllr Haig commented that he can see 21 signs from his house and suggested a bench placed behind the War memorial. Cllr Rowe suggested this discussion is postponed to the next meeting, when Councillors can put forward other ideas. 6 GBC Matters In the absence of Cllr Alex Moore, Cllr Sweetland mentioned that there is a Regulation Committee meeting tomorrow at GBC to decide whether the application for the Planning Heritage Quarter will go ahead in Gravesend. He said it is too difficult to know whether the development will go ahead. It would of course bring new jobs to the area. 7 KCC Matters Cllr Sweetland commented that progress slows down, 3 to 4 weeks prior to a local election, which is this Thursday. Cllr Sweetland commented on the possible Lower Thames Crossing, which is out for public consultation on 20th May for 8 weeks. There are 3 possible routes. 1) Another bridge at Dartford 2) Crossing at Swanscombe 3) Crossing within Gravesham/Chalk near Met police training college. These developments will not have a physical effect on the parish of Cobham, but may affect the traffic coming through the village. It will help local business and generate jobs. It's possible that the toll barriers would be taken away from the current Dartford Crossing, which is the cheapest option. Any development is not planned until 2020. Cllr Sweetland suggested that CPC meet up with other Local Councils to discuss, e.g. Higham and Shorne. Cllr Keep commented that the A2 always used to come to standstill and traffic would therefore travel through the village, before the fourth lane was introduced. There are free tickets to the consultation available for MPPF members. Cllr Rowe asked how would the development affect the new Theme Park planned for Swanscome. Dartford BC doesn't seem concerned about the development. Funding could be an issue; it is most likely to be privately funded. KCC has recently spent a lot of money on road improvement. They have spent 4 years worth of budget in the last 3 years. £100 million a year is spent on street lighting and the roads could do with a further £100 million being spent on them. £20 6

million has recently been spent on resurfacing 600 roads. In total KCC have 28,000 roads to maintain. There has been 20,000 potholes filled in last eight/nine months and the Government has given KCC £6.2 million for this over next 2 years. Cllr Ellis announced that KCC is going to support a scheme for improving Broadband in Kent. Cllr Sweetland confirmed that KCC has joined with BT to help improve the service to their customers. The Parish Council will receive information on this development. Iwade parish council have been recently actively involved in improving its broadband service for their residents. Cllr Keep asked if it was possible that a by-law be introduced to prevent cars being left on the side of the road, which gives them free advertising for their businesses. Cllr Sweetland confirmed that there is already a by-law for this, but it is more specific to Burger vans. A number of these vehicles have been along Valley drive and the Councils main concern is for a car parked in Meopham Parade. Clerk to contact Paul Gibbon by letter.

8 KALC Matters Raised by Cllr Ellis is that a worrying issue for Parish Councils is that possibly residents may be able to build small extensions with only neighbours being notified so this could get out of control. The Minister, Eric Pickles is reviewing the planning process at the moment. Cllr Sweetland commented that he thought the current process works well with Parish Council and Borough council involved. The turn around of planning application is currently very quick using this process. Terry Martin from KALC sent a reply to Cllr Ellis email saying that Ward councils will be able to comment, but its not clear if Parish councils will be able to comment on applications. 9 Correspondence Cllr Glenister confirmed that he had sent an email to Harry Seaford on 12th March re the funding at St Marys Church room, but had received no reply. It is believed that Mr Seaford has resigned from the Church Committee. The Vicar has confirmed that she is fully committed to the Church project. Locally some funds were raised for the refurbishment but most of the money will come from grants. Cllr Glenister has taken on a role to help with this project. Events need to be organised to raise money. Cllr Glenister to write to all people previously involved in the project to get their help again. 10 Matters Raised by Parish Councillors Cllr Dr Haig asked if the council could contact Southern Water regarding the manhole cover outside Ashdown as it still collapsing. Clerk to write to Southern Water. Cllr Dyer commented that the STOP line has not yet been repainted outside the Meadow Rooms. Cllr Dr Haig commented that a number of residents in Cobham have had their heating oil stolen, as their appears to be an organised gang going around the village stealing it from tanks situated outside. Cllr Glenister to make a note on the Parish Council Website warning Residents. Cllr Smith confirmed that a number of cars are still parking opposite the entrance to Cobham Hall on the grass. Has the Council written to CTI? Check with Mrs Beety. Cllr Rowe confirmed that some of the dates in the May copy of Luddesdowne and Cobham News are incorrect. Clerk to contact the Magazine to correct them. 7

