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Stauffer Helps Coach Cody Darrah Into Fast Times At Volusia

Pennsylvania driver with a 12th place finish. "I couldn't believe it," Darrah said. "I was out there racing with Steve Kinser. I went into the turn and I was alongside the King, and then he passed me." Perhaps, racing against the 20-time World of Outlaws champion will turn some heads this week as Darrah returns to Red Lion High School where he is a junior. "Good point," Darrah said. "I got off school for two weeks to come down here and race." How did he justify it to his teachers and principal? "It's an educational trip," Darrah said. "I'm getting a big education on how to drive a Sprint Car against the top competition in the nation. "I know it'll help me this season in Pennsylvania. I got a great crew and Lee has really helped out. His talk got my butt in gear. It was a bit intimidating at first, but I had faith and kept my left foot off the brake." For that, Darrah earned an A+. ***** Ending it with the Final 50: 1. Look for 305 Sprint Car driver Tommy Beavers to jump into the 410 Sprint Car ranks this season. Beavers will drive a Walter Dyer-owned car this year. 2. Lance Dewease had a rough week at Volusia Speedway Park last week, hurting two of his three engines. 3. Dan Carrozza is expected to race a 360 Sprint Car a few time this season. 4. When Joey Saldana decimated the field in last week's All Star Circuit of Champions opener at Volusia Speedway Park, he was driving an engine that will be used by Kevin Swindell this season. 5. American driver Brock Mayes started 18th and finished fourth last weekend at Perth Motorplex. 6. Shane Stewart remains in Australia. He ran second to Matthew Reed this past weekend at Premier Speedway. 7. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. swept two features at Manzanita Speedway last Saturday night. He won the USAC/CRA Sprint Car feature and the Silver Crown main event. 8. ASCS graduate Sam Hefertepe Jr. plans to run for the World of Outlaws Kevin Gobrecht Memorial Rookie of the Year title. 9. Nice to see Bob Stewart and Joe Harz take in some Sprint Car racing at Volusia Speedway Park last week. 10. Fred Rahmer is the current All Star Circuit of Champions points leader. Only one of the three shows at Volusia Speedway Park last week counted towards series points. The other two were show-up points only. 11. Daniel Lampron will join Alain Bergeron as the only two French speaking drivers on the ESS tour this season. 12. Port Royal Speedway announcer Craig Rutherford found employment in Florida over the past two weeks. Rutherford towed his food concession stand to Volusia Speedway Park. 13. Since Brian Paulus is near the top of the All Star Circuit of Champions points list, he might follow the series with the anticipation of claiming the $50,000 posted for the champion. 14. We should have more details about this next week, but Mark Smith drove a car owned by Scott


Crew chief Lee Stauffer doesn't get paid big bucks as a motivational speaker. But Stauffer has a way of bringing out the best in Sprint Car drivers. Just ask Cody Darrah. Darrah, 17, admitted he was back-of-the-pack material for much of the two-week visit he made to Florida. Figuratively speaking, Stauffer lit a stick of dynamite under Darrah's rump last Thursday. "Lee gave me hell," Darrah said. "He told me if I didn't leave my left foot off the brake for time trials, he was going to do something with it." OK, we ended the conversation there. Stauffer made his point. Darrah listened. And Darrah performed. After Stauffer extended his "cordial" words of advice, Darrah went out and posted second fast time in the All Star Circuit of Champions finale last Thursday night at Volusia Speedway Park. He went out a night later and set fast time against the World of Outlaws. Suddenly, the kid who was notebook-item fodder got headline attention. "I don't think this fast time has set in yet," Darrah said. "We struggled a lot at East Bay and the early part of Volusia then we were out there running near the front." Darrah knocked off defending World of Outlaws champion Donny Schatz from posting fast time. Know what that's like? "I caught the scoreboard changing numbers when I went by," Darrah said. "I saw the No. 89 go into first. I couldn't believe it." By the way, Darrah received $100 for setting quick time. A night prior, Darrah was second quick with the All Star Circuit of Champions. He had to get a spot in the feature via the B Main, a race he won. He finished 12th in the main. When the World of Outlaws rolled in for Friday night, Darrah was the highest-finishing Central

KEEPING HIS FOOT IN IT - 1) Cody Darrah #89 shocked many when he set fast time during World of Outlaw competition at Volusia County in Florida last week. 2) His new crew chief Lee Stauffer, formerly with the Apple #12 team had much influence on the young driver. (Photos by Paul Arch)


