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New Semester, New Faces

As the College begins a new semester, we look forward to not only welcoming students to our classes but welcoming new staff as well. Earlier this summer made the decision to reorganize to better meet the challenges facing the College. Part of those changes will be evident in the spring semester with the appointment of four deans to the College. Dr. Luba Chliwniak is the newly appointed Dean of Career Programs and Technology. She is an experienced educational administrator, in both public and private institutions. Dr. Chliwniak most recently was employed at Pima Community College, serving as special projects coordinator and instructor. Her position at Cochise, which is new, creates a cohesive oversight of the various occupationally oriented departments - including aviation, nursing, computer training and technology related courses. Dr. Chliwniak, a Sierra Vista resident, will also provide leadership in taking advantage of providing instruction in emerging occupational areas. In order to meet the needs of our traditional students more efficiently, we have reorganized the role of deans on the Sierra Vista and Douglas campuses. The new Campus Deans, Chuck Hoyack and Dr. Doris Jensen, will have responsibility for instruction and support services on their campus. By merging oversight of these two areas, the College recognizes that classroom instruction and support services outside the classroom are intrinsically linked in helping our students attain success. Chuck Hoyack, a Douglas resident, has been with the College for more than a decade, for the last 18 months serving as Dean of Instruction for the Douglas Campus. Dr. Doris Jensen brings a vast array of educational and student services experience with her to Cochise. Her most recent position was academic dean at Southeast Missouri State's twoyear branch campus. Doris has relocated to the Sierra Vista area and began her duties January 10. With a county larger than the state of Connecticut we know we have to bring the college to many of our students. That is the basis of our community campus program, which has given the College a presence in areas such as Willcox, Benson, Bisbee, and all our county high schools. In addition to continuing this mission, our new Dean of Extended Campus, will assume oversight of several outreach programs including the Center for Professional Development, Center for Economic Research and Small Business Development Center, community-based programs (noncredit and credit), Adult Basic Education and distance education. Ms. Yolanda Anderson, a Bisbee resident, and the College's former Director of Community Campus was recently appointed to the Dean position. Yolanda has been with the College for more than two years, having previously worked at Central Arizona College. As new appointments are named, I am often asked about the College's hiring process. Three of the four Deans emerged from national searches. Chuck Hoyack, who was laterally appointed to the Douglas Campus position, had emerged from a national search process some 18 months earlier. For each of the other positions, a committee was formed with representation from throughout the College and a local community member. The committee, working with the College's Human Resources department, screens applicants on established criteria and then invites several to submit a videotape response to questions. After reviewing the videotapes and conducting reference checks, the committee chooses candidates for on-campus interviews. Candidates typically spend a full day at the College, meeting not only with the committee but also making presentations in meetings open to faculty,

staff and students. Anyone attending one of the presentations is invited to submit their comments to the committee. The committees then send their recommendations to the President and Vice-President, who also conduct interviews with the top candidates. If it sounds like an exhaustive and lengthy process, it is - as the candidates and search committee members can attest to. However, the process has meant the committee and administration are almost always in agreement on the top candidate. As members of our local communities, I hope you will join me in welcoming our Deans to their new positions. I know they are anxious to learn more about you and our communities.


Cochise College: The door that may be opened

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Cochise College: The door that may be opened