Cllr Giles asked if the Hedge on Henhurst Hill had been cut back. Cllr Mrs Ellis confirmed that it had been done. Cllr Keep asked if a litter pick up could be done along Halfpence lane and also if Mr Fitzpatrick could clean the Graffiti from the Signs in Sole Street. Clerk to organise. Cllr Rowe confirmed that the plastic bollards along Halfpence lane have again been broken and that it would be better to have wooden ones instead. CPC have previously asked for Topsoil to be placed there but Kent Highways refused, as it may cause flooding. Cllr Rowe and Cllr Sweetland to review on their next walk around the village. Cllr Ellis said that Cobham Hall had suggested having 2 volunteers to monitor noise levels in the village during "marquee" Weddings held at Cobham Hall. Cllr Mrs Keep and Cllr Dr Haig will pass on this information at the next meeting. Cllr Ellis commented that a car has hit the Jeskyns/Henhurst road sign, could the Council report it to GBC. Clerk to write. 11 Any other business A number of residents at Neighbourhood Watch have complained to Cllr Glenister about the speed of traffic over the Sole Street Bridge. Cllr Sweetland will ask again for a safety camera, which is very unlikely and in addition he will walk around the village with a Highways Manager. It has been rejected in the past for insufficient distance between the bend and the bridge. A bank has subsided outside Ashenden on White Post Lane. Clerk to contact Alan Casson at Kent Highways. Cllr Smith asked if the minutes of the meeting could be placed on the website sooner. It was suggested a week after the meeting would be suitable. A draft copy could be circulated to all Cllr`s, before publishing on the website. To be discussed with Mrs Beety. 12 Finance On the proposal of Cllr Haig seconded by Cllr Glenister and agreed by all the following cheques were ratified31.01.13 31.01.13 12.02.13 15.02.13 21.02.13 26.02.13 26.02.13 06.03.13 11.03.13 11.03.13 26.03.13 26.03.13 26.03.13 26.03.13 Total R Fitzpatrick Maint (Jan 4w) J Beety Salary (Jan) 4 Seasons (Tennis courts) Kent Pond Wardens grant F Bellingham & Co Pump & WM R Fitzpatrick (Feb 4w) J Beety Salary (Feb) Meopham Welface (Grant for bus) J Beety (Expenses from Apr 2012) Cobham PCC (St M CR Room Hire) Southern Water J Beety (Norton AV) R Fitzpatrick (Mar 4w) J Beety Salary (Mar) 104.00 208.00 456.00 50.00 116.00 104.00 208.00 200.00 102.57 20.00 191.65 104.99 104.00 212.00 £2,181.21

As there was no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.40pm 8

COBHAM PARISH COUNCIL MEETING 2012/13 (NO 10) Minutes of the PARISH COUNCIL MEETING held in the St Mary's Church Room, Sole Street on Monday 11th March 2013 at 7.30 pm



The Chairman Cllr Alan Rowe welcomed everyone to the meeting. The Chairman expressed the PC's heartfelt sympathy to Julia Booth (former Clerk to

PC) and her family at the tragic news of her son Charlie's death ­ prayers and thoughts go out to them at this dreadful time. 1 Apologies for absence Cllr Dr Nigel Haig, Cllr Mrs Lynn Ellis, Cllr Mrs Sally Keep, Mrs Jill Beety (Clerk) 2 Minutes: Minutes of Mon 7 January 2013 ­ a copy was signed by Chairman Cllr Alan Rowe 3 Declaration of Interest None 4 Parishioners Comments Mr Harry Seaford; entrance to Parsonage Farm is deep in mud causing lots of pedestrians to have to walk into the road to avoid. AR will speak to A Scripps. Mr Seaford also raised the noise-nuisance that the 2 male peacocks were making; they had settled in Sarsen's Close or the no-man's land thereabouts and were calling out throughout the night. Some people appear to be feeding them although officially they are not pets. AR will speak to J Jackson for advice. Mr Seaford had located someone who would take them away if they could be caught. Mrs J Coulter reported that the exit from Greenlands is dangerous for cars and pedestrians and asked whether an unmarked crossing could be put in similar to the one on Henhurst Road between Jeskyns. Cllr Glenister commented that the delivery lorry for the shop now stopped outside Yeoman's causing additional congestion and obscuring the line of sight. Cllr Rowe reported that he and Cllr Bryan Sweetland KCC had walked the length of Sole Street and Cllr BS was fully aware of the need for a footpath from Scratton Fields to Gold Street. The issue of trying to cross the road from Manor Road to the Little Shop and the speed of vehicles coming over the bridge from Meopham or through Sole Street was raised by Mr Harris. Parking in Manor Road had become an issue with dropped curbs installed outside No 6 Manor Road, causing parking on both sides of the road Cllr Mrs Dymond agreed, Cllr Glenister repeated that as it is an unclassified road no special permission was required for drop curbs. Extension of the double yellow-lines was suggested. Inconsiderate parking at 9