Mertz in Florida. The car was previously owned by Gene Jenkins. 15. Remember Scott Vogelsong who helped many sprint car drivers including Mike Erdley? Vogelsong is now helping out with the NASCAR Busch Series car, which is driven by Juan Pablo Montoya. 16. Interesting procedural change for the World of Outlaws dash this season. The top two from each heat and the top two qualifiers from time trials - those who don'tmake it in the top two in their respective heat race - fill the 10 dash spots. 17. We'll be talking about the Sprint Car openers at Lincoln and Williams Grove being a week away seven days from today. 18. Interesting to note Kerry Madsen won on Goodyear tires last weekend with the soon to-be Hoosier supplied World of Outlaws. 19. Open-wheel asphalt journeyman David Steele kicked off the 2007 TBARA season with a win at Citrus County Speedway last weekend. Steele won the series season closer there last year. 20. Hard to believe there was only two flips in six nights of sprint car racing at Volusia Speedway Park last week. 21. New York based Jessica Zemken participated in the USAC/CRA Sprint Car and USAC Midget divisions last weekend at Manzanita Speedway. Unfortunately, her midget entry didn't fair too well. She crashed during the second semifinal. 22. Fans attending the King's Royal at Eldora Speedway on July 13-14 will get some added flavor this year if they arrive on July 10. The Old Spice Summer Sizzler feature the NRA Sprint Cars is scheduled that night. 23. Fred Rahmer had a lot more than stout competition to deal with last week. Rahmer was fighting asthma all last week at Volusia Speedway Park. It affected him in Thursday night's feature. 24. Paul McMahan popped a Kistler Engine last Saturday night at Volusia Speedway Park, but the team made repairs in time for the feature. 25. The Selinsgrove Speedway car show is scheduled at the Susquehanna Valley Mall from Feb. 18-24. 26. Australian-based Titan Racing had two engines, all its spare parts and other inventory stolen as the rig last week. Investigators are still trying to find the thieves. 27. When Adrian Maher won at Parramatta City Raceway last weekend, he did so in a 372 cubic inch engine. Yes, he beat the 410s. 28. While we're on the Australian front, Aussie racer Trevor Green will make some driving appearances in California this season. The team will use Tommy Tarlton's garage for preparation purposes. 29. Port Royal Speedway has its practice sessions still on schedule for March 10 and 17. The speedway opens on March 24. 30. Next time you catch Fred Rahmer, ask to see pictures about his adventures of alligator fishing. 31. Rather than hang out the rest of the night at Volusia Speedway Park on Sunday night, Lance Dewease withdrew from the C Main and headed home.

32. Greg Hodnett qualified for all six features at Volusia Speedway Park. He averaged a13th place finish. He started with four 10th-place finishes. 33. Jason Meyers plans to follow the World of Outlaws this season, but when time permits he'll do some asphalt racing. 34. Before this past week, California racer Brad Sweet was best known for winning last year's $10,000 wingless race at Lakeside Speedway. He was named the top rookie during the six-day Winter Nationals at Volusia Speedway Park. 35. The All Star Circuit of Champions have off until April 6-7 when it visits Attica Raceway Park. 36. Impressive run of the week was Sunday when Joey Saldana came from 24th to eighth at Volusia Speedway Park. 37. Think the World of Outlaws season will be competitive? Three races, three winners. None include Steve Kinser, Craig Dollansky, Tim Kaeding, etc. 38. Jac Haudenschild used a provisional to make the Sunday night starting field at Volusia Speedway Park. 39. You can read this elsewhere but look for Josh Weller to run some ASCS races at Susquehanna Speedway Park this season. 40. C Ray Hall, NCRA president and 81 Speedway promoter, was found to have colon cancer last week. 41. Because Brian Paulus has never run 35 percent of the All Star Circuit of Champions schedule, he qualifies for Rookie of the Year status. 42. Todd Hestor will probably race more this season than he did last year in his own car. 43. Free for King Richard. 44. Donny Schatz leads the nation with five feature wins this season. 45. Veteran mechanic Kenny Woodruff, who helped many including Dave Blaney to World of Outlaws titles, has returned to turn the wrenches for female driver Natalie Sather. 46. Had to chuckle at Joey Saldana's response to what he did during the winter. "I got my ass kicked by Donny Schatz in Australia," Saldana said at the post-race press conference. 47. When Selinsgrove Speedway opens this season, you'll notice an alteration to the second turn. The outside fence has been moved out. 48. ESS has the June 8 Shot Drop Nationals on its schedule. It's a non-points show. 49. Justin Henderson plans to follow the World of Outlaws this season. Henderson's wife, Heather, is also traveling and filling the down time at tracks with fan interviews and giveaways. 50. Eighteen-year-old driver Kaley Gharst plans to seek the Knoxville Raceway title. Gharst will have five 410 Sprint Car engines and two 360 Sprint Car engines at his disposal this year.

CAR COUNTS: Volusia Speedway Park (ASCoC/Wed/60); Volusia Speedway Park (ASCoC/Tues/58); Volusia Speedway Park (WoO/Fri/58); Volusia Speedway Park (ASCoC/Thur/57); Parramatta City Raceway (56); Volusia Speedway Park (WoO/Sat/54); Volusia Speedway Park (WoO/Sun/50); Manzanita Speedway (USAC/PAS/49); Premier Speedway (39); Perth Motorplex (32); Citrus County Speedway (TBARA/29); Deep South Speedway (ASCS/23); Premier Speedway (360 Sprints/17).

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