the junction with Manor Road is causing more problems. Cllr Moore said that he would raise the matter again with the head of parking at GBC and ask him to meet on site with Cllr Glenister. Mrs Coulter also raised the issue of the Yeoman's yew hedge encroaching on the footpath. The Chairman would continue to pursue the matter with the National Trust ­ it was noted that the house is empty at present. 5 Matters Arising: Housing survey (will now appear on April Meeting Agenda S Donald attending). Playing Fields Committee Report Footpaths Committee Report Cllr Dyer reported that the Sports Club had commented on the increase in dog fouling in last 3 months. Clerk to pursue the provision more dog bins ­ it was thought one is missing. Transport Committee Report Cllr Glenister had nothing to report ­ JC reported that the timetable for the bus was out of date. Cllr Glenister to follow up

6 GBC Matters Cllr Alex Moore gave the report. GBC have agreed a "lend a hand" mortgage scheme. Also a "Gravesham Can" fund ­ £500,000 over 3 years, no details yet, split 80% urban:20% rural, not available to PCs. Money can be dispensed 3 ways, by Cabinet, Business and Community Committee up to £10,000, and *Councillors can allocate to their chosen scheme. Cllr Rowe queried the source of the funds and Cllr Moore said that apart from raising Council Tax over the last 2 years, GBC had also successfully reclaimed VAT and Council House reallocation which went into a reserve fund now totalling over £3,000,000. GBC wanted to build 24 new Council Houses this year and Council tax had risen to 1.9%. Car parking charges would not be rising; Council House rent was increasing by 4.5%. Cllr Colin Dennis stood down immediately in Painters Ash ward due to ill health and there would be a by-election in May with the County Council elections. Gravesham have changed the Overview and Scrutiny process so that any member (not necessarily opposition) can oversee process. There had been a Community Event on 2nd March at Shorne involving Cllrs and service representatives which had been very lowly attended by members of the public. *Cllr Alex Moore said that he would be willing to consider St Mary's Church Room for an allocation of funds. Harry Seaford said that he thought Ecclesiastical buildings may not be included but a case could be made for the community use of the Church rooms. JC queried free parking being made available on Saturdays in Gravesend. Cllr Moore suggested various ways to subsidise parking from the GBC reserves and agreed that it would encourage trade. Planning Committee Report Cobham Parish Council Comment on Gravesham Borough Council Local Plan Core Strategy Policy CS02 Cobham Parish Council supports the Strategy target for at least 4,600 new homes, in the period to 2028, on brown field sites and a matching number of new jobs. The Council believes this target will meet the housing need within the Borough and is achievable. 10

The Council strongly supports the intention to protect the Metropolitan Green Belt, as defined in the Policies Map, from development and concentrating housing and commercial development on previously developed land. Policy CS12 Cobham Parish Council supports the policy to protect and enhance the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Policy CS16 Provision of affordable housing in the Metropolitan Green Belt should be an absolute last resort and agrees that all affordable housing provided in the rural area of the Borough must be to meet a proven need by people with a strong local connection. Policy CS17 Cobham Parish Council supports the Borough Council's policy for the provision of sites for travellers and strongly opposes the use of land within the Metropolitan Green Belt for this purpose. Policy CS20 Cobham Parish Council supports the Borough Council policy to preserve and enhance the Borough's heritage assets. Planning Applications 20120977 Rookery Farm Jeskyns Road Cobham Installation of replacement windows including the replacement of 3 windows with dormers; erection of a shed; enclosure of existing porch and enclosure of two open bays of covered courtyard area to form a living room CPC has no objection Permitted 20121097 Jeskyns Community Woodland Henhurst Road Cobham Kent Erection of a detached building to provide a café and WCs Cobham Parish Council objects to this development in the Metropolitan Green Belt for the following reasons:· The proposed site is on a very high point and would be visible across open countryside to the south, east and west, the need for café facilities is not proven. There are 4 establishments offering refreshments within easy walking distance of the proposed site. The café would compete with the recently opened community shop in Cobham village which also offers refreshments and is vulnerable to competition. The proposed building lacks character in this Kent countryside setting. If there is need to provide toilet facilities the existing farm buildings offer a less intrusive position. It is noted that the applicant is aware of the intrusive nature of the proposed building by including tree planting in the plan. However, it would be many years before the trees form an effective screen. There is no justification for constructing more roads on the site. Cobham Parish Council is very disappointed that the Forestry Commission has chosen to ignore the undertaking given to the Parish Council when the farm was purchased, not to build anywhere on the site. Permitted

· · · ·

· ·

20121082 Stonehigh Round Street Cobham Kent Demolition of part of dwelling and erection of two storey side and front extension to form lounge, kitchen, enlarged dining room and atrium at ground floor level with two bedrooms, en-suite bathroom/wc and atrium at first floor level and erection of triple garage.


Cobham Parish Council objects to this large extension in a special landscape area in Metropolitan Green Belt. Permitted 20120927 Brymore Sole Street Cobham Erection of a two storey detached dwelling The houses are close together because of the confines of the plot but CPC does not object in principle. The Council have the same concerns about the danger to pedestrians of more traffic entering and exiting on this narrow dangerous road as have been expressed in connection with other developments in this vicinity. Permitted. 20120985 The Beeches 5 Sarsens Close Cobham Demolition of car port and erection of a canopy on brick piers incorporating feather edged fencing to form replacement enclosure. Cobham Parish Council has no objection. Permitted 20120864 Pilgrims The Street Cobham Gravesend Kent Construction of pitched roofs over existing dormer windows in front and rear roof slopes, installation of replacement windows in all elevations, including folding shutter doors at rear; installation of new velux window in front roof slope and re-roofing with plain tiled covering. Cobham Parish Council approves of this proposal, it will improve the appearance of the house. Permitted 20121065 Rochester and Cobham Golf Club Ltd, Park Pale, Rochester Kent Construction of extension together with alterations to existing first floor balcony on west elevation. Cobham Parish Council has no objection Permitted 20121085 Leighton Sole Street Cobham Erection of a single storey rear extension to form an Orangery Cobham Parish Council once again objects to this large extension to a large house in Meopham Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in The Metropolitan Green Belt. The property is large and imposing and visible across open countryside from footpath NS191. The addition of a roof would make the extension even more imposing. Cobham Parish Council fully supports the decision of the Inspector at the recent appeal. The extension should be demolished. Refused 20130114 Parsonage Farm The Street Cobham Da12 3DG Conversion of barn to form two residential dwellings with associated parking access and amenity area. Cobham Parish Council supports this application as a viable and cost effective way of restoring the barn and ensuring the future of this important feature of the Cobham conservation area. The proposed high level windows alter the external appearance of the south elevation but it is accepted that it is necessary to provide natural light to the upper living accommodation. 20110844 Rear of Critholm Sole Street Cobham Erection of detached one and a half storey five bedroom dwelling with basement, together with formation of a new vehicular access and alteration to road junction. Cobham Parish Council objects to the proposed development for the following reasons. · The access drive to the site would cross and merge with frequently used footpath FP192. Vehicles crossing the public footpath would endanger school children and elderly residents using the public footpath en-route to the bus stop. · The proposal, if permitted, would encourage proposals for further undesirable urbanising backland development, which would be difficult to resist. 12

· The proposal would increase traffic entering and exiting the driveway at a point where the road is narrow with poor sightlines, particularly to the south. · The proposed changes to the layout of the Gold Street junction will not improve the poor sightlines for vehicles exiting the driveway. · It is noted that the proposed changes to the carriageway include road centre white lining. The white lining was removed from Sole Street within the village co- incident with the road surface colour change, which, it was claimed by KCC/GBC, at the time, would reduce traffic speed in this narrow village street. · The mature Plane tree situated at the junction of the driveway with Sole Street, which is subject to a TPO (T4), may suffer serious damage to its root structure if works shown on the plans were carried out.. Appeal Withdrawn 20120800 34 The Street, Cobham Erection of a detached double garage at the rear Cobham Parish Council has no objection to a garage at this property but believes the position chosen is in the Metropolitan Green Belt. Withdrawn 20120805 White Post Farm White Post Lane Cobham Retention of the caravan used for security purposes. It is noted that the site is in Meopham Parish but close to the Cobham Parish boundary and to the built area of Sole Street village. Cobham Parish Council is strongly opposed to the application for the caravan to remain on this site in the Metropolitan Green Belt. The field is adjacent to the site previously used without planning permission as a camp site for caravans and mobile homes. The clearance of the illegal site took 5 years and cost the council tax payers of Gravesham a great deal on money. The grazing land remains in a seriously damaged state. If permitted to remain the precedent created will make it difficult to stop more caravans being placed on the site. There have been stables and horses in the field for many years and security has apparently never previously been a concern. The method of disposal of refuse and foul waste has not been addressed in the application. Refused Appeal Lodged Meadow Room Report AGM 19 April followed by Committee Meeting. Neighbourhood Forum report Meeting on 7th March cancelled ­ Forum on Dementia sometime in May/June. Sole Street Footway see (4) Parishioners Comments Scratton Fields Parking Cllr Glenister reported that 2 owner occupiers had mortgages and that the Mortgage Companies needed to agree and sign paperwork. Parking problems see (4) Parishioners Comments Speeding Problems see (4) Parishioners Comments Sweep's Hole Pond 13

The Chairman reported that KCC Highways had removed the rubbish from Sweeps Hole Pond. The Council was grateful for the help of Alan Casson, District Manager 6 GBC Matters. See page 2 7 KCC Matters Cllr Sweetland not present.

8 KALC Matters meeting held in February, attended by Chris Carter on behalf of CI Phillip Painter on policing within Gravesham and particularly the rural parishes. GBC had been given a grant of £6,000,000 for wheelie bins. 9 Correspondence None 10 Any Other Business 11 Matters raised by councillors Cllr Glenister said it seems that there is no longer a local PC or a PCSO covering Cobham. Peter Hylands has been promoted to PC and the previous PC has gone - I know not where. Would the Council write to the local commander and ask what are the arrangements for policing Cobham and are we likely to have a police presence at future Parish Council meetings. Action Clerk Cllr Smith suggested that to speed up future meetings councillors who have a report to make could circulate a written document by email via the Clerk (for instance Cllr Glenister's planning report) ­ a copy of the report could be made available for parishoners who attend the meeting. This would not be in place of the discussions at the meeting but would hopefully speed up proceedings. Action Cllrs and Clerk Cllr Dr Giles reported a pot hole at the corner of Jeskyns Road adjacent to Jeskyns Court; the removal of collapsed vegetation close by; road collapse near the manhole at the village end of Halfpence Lane. Cllr Dyer reported STOP line needs repainting at Meadow Rooms chicane and the surface of the road is badly eroded; access road to public car park adjacent to School has potholes. Cllr Mrs Dymond said that Halfpence Lane was not draining despite valiant efforts. Action Clerk with Highways Dept. The Chairman and Cllr Mrs Ellis will be inspecting troughs to find a suitable one to purchase and plant up for the Jubilee Celebration funds. The Chairman requested that the Parish Council maintenance man be asked to remove the graffiti from the "Sole Street" sign neat to Sweeps Hole Pond The Chairman said that agreement had now been reached on local fund raising for St Mary's Church Room refurbishment ­ although not a PC matter. £1,000 had been raised by Sole Street WI and the Monday Club and other donations, Cllr Glenister said that after an acrimonious start it appeared that a compromise had been agreed and with Harry Seaford leading the project and the local committee working to raise funds that he hoped that the village, parish and church would work together to provide a Church Room of which all would be proud. 12 Finance information unavailable due to the absence of the Clerk to the Council because of inclement weather conditions 14

As there was no other business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.30pm.

Next meeting is The Annual Parish Assembly at 7.30pm on 8 April 2013, at the Meadow Room



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Microsoft Word - Minutes April - March 2013.doc